There are not enough VR players out there because FD haven't given them any reason to use VR. So I see my cockpit in 3-dimensions; whoo hoo... And that's about it. That's the entire draw. There's no interaction in the cockpit, other than the keyboard, mouse, and HOTAS. We don't experience 3-dimensions with our eyes alone. There has to be active feedback. There has to be interaction with the cockpit. There needs to be customization just for VR.

And, is it me, or has VR become not "3-d'y enough'y?" It's difficult to explain, but the only depth you can really perceive is in your cockpit. Outside the cockpit everything looks too 2d'ish. I know blur is difficult in VR without eye tracking, but with contemporary headsets the sweet spot is in the middle. It can be assumed that the viewer is looking straight ahead. Everything around the periphery around the center should be blurred.

More little tricks are needed to make VR look more VR.

I know they took away polls, but can I take a pseudo poll here? Everyone who uses VR respond to this post with an "aye." I wonder if FD has any published statistics on VR usage...