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Thread: How often do you change your avatar pic?

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    Originally Posted by Ian Phillips View Post (Source)
    Frequently, but then I put the mask back on.
    Well seen. Nice shot

    Deserves a rep

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    Twice a year: to put christmas hat on and to take it off.

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    Always had this one.

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    Never. I have been using this handle for decades and this avatar pic is sort of my "trademark".... so to speak.

    Mitchell-Hedges skull

    Perhaps the most famous and enigmatic skull was allegedly discovered in 1924 by Anna Mitchell-Hedges, adopted daughter of British adventurer and popular author F.A. Mitchell-Hedges. It is the subject of a video documentary made in 1990, Crystal Skull of Lubaantun. It was examined and described by Smithsonian researchers as "very nearly a replica of the British Museum skull—almost exactly the same shape, but with more detailed modeling of the eyes and the teeth." Mitchell-Hedges claimed that she found the skull buried under a collapsed altar inside a temple in Lubaantun, in British Honduras, now Belize. As far as can be ascertained, F.A. Mitchell-Hedges himself made no mention of the alleged discovery in any of his writings on Lubaantun. Others present at the time of the excavation recorded neither the skull's discovery nor Anna's presence at the dig. According to new evidence presented in a National Geographic documentary, the skull was purchased at a Sotheby's auction by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges in London on October 15, 1943. Shortly thereafter, he discussed the purchase in a letter to his brother.

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    Never, well so far anyway.

    Sort of related question:

    Is it just me, or is there an issue with seeing what major faction power symbol, we support; behind our posts? Mine should be Imperial; but these days, I can't see mine or any ones. I have checked that I have the option ticked in the settings window.

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    Originally Posted by Susanna View Post (Source)
    Btw, how did you get away with a larger avatar than 100px?... Makes note to find out what the true max size is.....
    Because I keep screwing around with his permissions.

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    I've changed it twice since I made the original one. Once when the Holo Me was released, once when there were actual clothes​ we could wear, as opposed to space spandex.

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    I cant remember when I last changed my avatar.

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    Originally Posted by jasonbarron View Post (Source)

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    Elite Global Moderator Jenner's Avatar
    Originally Posted by sleutelbos View Post (Source)
    I cant remember when I last changed my avatar.
    I'm guessing Xmas.

    Originally Posted by jasonbarron View Post (Source)

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    Originally Posted by Jenner View Post (Source)
    I'm guessing Xmas.

    Almost never

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    My Forum avatar is from the late '90s. It is not what I look like now but how I emotionally feel about who I am. Makes for expressing my opinions on the Forum. My game avatar is pretty accurate.