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Thread: Instantly exploded when wingmate dropped into instance

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    Instantly exploded when wingmate dropped into instance


    Once (<1%)

    Time of occurrence
    19:49 UTC

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A

    Colonia, Dove Enigma Megaship


    Ship Type

    Commander Name

    I was in the welcoming ceremony group at the Dove Enigma that was practicing fireworks for the arrival of CMDR DoveEnigma13. I was winged with CMDR Karaya, who was flying a Fer-de-Lance in supercruise and attempted to drop into our instance to join us. Without any warning, my ship instantly blew up and I was looking at the rebuy screen. Corroborating the event with others in the instance and CMDR Karaya, who also died at the same time, our best guess is that Karaya dropped out of supercruise inside my ship, causing both our ships to instantly explode from the collision damage.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1 - Be in normal space with a group of ships, roughly 10 km away from the Dove Enigma (or another station), just outside the no-fire zone
    2 - Have a wingmate in supercruise, and your beacon turned on.
    3 - Wingmate attempts to drop into the instance (According to Karaya, nav-lock was not used but unsure if that makes a difference for the chances)
    4 - The chance must be quite low, but it is definitely possible for your wingmate's ship to drop out of supercruise inside a ship in the instance and kill both ships.

    Additional files?
    Unfortunately verbose netlogging was not turned on so I cannot provide verbose netlogs.

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    Hey Lyneira,

    Thanks for the report.

    Shame that no one got a video of that happening.

    How many ships were there in the instance?

    Without more information this seems like something that would be near impossible to reproduce.

    If this happens again please do let me know.