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I have an idea: rather than making the colony ship similar in size to existing large ships, why not make it bigger, and undockable?

You order one from the Shipyard menu, but then you have to wait for it to be assembled/delivered (like waiting for a ship transfer). When it arrives, it's floating in space outside the station, and you have to take a small ship out to it and land on the built-in small pad. This effectively ensures that you can't go anywhere without a return ship onboard. But if the ship you use doesn't have a fuel scoop and you're heading into deep space, that's your own fault (obviously the colony ship itself would need a fuel scoop).
This is a great notion! Basically provide-your-own ship for the haul back. Only allows you to bring a small ship - and it won't allow you to build anywhere that you can't get out of? (Say, 2-3 jumps to make sure you're not locked in? Also, would be able to do basic outfitting of at least a class 2/3 fuel scoop, so you can be sure to make the trip home.)