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Thread: Rares... Is it time these got some love?

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    Originally Posted by Vasco Sapien View Post (Source)
    I made my first millions with Rare trades. Would be nice to see this area of the game get some growth.

    Maybe missions to source a number of rares and types of rares for a rare broker or some such.

    20t Lavian brandy, 14t Leestian Evil Juice and 30t of Live Hecate Sea Worms - 10 hours. Cr-3m.

    Rare brokers unlock new rare brokers (like engineers) with increasing profit potential.
    I like it! Good idea! Reped.

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    There is an other thing FD could do wrt to rares :

    Make rares more valuable to sell in boom state systems and tourist economies for luxuries, in outbreaks for medical ones, etc...

    An other low hanging fruit would be to have luxury passenger missions asking for them for a good bonus payout. Heck, you could even plan
    for it and have a few crates of kamitra cigars, tranquil tea and lavian brandy laying arround for just such occasions

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    Buff the payouts........but make it a smuggle thing.
    Like the good ol' smuggling days.
    Have to use silent running, boost in and out of stations etc.
    Oh, and ships after you like the long haul Sothis etc runs.
    Those could get dicey.

    A bit of gameplay to help even out against the high paying but boring passenger runs.

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    Sadly, the only really rare that matters these days is CIF.

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    Originally Posted by TheSisko View Post (Source)
    Sadly, the only really rare that matters these days is CIF.
    Ummm. Well, MEF once 3 goes live... (Which can be downgraded to 9 CIF).

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