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Thread: I am being dropped immedately where I came from

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    I am being dropped immedately where I came from


    Once (<1%)

    Time of occurrence
    every time

    Date of occurrence
    every day

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    Ship Type
    every ship

    Commander Name

    When I am in normal space locked to a wing member and I go into supercruise and when I am still locked to my wing nember the game immediately dropps me where I come from again. I know you ll probably tell me it s working as intended, but come on guys, nobody wants to be dropped immediately where he came from ...

    Steps to Reproduce
    described above

    Additional files?

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    Hey Imo,

    Thanks for your report - Are you able to provide a video showing the issue? Can you please ensure you have Netlogging enabled when you repro this as well and send the Netlog file over

    In order to tell Elite Dangerous to create a Netlog file you will need to perform the following steps:

    If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu.
    This will allow you to access the Network section of the Options menu.
    - Open the Network options menu.
    - Set the option labelled Logging to On.

    Please access your AppConfig.xml which be found in the projects folder where you installed the game and open this in Notepad. You'll see a block near the bottom named "Network". Please insert the following lines somewhere in that block -


    Any new network logs produced will now include more detail, which will help us with our investigation.
    Please attempt to recreate this issue in-game and then attach the corresponding network log so we can check it out.

    AppConfig file location (default):

    Netlogs location (default): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\PUBLIC_TEST_SERVER\Logs

    Once you have encountered this issue and have sent us the logs, feel free to remove the line of code from the AppConfig file.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hey Jack,

    Here are the log files: >click here<

    And the video:

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    Hey Imo,

    You're in an instance with your wing, who you're wing locked to. When you jump to supercruse but your still winglocked you're getting pulled back in.

    This is working as intended. Please disable to winglock before jumping away to prevent this from happening.

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    So "working as intended" means you WANT us to be dropped immediately where we came from? Please explain, why. That doesn't make any sense. Mankind won't survive in 3300 if their technology is stupid like that.

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    Winglock or NavLock in wing member.. this terminology..

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    Originally Posted by Imo View Post (Source)
    Mitch, I KNOW THAT. Already told you that you will tell me it is working as intended.
    Working as intended means it's not a bug though, so that takes it out of the realm of this subforum.

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    :? "Oh my god, what's that?"
    "Never seen something like that"
    :/ "It's probably 21st century software made by Microsoft?!"
    -.- "No, it's not. It's even worse: It's by Frontier Developments!"
    "Oh no, then mankind is lost -.-"

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    Yep, it's not a bug. It's something that could work smarter. Maybe just a keybind to toggle Wing Beacon lock would work, something you can hold down long enough to get out of drop range.

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    Well, it can be either a bug or a feature. While I can not believe that being dropped immediately where I came from is a feature it must be a bug. >.<

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    It's a feature. When you have wing beacon lock on you automatically drop from SC when you're close to the wingman. This is good. Unfortunately if you just left the guy and appear in SC right next to him the wing beacon will drop you because you're close to the wingman in SC. It's doing exactly what you asked it to do, it's just not being very smart about it.

    The current solution is to turn it off as soon as you drop, a better solution would be to put it on a keybind so I could turn it on/off at will. Possible another solution would be to put it on a timer, so if you just left, it wouldn't trigger for X seconds, but that takes control out of a player's hand for X seconds, which I'd say is bad.

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    When you turn on the engine of your car with the key the engine may turn off again immediately because thats the only and logical option what the key would be used for next anyway ...

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    As we have stated, this is working as intended - If you feel like this could be improved please do raise it in our feedback/suggestion section on the forums.
    This can be located here.

    I am now closing this thread.