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Hi everyone just popping in here to introduce myself. I'm Cmdr Zippopot, but everyone calls me Zip.
Quite an experienced player, almost triple elite.

Bringing my conda 'Mr Jumpy' on the trip. Which at 81.43ly jump range, i believe is the highest registered so far
Currently leading my own mini expedition 'Beagle or Bust' with 4 friends following most of the DW1 waypoints.

I'd be very interest to know what us ps4 users are planning with the squadron ships coming in Q4.
Because i'm planning on getting one with my PMF 'The Wolves of Aegion'.

In the meantime, i'll send you a Friend Request Allcrows, i already joined the DW2 community.
Also can you please leave me out of the msg group untill the trip starts, don't want to be flooded with notifications.

Looking forward to seeing you all out there in the black.
Hi! Thanks for popping up! Looking forward to seeing you and Mr Jumpy out there!

Good luck with the minspedition! o7