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Thread: [DW2] Distant Worlds II - Fleet Roster Sign Up Thread

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    Distant Worlds 2 - Fleet Roster Sign Up Thread

    "Tracing one warm line through a land so wide and savage..." - Stan Rogers (Northwest Passage)

    Distant Worlds 2 - A Journey of Discovery
    Expedition Overview Thread (Link)

    Logo by Qohen Leth (original concept by Hi-Ban) with assets borrowed from Frontier Developments PLC
    Animated by Placyde

    Fleet Roster registration for the Distant Worlds II Expedition is now open.

    External Link:
    Mission Status Portal

    Internal Links:
    Roster Sign-Up Form
    On Post #2 Click

    Fleet Statistics

    Click the image below to bring up the full roster (external link)...

    Use CTRL+F to search for your entry on the list
    (note: the roster is updated every few days)

    Reaching Beagle Point

    Beagle Point is where the 'Outbound' journey will end and 'The Voyage Home' stage begins. To reach this star system you will need a ship that can jump a minimum of 33.4 LYs. Commanders thinking of taking short-range ships, please make sure your ship has a range of at least 16.8 LYs as a Jumponium level 3 fuel boost will then make Beagle Point attainable.

    Roles within the fleet

    Fleet roles on DW2 will be linked to specific events and projects that will be incorporated into the overall expedition. Some of the listed roles could be subject to change depending on new gameplay mechanics or features appearing with the 'Beyond' series of updates. If current roles become unviable, or new ones get incorporated, we'll announce it on this thread. For roster purposes, you can choose up to two fleet roles, but this does not prevent you from taking on multiple roles during DW2. You can also edit your chosen roles anytime you like using the edit link you'll be provided with once you submit your fleet registration.


    The default role that anyone not selecting a specific role is automatically assigned. Explorers will make up the bulk of the fleet and are those that are not fussed on specialization. During the journey Explorers will discover interesting stellar, planetary, or environmental POIs (like planetary nebulae etc). The very best of these POIs will then be used by Tour Guides, the Galactic Mapping Team, and Fleet Astrophotographers to visit and catalogue during the expedition and waypoint visits.
    Fuel Rat

    Fuel Rats are welcome along on any deep space expedition and are invaluable. They're the last resort for players who get stranded out in the far depths of space.

    For the first time ever, Prospecting and Mining will have a practical role to play on a deep space expeditionary event, with miners at the forefront of the industrial aspect of Distant Worlds 2.
    Fleet Mechanic

    Commanders who rig their ships to carry Hull Repair Limpets and are on hand to offer essential hull repairs to all fleet members who require their services. More details on what this role entails can be found here: Link.
    Tour Guide

    These pilots will work in conjunction with the Galactic Travel Agency and utilize Multi-Crew. The service will allow many more players to take part in DW2 as passengers and guests aboard Tour Guide operators ships. For RP purposes we encourage Tour Guides to register Belugas, Orcas, or Dolphin-class cruisers with the DW fleet. More details on what this role entails can be found here : Link.

    This project will be overseen by Qohen Leth for the official Distant Worlds Imgur Album. Astrophotographers will be encouraged to submit their photos to the album, some of these submissions will be highlighted and written about in the DW2 weekly newsletter, there may even be prizes on offer for a 'pic of the week'.
    Fighter Escort

    Fighter Escort (Fleet Defence Force Squadrons) will be tasked to protect the fleet throughout the entirety of the journey to the far rim and back. More details on this role will become apparent during 3304.

    The prime focus for fleet Geologists is to seek out and catalogue active geological sites and interesting surface features for the Milky Way Society of Organics and Geology (overseen by CMDR MadRaptor - The Galactic Geologist), and the Galactic Mapping Project (overseen by the GMP Team).

    This role is speculative and is based on the assumption that Environmental Space Anomalies (hinted at by FD) will be discoverable by Q4 3304, and will thus need charting for the Mapping Project and cataloguing. Scientists will also directly contribute to The Scientific Surveyor Project, whose goal will be to collate a wealth of statistics on star systems, worlds, and asteroid fields (among other things), from which EfilOne will create statistical documents on what the DW2 fleet discovered by journey's end.

    This role will encompass Video Makers, Streamers, Mission Chroniclers and Blog-Writers who want to document their own journeys and share them with the community. Like on DW3302, some of the media content created during the expedition may be featured in the newsletters.

    This is a semi-roleplayed role and is based upon the concept created by Wing Atlantis. The basic premise is for MediCorp pilots to collect stranded escape pods that are located during the expedition and store them aboard their ships until journeys end, whereupon they will be delivered to a stations search & rescue department.
    Fleet Logistics

    This is a roleplayed role and is based upon the concept created by Olivia Vespera. There are two aspects to this role. Supply and Trade. Supply will carry food equivalent to the amount required to support a fleet of this size for a 6 month journey into the black. Traders will carry various rare commodities for use in celebrations, or to trade with AI settlements we may encounter. More details of what this role entails can be found here : Link.

    Please contact Qohen Leth if you intend to use the DW2 logo for merchandising items; he will do his best to help you with the technical requirements. The DW2 logo contains Frontier Developments assets and you cannot use it for commercial purposes. Special thanks to Qohen Leth for the logo and role icon gifs, and to Qohen and Olivia Vespera for their work on the roster database.

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    (click on the "Sign me up!" button!)

    Info on the fleet registration process

    • If you are a DW1 veteran and want to reserve your original roster number, there is an option to do so on the sign up form. The roster will automatically crosscheck your roster reservation number with your CMDR name, so make sure your pilot's name is exactly as it was on the old DW1 roster (Link).
    • All pilots new to DW or who haven't reserved their old DW1 roster number will be assigned fleet roster numbers starting at 2000 onwards.
    • The 'Comms ID' box on the roster form is simply a roleplay nickname you can assign to yourself (like your Discord name/handle for example). It's not mandatory to be a Discord user and be part of the DW fleet, but it helps.
    • The communications will be held on the FleetComm HQ Discord Server.
    • Once you submit your details, your entry may not appear immediately on the roster. If it hasn't appeared after 1 week, please post a message on this thread and the roster team will look into it.
    • Please only contact admin if there is an issue with your entry that you can't resolve, and when doing so please post your query to this thread stating your CMDR name and assigned roster number.
    • The roster will automatically generate a Ship ID number for you, which you can apply to your ship for the expedition (if you want to). How does it work?
    • Once you submit your details, you will be given a link. Keep that link as it allows you to update or amend your roster entry as and when you need to. We recommend that you PM that link to yourself so its always on-hand if you need it.
    • If you lost the edit link, you can email to with "[ROSTER]" in the subject for your registration amendments. It might take a while to be done cause I won't be checking every hour, but that'll be processed at some point. If you send too many amendment requests over a short period of time, you'll be put on a waiting list and your registration will only updated at the very last moment
    • The expedition is taking place on the following platforms:

    Modes of Play on DW2

    DW2 will not be mode-specific, meaning players are free to experience it in Open, Solo, or their own Private Group Mode with their own rules for that group if they wish. The DW2 organization team take no responsibility for what happens in Open Play or personal Private Groups during the event. There will be an official private group for non-CG related events (basecamp meets and roleplayed events etc), this is FleetComm - you can apply to FleetComm here : Link.

    FleetComm has rules to adhere to and breaking them rules may see offenders (individuals and possibly their whole player faction with them) removed from the roster, permanently expelled from the PG, its Discord, and all future DW events. Those rules can be found on the linked thread. FleetComm is administered by Grnbrg, and all enquiries regarding it should be made via his thread.

    Once you've signed up, don't forget to grab your Distant Worlds 2 Fleet Role badge! The full set comes in 100px and 200px sizes, with respective animated gif variants. /!\ If you want to use a gif as a forum avatar, use the 100px gif version! The set can be found here.

    Upon request, I can also mockup a DW2 forum signature with your registration information With the default starry background, or a custom image you'll provide (1920x1080 minimum).

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    Mass expeditions first-timers: 2,598 PC 2790 21.42% (3416 responses) 0 > 3 168 12 > 25 807
    Signup days elapsed: 281 XBOne 342 BEAGLE POINT VET. 3 > 6 809 > 25 553
    Signups per day: 4.15 PS4 289 24.87% (4277 responses) 6 > 12 1299
    Highest 83.49 ly > 20 262 > 50 978 Anaconda 1417 38.92% Viper Mk III 3 0.09%
    Average 46.10 ly > 30 699 > 60 411 Asp Explorer 1073 29.47% Vulture 3 0.09%
    Lowest 10 ly > 40 843 > 70 127 Diamondback Explorer 284 7.81% Alliance Crusader 2 0.06%
    COMBINED JUMP RANGE 166,995.14 ly EST. JUMPS TO BEAGLE POINT 4,689,211 EST. TOTAL JUMPS (200,000ly) 14,364,103
    TOTAL FLEET WORTH (Stock) 277,969,099,812 Cr EST. FLEET WORTH (w/ explo fit) 562,199,623,710 Cr COMBINED SURFACE OF ALL THE SHIPS 27,128.6kmē
    Anaconda 1417 38.92% Explorer 2500 69% Stock 1101 32.16%
    Asp Explorer 1073 29.47% Fleet Mechanic 215 6% Tactical 342 9.99%
    Diamondback Explorer 284 7.81% Astrophotographer 213 6% Black Friday 260 7.6%
    Krait Mk II 153 4.21% Fuel Rat 172 5% Vibrant 211 6.17%
    Imperial Cutter 113 3.11% Scientist 140 4% Apollo 127 3.71%
    Imperial Clipper 64 1.76% Fighter Escort 107 3% Pulse 126 3.68%
    Python 63 1.74% Miner 70 2% Gold 117 3.42%
    Federal Corvette 57 1.57% Media 66 2% Squadron 107 3.13%
    Type-10 Defender 49 1.35% Geologist 57 2% Pharaoh 103 3.01%
    Orca 46 1.27% Fleet Logistics 45 2% Wireframe Gold 71 2.08%
    Beluga Liner 41 1.13% Tour Guide 32 1% Golden 68 1.99%
    Cobra Mk III 39 1.08% MediCorp 25 1% Chromed 62 1.82%
    Alliance Chieftain 29 0.8% Chrome 58 1.7%
    Type-9 Heavy 25 0.69% SECONDARY ROLE Count % Gold Pharaoh 53 1.55%
    Dolphin 24 0.66% Astrophotographer 646 23% Chevron 52 1.52%
    Type-7 Transporter 22 0.61% Explorer 480 17% Corroded 47 1.38%
    Type-6 Transporter 20 0.55% Fleet Mechanic 411 15% Arrowhead 42 1.23%
    Imperial Courier 19 0.53% Scientist 372 13% Military 40 1.17%
    Keelback 10 0.28% Fuel Rat 242 9% Iridescent 33 0.97%
    Sidewinder Mk I 10 0.28% Geologist 189 7% Wireframe 32 0.94%
    Asp Scout 8 0.22% Fighter Escort 157 6% Synth 31 0.91%
    Cobra Mk IV 8 0.22% Miner 143 5% Camo 30 0.88%
    Diamondback Scout 8 0.22% Media 115 4% Predator 29 0.85%
    Viper Mk IV 8 0.22% Tour Guide 59 3% Pirate Faction 27 0.79%
    Fer-De-Lance 7 0.2% Fleet Logistics 47 2% Fusion 23 0.68%
    Hauler 7 0.2% MediCorp 39 2% Dazzle 21 0.62%
    Alliance Challenger 5 0.14% 0 0% Expedition 20 0.59%
    Eagle Mk II 5 0.14% Precision 17 0.5%
    Imperial Eagle 5 0.14% Galvanized 15 0.44%
    Federal Assault Ship 4 0.11% Ember 15 0.44%
    Adder 3 0.09% Frontier Expo 14 0.41%
    Federal Dropship 3 0.09% Crypsis 14 0.41%
    Federal Gunship 3 0.09% Pathfinder 9 0.27%
    Viper Mk III 3 0.09% Lavecon 8 0.24%
    Vulture 3 0.09% Festive 8 0.24%
    Alliance Crusader 2 0.06% Wayfarer 7 0.21%
    Krait Phantom 1 0.03% Prestige 6 0.18%
    Mamba 0 0% Excursion 6 0.18%

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    Due to the roster getting extremely long and filling 6 dedicated posts already, it has been moved to a web frontend.
    You can also use the Google Sheet version of the roster (linked on the web page).

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    I want the last officially numbered roster spot!

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    455 CMDR Felix Macedonica Macedonica GMT Apostata III Lakon T-6 27 Explorer

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    DW390, signing up!

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    Whoohooo... another step in preperation reached..

    BTW Qohen.. how many Expeditions have you helped organize at this point? XD

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    Sign me up! Old roster number was #7. Happy to be an astro-photographer, and also to resurrect my old job in the army as a medic.

    Can. Not. Wait.

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    Pls ppl... there should be sign-up form.. Hold your horses..

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    Originally Posted by Henkka77 View Post (Source)
    Pls ppl... there should be sign-up form.. Hold your horses..
    But my horses wonīt hold!

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    553 CMDR Ky Vatta

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    Originally Posted by RaSenche View Post (Source)
    Whoohooo... another step in preperation reached..

    BTW Qohen.. how many Expeditions have you helped organize at this point? XD
    I dunno, if you count the mission patches, quite an amount

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    Ran into an issue inputting jump range. Wouldn't accept 60 for my Anaconda, so I had to put in 12.34.

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