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Thread: DW2 XBOX edition

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    DW2 XBOX edition


    Attention Xbox explorers - Distant Worlds 2 registration is now open in the Exploration section of the forum

    For us console folk, this is an opportunity to level the playing field with the PC Commanders. We are catering to both consoles during the expedition, and we have a team of organisers making sure that the consoles can take part in all planned activities during the trip. Please sign up and take part in the discussions - we are an active part of this mission. This is going to be epic.


    January 1st 3305 Update:


    Fleetcomm is the main squadron - when it is full, we will use:
    Distant Worlds (DWII).

    Distant Worlds Autumn Update:

    Distant Worlds 2 is now in its final work-up phase. Erimus and Dr Kaii have created a new news thread over in the exploration forum and it details what we have been working on for what seems like an eternity. DW2 will be THE biggest event in the history of Elite Dangerous. I encourage you to read it.

    The roster and sign up thread can be found at the very top of that thread.

    XBOX Distant Worlds Private Group - DistantworldsXB

    Now, some really good XBox news - you wanted a Private Group, well we now have one. It should be noted that official DW2 support will be within that Private Group, and all XB participants are encouraged to sign up to it. The PG will remain in operation and steps have been taken to ensure it remains the official DW PG into the future. The instructions are as follows:

    - You need to find 'DistantworldsXB' and add him as a friend on the XBOX dashboard.
    - I will confirm that your commandername is recorded on our roster. There will be no access to the PG unless you are listed and have a DW2 roster number.
    - I will send you an invitation to the PG

    Simple as that. There are a few minor caveats though...

    - It may take a few days to gain access.. please be patient. That said, if you hear nothing for a week, send 'DistantworldsXB' a message. There may be a queue...
    - The PG will follow Fleetcomm rules closely, so you are advised to read their rules here:
    - The PG will initially be limited to DW2 sign ups only. It may expand in the future dependent on whether Fleetcomm admin wish it to become their official XB PG.
    - You are encouraged to join the Fleetcomm Discord:

    Useful Links and information

    Fleetcomm link:
    XBOX Club 'Distant Worlds 2' now open.
    Private Group - DistantworldsXB

    Moderators - this post is aimed specifically at the XBOX community, and as such is not a duplicate of the DW2 roster thread.

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    This will be awesome and at the rate that signups are going, it's going to be huge! Launch day can't be here fast enough for me.

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    Can't wait for the launch of this Expedition. The floodgates have opened.

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    Just Signed Up should be good!

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    Oh shoot, I forgot today was sign up day. I'm on it! Oh man, my Kalashnikov is in for my biggest adventure ever!

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    I'm signed up and ready for adventure.

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    Signed up a few hours ago!

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    Just bought an Asp, and then promptly got blown up on a mission, losing all my money. Doing a few missions before more outfitting, including a new paint job. I'll finish my registration then. Very excited, as this will be my first big expedition with the community!

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    Done, can't wait.

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    Hmm. Sounds interesting. I got some engineering to do but then I'm signing up.

    Is there a registration deadline?

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    Sign3ed to get back to finishing the ship Im gonna be using which is the T10 so I have somehow talked meself into signing up in a support role ^

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    My roster number is 2181, and ship ID is 085-DW.

    Yes, I have already updated my ship ID in-game.

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    I’ll be going on the scouting missions - anyone want to join me?

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    Signed up last night/this morning!

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