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Thread: Content Recap - Beyond Chapter One Livestream (18.01.2018) - Part 2 Recap

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    Content Recap - Beyond Chapter One Livestream (18.01.2018) - Part 2 Recap

    Hi commanders,

    If you missed tonight's content reveal livestream or just wanted a recap of all the content discussed, read the notes below from designers Steve Kirby, Sandro Sammarco and Game Director Laurence Oldham.

    Please note this is part two of three livestreams, for more details click here.

    If you missed part one, check it out here.

    Remember that all of these changes will be featured in the beta and could be subject to change.


    We have overhauled the surface material system for the rocky, high metal content and metal rich planets. We have pushed the system to get a lot more out of it, but this is just the first step towards further major planetary system improvements. The contrast and variation across and between bodies is much improved.

    We also hope that these planetary visual improvements (with more surface level improvements coming later in the year) will also bring a new vibrancy to the Elite Dangerous galaxy, encouraging wanderlust explorers to discover far systems and planets.

    The colouration of the surfaces now more clearly telegraphs the chemical makeup and volcanic activity of the worlds. In addition, binary rocky/metallic planets more accurately simulate having similar colourations from shared formation materials where appropriate.

    We have a range of colourations for:

    Rocky High Metal Metal Rich
    No Volcanism No Volcanism No Volcanism
    Low Volcanism Low Volcanism Low Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism

    See the visual improvements for yourself here:


    The Alliance Chieftain is a medium-sized ship that has been designed not only to dish out punishment, but to avoid it. Manufactured by Lakon Spaceways, the Chieftain is more manoeuvrable than ships of similar size and weight, and its combat profile means it can more than hold its own in a fight. The ship also boasts three internal military compartments, allowing the pilot to equip a shield cell bank, hull reinforcements and module reinforcements.

    Important note: as there are no Alliance ranks, you will not need a specific rank to unlock this ship.

    Get a closer look at the Chieftain and see it in action on the stream here:

    Brief Chieftain outfitting can be seen here:


    Technology Brokers are dealers in new and rare technologies and items. These contacts appear in various stations across known human space and can generally be found in highly populated systems with a high security level. Visit tech brokers to see what items they currently have available and complete set requests to unlock these items by handing in the required commodities and materials. The addition of Technology Brokers allows pilots to acquire new items based on their personal narrative giving even more ways to play elite your way.

    For more details about the new Tech Broker, check here:


    We are making changes to the commodities markets and the galaxy map to allow players to find profitable trades more easily in-game.

    In the game at the moment, by default the galactic average column shows the average price of the commodity or rough profits from various stations where you have purchased the trade data from.

    How trade data works in Beyond Chapter One:

    • Commanders will be able to select the trade data column header to enter the trade data overlay.
    • From there, you can select specific markets by typing in the system name or finding the system using the galaxy map.

      Important note: only systems you have docked in or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' at will display a result when entered, so the more systems you visit in the greater the amount of trade data you will have to use when looking for a potential profit.
    • Once a system is selected, as long as you have the trade data, a tab will appear.
    • Using this you can select which market in the system you want to display the trade data for.
    • You can now select whether you want to show export profits (the money you would make when exporting to the system) or input profits (the money you would make from importing goods from the system to your current market).
    • Once the parameters have been chosen, you can hit the OK button to display the data for the selected market on the commodity market screen allowing you to see what profits you could make on any commodities.

      Important note: profit given is accurate at the time of being displayed and can fluctuate when travelling to the chosen market.
    • The commodities market interface has also had a makeover with more information about potential markets displayed in the right hand panel. Supply and demand is now shown as pips instead of high (now 3 pips), medium (now 2 pips) and low (now 1 pip).
    • When you select a commodity, a confirmation overlay will open, allowing you to select how many of the item you want to buy or sell and then you'll be able to confirm the trade

    Using the galaxy map for trade data:

    • You can use the same interface to access and use the galaxy map to select a target market. This is also available straight from the galaxy map tab in the left cockpit panel.
    • With the galaxy map open you can use some new configuration options to display trade data, find trades and select a market to compare with your current location.
    • New options are stored in the Map option under 'Map View Configuration.'
    • There is a new entry in this drop down called 'By Commodity'.
    • This will open up the new commodity search options
    • You will be able to select the commodity type and commodity that you are interested in.
    • If you already have a commodity in your ships inventory it will be highlighted with an icon, allowing you to see at a glance what you have onboard.
    • With a commodity chosen the galaxy map will display trade heat map icons within a 40 light year radius of your current position to indicate star systems that import or export that commodity.

      Important note: you can search for and look at trade data for systems further than 40ly, its just that the heat map has a set range so the icons will only show up within that range of your current location.
    • A Blue Diamond is a system that imports the item and Green Triangle is a system that exports the item.
    • Under the commodity selection on the left hand panel are also three new filters allowing you to set the icons to show:
      - Best import and export prices
      - Import prices only
      - Export prices only
    • With the By Commodity map mode selected, you can move your cursor over a system and select it.

      As mentioned before, if you have previously docked in the system or scanned the 'Nav Beacon' there then an expanded overlay will display trade data. But for systems that you have not visited, a message will be displayed telling you that the system's data is unavailable and how you can unlock it.
    • When you select a system, you will be able to scroll through each market in the system and see the per unit price of your chosen commodity on the system selection overlay. This will allow you to quickly work out the best locations to trade at (based on price).
    • Below 'import/export price' there is a new selection of filters. Using these filters you can find the best location with the best price to suit your ship and cargo.

      These filters are as are:

      - Landing pad size This allows you to see what landing pad sizes are available at the Starport.
      - Planetary Market - This allows you to show or hide markets that are on a planets
      - Distance from star This allows you to filter between market a short, medium or long range from the main system star.
    • We have also added another new button on the system selection overlay: mark market for comparison. This allows you to show the trade data from your selected commodity market to the commodity market at your current location (instead of displaying the galactic average.)

    Trending trade route data

    We have also updated the trade data routes in the galaxy map to now show trending trade routes used by commanders and commercial pilots. Using these filters can, alongside the various commodity filters, help commanders get a clear view of who is trading what and where in the systems near to you.

    Ultimately, we hope these new tools will make it easier for players to find the best trades, while also encourage them to explore and visit multiple systems to unlock new markets and potential profits.

    For a full recap on trade data changes, watch the stream here:


    Another change coming to this chapter of Beyond is the additional gameplay interactions that will be available at the various megaships found across the galaxy. As well as the simple data links and NPC ship scenarios we have added a new flow for scanning these and (in later Beyond updates) other large space objects.

    Initiating Interactions:

    1. Megaships will now need to be scanned with the data scanner before any of the interaction objects become interactive.
    2. Doing so will release a scan pulse which highlights all interaction objects attached to the ship.
    3. Interaction objects are added to the ships contacts panel and can now be targeted and interrogated to discover how to interact with them.
    4. Some of interactions will utilise limpets of various types to allow you to activate, deactivate, damage, hack or simply operate an item. While others can be shot or scanned to interact.

    Discover all of the new ways to interact with megaships in the beta, details here:

    One thing to note is that all current interactions are considered illegal, tying in with the changes to Crime and Punishment. These interactions provide criminal pilots new gameplay options as well as giving lawful players new locations to find wanted pilots.

    In addition to the aforementioned interactions, we have tweaked the scenarios around the megaships to include a greater variety of criminal and lawful pilots, as well as crime responders such as police ships which we feel will add a bit more spice to these locations.

    We have plans to add other interaction types and locations in later updates, so there will be more to come in this area.

    For a recap on megaship interactions, check the stream here:

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    Thanks to everyone for their questions during the stream! We've included all the questions which we could answer in regard to the content covered in the Part 2 livestream.

    And, once again, a big thanks to the team for providing these insights!


    Will the different colored parts (of planets) have different features (higher yield in materials, for example) or are these primarily cosmetic changes?
    Currently the changes in coloured patches are cosmetic, however, there has been a considered approach to apply the changes in colour where appropriate, based on the type of feature that it exists on. Basins, Craters, Ejecta Lines, Mountains and Canyons to name a few. This can make it easier to find interesting parts of the planets from orbit.

    Can you land on the planets that were shown in the livestream?
    Yes, it's possible to land on those planets.

    Will the planet terrain be changed in Chapter One of Beyond?
    Planet terrain is unchanged in this release.

    Are the new planet textures/colors shown in the system map as well?
    Yes, we show all new planet textures in the system map too.

    How will the new planet textures affect frame-rate on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?
    The performance will be unaffected by the changes.


    Will the Chieftain require a certain rank with the Alliance?
    As the Alliance has no ranks, the Chieftain will not be rank-locked.

    Do you need Elite Dangerous Horizons to get the Chieftain?

    Does the Chieftain have fighter hangar capabilities?
    The Chieftain does not support a fighter hangar.

    What's the base Chieftain jump range?
    With a top-rated non-engineered FSD it is at 20LY (subject to change in the beta).

    What's the price tag of the Chieftain?
    To be announced later.

    Will the Chieftain feature multi-crew?
    There are two seats in the Chieftain, so yes!


    Are Tech Brokers unlocked galaxy-wide or per station/broker?
    They are unlocked galaxy-wide and will be available from release.

    Are the Tech Broker's available items the same for all or randomised per player?
    The Tech Broker's available items are the same for all players.

    Will the requirements for the Tech Broker be something we can buy, like commodities?
    At launch, requirements to work with the Tech Brokers will be a mix of commodities and materials. Other requirements will come in future updates.

    Will the Tech Broker sell Powerplay modules?
    No, Powerplay modules are only available from Powerplay activities.


    Are the trade changes using the local cache of visited stars (which is quite modifiable), or some server-side history?
    Server-side history.

    Will you still be able to buy trade data?
    Trade data is collected by docking at or scan the navigation of a system. Trending trade route data can be purchased from the galaxy map and will last 24 hours.

    Does the trade data update without revisiting a station?

    Does that interface include black markets and illegal commodities?
    No, the system is for legal trade markets. There are other new filters to help find black markets within 40ly of your current location.

    Will we have trade data from places we visited before the updated is released?
    Yes, we plan to back date the trade data for all players on release.

    How will it work in VR?
    As per how the galaxy map currently works.

    Can we get a heat map variant of commander trades? (e.g. where the most popular trade routes are).
    The trending trade data has a commanders filter that allows you to view where commanders are trading.

    Will the system search shown in the commodities market also be available in the galaxy map?
    If you search for a system using the commodity market and then go to the galaxy map, the map will centre on the selected system.

    Will we be able to screen the galaxy map for more than one commodity at a time?
    The system can only search for one commodity at a time.

    Has it been confirmed if trade data for a visited location will show current data when comparing in the market/galaxy map or will the data be locked to when you got it?
    If I am looking at data from a system I haven't been to in 2 months, will that trade data be 2 months old or up to date? I can confirm that profits shown are accurate at the time of being displayed and can fluctuate when travelling to the chosen market. So these means it's up to date when displayed, but if your destination is a long way away the price might change as you are in transit based on NPCs and Commanders trading at that location.


    Will the megaship be annoyed when we hack it?
    Yep, attaching a recon limpet is classed as the assault crime and hacking the data is piracy. This will cause the turrets on the ships to become aggressive towards any pilot doing those things. It will also trigger a crime response from AI or call in the security forces for that system. Also worth noting: shooting at the ship will also cause the ship to become aggressive.

    Is this new stuff only for megaships with no landing pads, or also for dockable ones?
    Just the non-dockable megaships for Chapter One of Beyond.

    Will these actions negatively affect the faction that controls the megaship (by reducing influence or triggering a lockdown for instance)?
    Crimes will affect the faction and the BGS.

    Will we have missions to pirate megaships? (for instance, "Steal 10 tons of gold from mining vessel Vulcano").
    These kinds of missions will be coming in a later Beyond update.

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    These text recaps are incredibly helpful. Thank you very much for them.



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    Thanks for this.

    There is one thing i would like to ask which wasn't mentioned in the stream, Does the Chieftain have fighter hangar capabilities?

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    Lots of work done by FD good job.

    It would be nice if you allowed us an option to share our trade data with other commanders, this will help player factions

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    Originally Posted by nathanc213 View Post (Source)
    There is one thing i would like to ask which wasn't mentioned in the stream, Does the Chieftain have fighter hangar capabilities?
    Did you see a hangar on its underside? Didn't think so. If you can't see a launch port, it can't launch fighters, simple as that. The Krait will be able to deploy fighters, but the Chieftain can't.

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    Many thanks for the live stream; excellent stuff.

    I would like to ask: Does, or do FDev plan for, the Personal Narrative to include elements specifically designed for Empire or Federation commanders?

    Many thanks again,
    CMDR Justinian Octavius

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    Originally Posted by Epicthetrumble View Post (Source)
    Did you see a hangar on its underside? Didn't think so. If you can't see a launch port, it can't launch fighters, simple as that. The Krait will be able to deploy fighters, but the Chieftain can't.
    Well the T9 and T10 have concealed fighter hangars so my question is still valid.

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    Awesome recap Will! Much appreciated! o7

    For anyone interested, 2018 Roadmap for Elite Dangerous kept up-to-date.

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    Looking good some nice stuff in that lot, thanks for the recap, I dont watch the streams and this saves me a vist to reddit

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    Originally Posted by Truesilver View Post (Source)
    These text recaps are incredibly helpful. Thank you very much for them.


    Same here, can't stress this often enough!

    One question about the amazing new surfaces. You showed them all from orbital view and also state in the video these where all from landable planets. So why on earth did you not show one if these new surfaces from SRV level? You're are all guilty when I'm dying now while trying to hold my breath for next Thursday!

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    Sad, sad, sad. The game clearly is in maintenance mode and most of the development force was moved over to the dinosaurs. Or did I get something wrong?

    In the meantime, I'm rather hyped anyway. Fantastic stuff, o7,

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    Deadly Global Moderator stormyuk's Avatar
    Update it looking great!

    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)

    We have a range of colourations for:

    Rocky High Metal Metal Rich
    No Volcanism No Volcanism No Volcanism
    Low Volcanism Low Volcanism Low Volcanism
    Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism Mid to High Volcanism
    One question. What about landable icy bodies?

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    Well done Will. Great stream and recap. Some especially interesting things noticed during this evening, even if not mentioned! :-)

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    This update was one of the greatest I have ever seen. And its not even over yet.

    Holy smokes. They are killing memes, EDDB style 3rd party tools. Stuff in the game. Galnet audio coming too. And thats just the beginning.

    New weapons, changing some meta. PVP is gonna be fun. More grind. Meh, its ok.

    Identity for pirating. Giving a meaning for attacking other players. Bounty hunters, Pirates hunting pirates. Good stuff. (how many people going to call this griefing?)

    Man really happy with these changes. And its not even the best ones! Keep killing those memes Fdev. Way to go!

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