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Thread: DW2 XBOX edition

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    We now have our own sub forum so please join in the conversations there. I'll post a link to it when I get home tonight.

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    Originally Posted by Liberalguy View Post (Source)
    I arrived to Pallaeni an hour late for American launch with some fresh paint still drying on my ship having squeezed in a few last minute engineering mod tweaks. Then I proceeded to crash hard on the View, bringing my hull down to 26%, oops lol. Luckily a nice commander Redwaiv was nearby with Repair Limpets. I met a few more commanders and saw several around the View. It was fun and a good start to a new adventure for me in Elite Dangerous, my first foray into multiplayer (Iíve played solo for 2 years).
    haha my first time multiplayer too, i just play fot a mont, man i crash hard in the view too, and went i landed before i crash i see a another commanders with equal brutal crashes haha... i was shocked i crash and im not even 2,000ly away.

    by luck i have repair limpets so i can repair myself and the other comanders, anyone need for reparis just let me know

    Gamertag xxxalexanderxxx

    Seee u on waypoint 2


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    whats the name of the sub forum, sorry for the silly questions, new comander here

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    Thanks Bongo

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    I didn't sign up for DW2 officially but I felt like going anyway. Now I'm signed up properly. I forgot to paint my ship before departure, though, so the paintjob is quite in a bad shape now, even at the first waypoint. I'm curious how it will look when this is all over.

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    Is there an "official" dw2 squadron I can join?

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    Originally Posted by CFW Calming View Post (Source)
    Is there an "official" dw2 squadron I can join?
    Yep; see the first post.