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  • 01 - Frank - Do Not Press This

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  • 02 - Edith_The_Hutt - Consistent

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  • 03 - Simoof - Oh aye! AI is it

    1 11.11%
  • 04 - Fletchmo - Roll again?

    3 33.33%
  • 05 - phong - Here,as promised.

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  • 06 - Alien - Is This The Real

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  • 07 - RoyalHankey - Never let

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  • 08 - Listeri69 - Reverse Osmosis

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  • 09 - Cmdr pseudonym - Quantum Pee

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Thread: Drabble Short Story Contest #236: Tales of the Unexpected Experimental FX

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    Drabble Short Story Contest #236: Tales of the Unexpected Experimental FX

    Well done to phong and insanephoton last week. Two worthy winners who tied for first place.

    Tales of the Unexpected Experimental Effects

    Psykokow hosts the Abraka-Drabble live reading show and "comedy" hour (usually at 7pm), Fridays on...
    HUTTON ORBITAL RADIO! (audio only)
    LAVE RADIO! (audio only)
    TWITCH! (audio & visual)
    and will also be uploaded to his You-tube channel & anywhere else he can inflict the world with our drabblings!

    Come back on Sunday night to see how well your Drabble has done. At least come back before Monday 15:00 to check if you're the one that has to provide us with a topic.

    Please vote. Everyone is welcome to vote.
    And a plea to all of the contestants, Don't vote for yourself.

    01 - Frank - Do Not Press This Button

    Felicity Farseer was proudly showing Phong the new big red button on the dash of his spaceship. "This mod is special. It leeches from the Frameshift Drive to make a personal teleporter. You should only use it as a last resort."

    Before she could say anything else, Phong lept forwards and slapped the button. Phong saw the cockpit around him brighten to blurry streaks.

    He could make out Felicity's astonished face and her echoing voice warbling out of existence "What the...?"

    Phong left the confines of this Drabble and found himself in another Drabble written later on in the competition.

    02 - Edith_The_Hutt - Consistent Methodology

    “Didi! What in known space did you drink last night?!”

    The haggered figure stumbled into her own workbench, scattering tools and beer cans into sprawled heaps of junk below, “Dunno,why? Why is worl' spinnin'?” She found a soft chair and collapsed into it, pulling a cushion over her face.

    “Last week you produced shields with superior thermal resistance”


    “Yesterday, with the same set of components, you were so drunk you upgraded my hyperdrive by mistake”

    “Ooops. Wassit do now?”

    “It's got double the range”



    “Bummer. Wan' me to try again?” Didi grinned, reaching for another bottle.

    03 - Simoof - Oh aye! AI is it, I 8 AI I do. Do u?

    The engineers sat nervously, sweat flowing, glancing at the numbers.
    "It cant handle this amount of computing power"
    The computers were struggling.
    On the screen a handsome man was spinning rhetoric, captivating the masses. The viewing numers where astronomical. Watching, the engineers almost relaxed.
    "No no no no no!!! The CPU core is gonna burn out. We need to do a live swap out."
    Everything was ready, 1... 2... 3...
    The sreen flickerd. For an awful second the screen showed the true footage, a psykoarse spouting his usual Friday night pish.
    Twitch experimental special-fx returned, restoring the AI improved version.

    04 - Fletchmo - Roll again? - By Fletch (Aged 7 and ľ)

    CMDR Moofbag rolled crap for engineering sixty eight times in a row.
    Rather than read the helpful destructions (“They’re a bunch of wonkbot jugglers in the forums”), he goes to the bar to look for inspirational assistance in a bottle of Mega Gin.
    Staggering back to his orange Sidewinder (“The Puffy Wagon”) he tries again.
    Finally, he gets a good roll and hits the “buy now” button.
    Moofington now wears a class 5 pink furry spandex flight suit, with remote control full groinal attachments and matching gimp remlock.
    What’s better, he’s lost the remote and can’t turn the vibrations off!

    05 - phong - Here,as promised.

    Professor Palin sat in front of the commander,extolling the virtues of his latest creation.
    'The jump range has been increased to 86 ly,thruster and boost speed enhanced to phenomenal speeds,power draw reduced to virtualy nothing,it produces drabbles automatically and it even makes the tea.
    As you know there's always an element of luck involved in designing from a new template and this one has some pretty specific features that have never been tried before.There's always room for improvement.So,what do you think? Do you want to try again?'
    'Yeah.this tea tastes like sh*t.'

    06 - Alien - Is This The Real Life?

    David checked his Cobra's systems for the umpteenth time. Argent had given him an experimental jump drive.
    The countdown reached zero far too quickly and the jump drive engaged. Everything went black.

    David woke up. He was in a bed in a room. All his fingers and toes were intact. The door burst open and in rushed a young man.
    "I've just worked out how we can save two killobytes!"
    "Where am I?"
    "Cambridge. Get up, they need us for the class of eighty-four group photo, and then we have the rest of the day to work on the game."

    07 - RoyalHankey - Never let Winnard press your buttons.

    Winnard and Moose666 went on a trip to devils canyon.
    "Engines on and landing gear up" said Moode666
    "Engage both drives"
    The Python slowly went away from the station
    "Course set" said Winnard.
    "hit the hyper drive button Moose666"
    After a few seconds they was in hyperspace cruising.
    "What course you laid in winnard".
    "Devils Canyon, Merope"
    "Ok Hit the button Winnaed".
    "What button".
    "The super drive button"
    "Ahhh that button"
    "Yes that button"
    Winnard said "Ok" then hit the button.
    "All of a sudden the ship came to an abrupt halt.
    "What happened Moose666"
    "It was an experimental defect"

    08 - Listeri69 - Reverse Osmosis - A story of history, hemmeroids and humid pants...

    Simoof was experimenting, he was trying to find something that would turn liquids into solids in nanoseconds.
    he was trying everything from liquid nitrogen to Dongkum thermal paste.
    Nothing was fast enough.
    He squirted into the air hitting Phong who had jumped in briefly from another drabble.
    Simoof had an idea instead of making it solid make it appear in another dimension

    Psykokow put the book down. So that's how your great uncle Simoof started the shart wars
    'Did uncle Simoof get killed for the war then?'
    'Oh no' Psykokow said 'He was killed for his horrendous taste in music'

    09 - Cmdr pseudonym - Quantum Peep show...

    Cmdr skiprat was fiddling with himself,
    he couldn't help it he was watching a classic episode of 'tales of the unexpected' and the dancing shadow was getting him horny.
    He lay in the spastic eagle position with a beer in one hand and Hankey's juicy snake bites in the other.
    It was at that moment Phong jumped in from another drabble and assumed the eagle position under cmdr skiprat.
    Cmdr skiprat gave a squeal of delight and said 'Dance for me Commander'
    Poor Phong didn't know what was going on, his rear end was feeling a tail, of the unexpected...

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    So, I wake up to see this and wonder what would have happened if one more person had voted (*cough*for me*cough*).

    But anywho ...

    Yesterday, I watched a replay of the Falcon Heavy launch. The two rockets landing back down was absolutely the most impressive thing I have seen. I hope we never get to a point where we take it for granted. So my one-third of the topic is "STARMAN"