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Thread: StatusDisplay - status.json display and surface navigation assistant.

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    Originally Posted by EKim View Post (Source)
    Maybe move the interface coordinate input and body data on the home screen?
    Not sure what you mean, however it might be possible to permit direct entry of target coordinates in either the Info or Dest panels. Radius is not shown (but is used when calculating speed relative to the surface of a body), so I'm not sure that it needs to be displayed all the time.

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    I've only had a quick look at the application but I say great job! I can't load it on my gaming PC since I'm in the process of building my simpit, the PC is in the basement. But I think I'm definitely buying at least 1 small monitor to use as a backing display for the MFDs. I'll already be running EDDiscovery on a dedicated side monitor for some informational windows but I don't think you can have enough information at hand.

    I have a Thrustmaster Warthog and while I could get away with using shift keys to maximize the button functions, I'm a bit of a minimalist in this sense. I made custom key labels for my wireless keyboard so I'm looking forward to moving those functions to the MFDs.

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