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Thread: 3.0 Open Beta - Patch Notes

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    Originally Posted by Cmdr Nemo LXXI View Post (Source)
    Anyone whom has spent some serious time involved with the trucking industry could attest that if it's possible. One will do it.

    Where as trucking companies only needed one trailer to do the majority of hauling, some figured, by having two it would be easier, because one could leave an empty and while it being filled, deliver the other. Which gave way to a company now needing mulitple trailers. one to be filled at each shipper establish ment and one at each receivers establishment. And if one can supply enough trailers, one can get an exclusive haul with various shippers and receivers. Thus the shippers and receivers have grown accostom to placing their ware on free trailers parked in their lots and no longer require the use of haveing to utilize a wharehouse. Which is fine for them, but sucked for anyone in the wharehouse industry.

    Think about it, though most would never do it, there are those that will. One has the maxed number of ships available, and loads the entire highest products leaving absolutely none for the next guy, and simply leaves them in the station till whenever. What would that do to a station economy. I mean, if a few bad guys running around wreaking havoc by killing people and robbing a few cargo carriers can effect a system economy, so can the absence of having no products.
    Just ask Prime, Inc in Springfield MO, or J.B. Hunt.

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    Originally Posted by Ralph Vargr View Post (Source)
    Just ask Prime, Inc in Springfield MO, or J.B. Hunt.
    In an iterview with JB Hunt almost 30 years ago, he stated that if he himself could net just one cent profit from any and all of his company's ability to haul freight, he'd be a wealth man. Though the first years didn't net him much in the line of penney's. Today when combined those penny's add up to several million dollars. Prime followed in the foot steps of JB Hunt as did a number of other's but they are controled by corporations rather than individualy owned as in the case of JB Hunt. Which is owned now in its entirety by the Hunt family.