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Thread: Type-9 Cargo Space Buffed to 788!

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    Type-9 Cargo Space Buffed to 788!

    The original patch notes didn't list this change but it has now been added via an edit to the notes. The Type-9 has officially gotten an extra Class 8 slot adding 256 tons of cargo space.

    Total Cargo: 532
    Slots: 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2

    Beta (extra class 8)
    Total Cargo: 788
    Slots: 8, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3, 2

    This is a FANTASTIC change, so great to see a dedicated ship get the love it needs over the general purpose ships! Well done Frontier!


    EDIT: Updated to reflect the change in the patch notes as while it could change it's confirmed as intentional.

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    Show me that is true... I gotta log back in and see if that T-9 is doing its job finally.

    Would go a long way in explaining where the T-10 got the internal space for the thrusters, large mounts and that insane powerplant...

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    Confirmed. Bought one in beta just to check.

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    Yes just confirmed 788 tons with no shields and 756 tons with class 5 shields. The Type-9 has a purpose again! Woohoo!

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    I would have replaced the size 2 and the size 3 both with size 8 compartments (giving it one less compartment but 1032T of cargo) so even with it's slow jump range/speed it could perhaps out trade the Cutter.

    But this is a step in the right direction anyway though.

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    Awesome find! I wonder why the patch notes didn't mention it. Either way, great news.

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    Glorious news indeed.
    Now they could make the beluga have 2 size 8 slots for passenger cabins and add size 8 passenger modules then the beluga would make more sense.

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    Could this make the T9 more of a shield tank than the T10?

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    Bravo Fdev you really are beginning to do all the right moves.

    Now if you can make Beluga liner the king of passenger missions and take an other look to cobra mk4 and make it a useful small multi purpose ship that would be grand.

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    Originally Posted by Shadowed View Post (Source)
    Could this make the T9 more of a shield tank than the T10?
    Probably not, considering the T10 has military slots you can stuff shield cells into, and is getting a power distributor bump from C6 to C7

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    In theory it could out-shield-tank the T-10.

    Just don't expect it to kill something.

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    stealth nerf to cutter...its 792 no shield and 728 shielded, at half the price...
    real glad i sold my soul for that grind to be on par with anyone who has 100M

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    It's not even cargo-restricted? Nice.

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