PC and Mac - Horizons 3.0 Beyond - Known Issues

High yield shell does too much internal damage
This will be scaled down for the release.

Engineering issues
Beta 3 included further changes to Engineering to balance the new system. We're still looking at this and we'd like further feedback, specifically on how powerful new items are compared to the old versions.

Incorrect cost for using Interstellar Factors
Interstellar Factors are charging too much to clear bounties and fines. A fix for this issue is in the works, and will drop at launch. Details for the fix can be found at:


Difficulty finding Black Markets, Technology Brokers, Material Traders and Interstellar Factors
Players have reported that the “By service” filter isn’t showing up data for everywhere they have ever visited. This is due to full player histories not being copied to Open Beta, so this will start working correctly when 3.0 launches.

Have a graphical issue?
- Is your graphics card driver up to date? You can check the latest drivers on: [Nvidia] or [AMD]
- Does your machine meet the minimum required specifications? Check here: [Min Specs]
- Can you please include a screenshot of the issue in your report. Pressing F10 in game takes a screenshot. Please upload your image using [Imgur] or [Google Drive]

Have a networking issue?
- Please include your verbose Netlog in your bug report:

In order to tell Elite Dangerous to create a Netlog file you will need to perform the following steps:

If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu.
This will allow you to access the Network section of the Options menu.
- Open the Network options menu.
- Set the option labelled Logging to On.
- Play Elite Dangerous once more until you encounter the problem you wish to learn more about.

PC Netlogs location (default): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\PUBLIC_TEST_SERVER\Logs

Mac Netlogs location (default): Macintosh HD\Users\Username\Library\Application Support\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Logs