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    Hey all,

    I'm a big space sim fan and I've been playing them and flight sims for years. I bought Elite after getting an Oculus and while the space trucking doesn't thrill me, the sense of scale really does. I'm also a HUGE fan of Elite's flight model and really wish Arena had lived longer.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me be a part of the community!

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    Welcome to the ED Universe .... I hope you bought the Horizon version so you can enjoy it all ...


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    Welcome to both ED and Oculus! Happy flying!


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    Welcome to the great family of the Elite on the forums ! Commander. And fly safe

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    Welcome Cmdr. Stay frosty out there....


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    Well hello there fellow space simmer! I'm really glad you have decided to join our wonderful community. Welcome to the forums CMDR, fly safe! o7

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    Welcome Commander!

    Proud to have you onboard and thank you for contributing to Elite. Fly safe, drive safe and good luck with your interstellar exploits. The in-game training scenarios will get you up-to-speed and the Galactic AcademyMentors will set you up for initial play-through and beyond. The following thread will help you find collaborative game-play and some. The single best recommendation is to seriously take your time and experiment before you commit or switch between game-mode and play-style. Don’t be afraid of a do-over or two and if needs be ‘clear your save’ can be found in-game under options menu. Swiftpoint Z - Gaming Mouse Evolution - Video, The most awesome game-pad software ever: Padstarr, Grifta Morphing Gamepad, TobiiEyeX Controller, ECHOTalkative AI, Gaming Music Packs, VoiceAttack with HCSVoicepacks are highly commended for substantially boosting game-play and more. Have fun acclimating, play-testing and configuring your control schemes to benefit you specifically long-term while you carry on with all-out cosmic sightseeing. Uncle Art Music, ED Shipyard, ED-Blog, Lave Radio, Fireytoad, Kerrash Landing, MahdDogg, ChaosWulff, Drew Wagar's Blog, Alec-s-best-of-the-forum and the additional links below are truly recommended. Take care and Elite!

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    Howdy! Have fun in the black! o7!

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    First, let me welcome you to the Elite: Dangerous Galaxy. My rule 2 is; Have Fun (it is just a game, but WHAT a GAME!). Rule 2a is; In VR have LOTS more fun!!!

    The learning curve is so steep (it has an overhang!) that the mountain goats go around in teams, roped together (and even then they may fall off, but that means the Vultures get to eat!). However, when you master something, and do it well, the buzz is worth the effort. To my mind the most important skill to master is landing your ship. Until you can do this nothing else matters (how can you complete a mission, for example, if you killed yourself on landing?). It would be a good idea to go through some of the Training missions to start learning the necessary skills to survive.

    Now, Golden Rule 1, which is; Never Fly if you cannot cover the REBUY. REBUY is the insurance excess on your ship, and is 5% of the value of your ship (including all upgrades, but not the cargo). Any changes you make to a ship will affect the REBUY. You can see what your REBUY is on the Status screen (normally accessed by pressing key 4 when in cockpit view, although I do not know how to access the Status screen on a console), bottom left, below Balance. If you get killed, and you can cover the REBUY, you will get a replacement ship identical to the one you lost (although the cargo bay will be empty). However, if you cannot cover the REBUY you may well end up back in a basic Sidewinder. Please do not let this happen to you, as the forum is littered with tales of woe when other Players have ignored Rule 1, and then got killed. This links to the latest I have seen;

    You will, at various stages, upgrade your ship (buying is covered in the next paragraph). Be aware that all internal equipment has numbers and letters associated with them. The number is the Class, while the letter is the Rating. Until you have a good understanding of the Class make sure (when upgrading) to fit the same Class as the unit coming out. There are stories of Players who fitted a 1A FSD to their Sidewinder, thinking it would help increase the jump range, only to find that (as the FSD that came out was a 2 Class) they had REDUCED the jump range. The letter is for Rating, with E being the weakest and A being the strongest. However, there are two that confuse this somewhat. All D Rated equipment are very light (and are preferred by Explorers for this reason), while B Rated has heavy armour (which is great for combat specialists). I do not (at this time) intend to explain weaponry, as this is definitely a matter of personal preference.

    When you decide to buy a new ship, try to have 200% of the purchase price first. That way you have enough for the ship, some basic outfitting, a couple of loads of cargo, and a couple of REBUYs (just in case). If you are trading in a ship, take it back to factory spec first. When you sell any ship you will always take a 10% hit on the value of the ship at the time of selling. However, if you take it back to factory spec first you get back the full amount that you paid for the upgrades (at this time, at least). Then, when you sell the ship, your losses will be reduced. For example, I have an A Rated Cobra MkIII worth 10Mcr. If I were to sell her now I would take a loss of 1Mcr. However, if I take her back to factory spec and then sell her my loss will be about 35Kcr.

    Have fun, fly safely, and see you out amongst the stars. Feel free to ask any questions, we all had to learn somewhere, and those that care will answer all they can.

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    Welcome to the forum.