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Thread: Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2]

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    Thanks for all the effort put in here, chapeau!

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    Page 2!

    I can now view all but the useful information. Yay!

    I think I need a new phone. Lol

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    A fresh new "Best of Forum" thread and now, thanks to Qohen Leth (again), a fresh (and distinctly beige free) new "Best of Forum" banner.

    Trending - DWE2 sign up sheet is now up.

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    Trending - only one more week of beta testing for 3.0!

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    Trending - Dove Enigma celebrations.

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    Added a link for "Fighter Club" to the "Ships, weapon stat's, combat tips, etc" section.

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    Trending - Cmdr Dreamstate is continuing his relentless pursuit of the "dark squares on planet surfaces" bug and needs your help with a potential theory!

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    Added "Joystick Gremlin" to the "Controller accessories, add-ons and other tools to improve the ED experience" section.

    Edit: also renamed "Science, Mystery and Lore" to "Mysterious things and Lore" ("science" is a bit misleading for newcomers plus this chimes nicely with what FD tend to write in their patch notes).

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    Trending - Beyond beta 3 patch notes are up!

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    Trending - more C&P changes + the winners of the latest Buckyball Race are announced.

    Also - materials storage increases (Sandro is on a roll today!).

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    Jazzed up the section headings!

    Please shout if this causes problems for anyone but I think it looks pretty groovy.

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    Trending - Sandy has answers, you don't, any questions?

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    Added Cmdr Roraima's excellent Easy Material Collection Guide to the "Misc' other useful and/or interesting links" section.

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    Added Eventure's superb "Trade Computer Extension Mk.II" to the "Accessories, add-ons and tools to improve the ED experience" section.

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    Fancy automatically generating a video like this of your travels around the galaxy?

    Then when not try out Cmdr Orvidius' superb travel video generator to be found over in the "Other 3rd party sites and tools" section.

    P.S. don't all rush at once or you might just bring his server to its knees!

    P.P.S. and please go and bung him some rep' because this is a stunning bit of work.