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Thread: The Emergent Immersion Paroxysm

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    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    so i read the OP. The OP is wrong.
    Wrong about what, exactly?

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    He's <silly british censors> that people are mis-using the english language sometimes. Boo hoo.
    Forced parlance is more offensive than forced meme.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    He's <silly british censors> upset that people want a strictly multi-player game vs this opt-in option they're working with and that defenders of that desire use the words that make him angry. Again, boo hoo.
    No, I don't care what anyone wants - we all have the same game. We may play it differently, but it remains uniformly the same for everyone.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    Forum posts that are about other people's forum posts are stupid wastes of space and should just be moved to off-topic or closed.
    What about forum posts about forum posts about other peoples' forum posts? What does that say? What was it Gandalf said? "Who's the more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him?"

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    There are plenty of reasons to complain about immersion in a game that caters to a niche of players that value escaping reality and markets itself that way. What makes the game fun is surrounding yourself in a universe created around the game and being part of that. Immersion in a game like this is no less important than an actual game mechanic and when it's not working as it should, it's a problem no less annoying than when a game mechanic is not working as designed. Many of those things aren't a matter of having a better or different imagination.
    I don't disagree at all. When something doesn't work the way it should, that definitely interrupts one's state of deep mental involvement - such as Hyperspace jumps that either never end, or end with a black "Connection to Matchmaking Server Lost" screen. But when a system works, exactly as intended, such as the buying and selling of commodities, but it is merely inconvenient that you cannot simply leave said commodities in your space-truck to jump in your murdermobile... that's all on you.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    So lets take the example that the OP seems really butt hurt about. PvP/pvp-only advocates.
    My butt is just fine, thanks. Advocates of one play style or another do not concern me in the least. But go on about my butt. I'll ask why you seem to know so much about it later.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    The common complaint is that it's immersion breaking that players can do things that circumvent player activity (like blockading a system).
    Is THAT what the common complaint is? I'm pretty sure there are well over 1000 individual pages filled with a completely different complaint, and it's not "but they can play in solo or private groups, and completely ignore the fact that my little group is sitting outside this station shooting at everyone who gets close." I'm slightly over 100% certain that the Common Complaint is: "I tried to murder this clueless kid and he logged out on me, and I didn't get to see the pretty explosion." Since you're totally unaware of someone's presence when they're playing in a different mode, this cannot have any effect on your state of mental involvement, unless you are devoting so much energy to worrying about it that you are unable to focus on the game you're playing, in which case your "immersion" is not in the game, but in worrying about what other people are doing.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    Fdev can address this a number of ways vs what they currently do which is ignore the issue. Perhaps they can represent players activities not in your instance but in your areas/system by spawning a certain number of NPCS that represent them using a low resolution sampling of player activities over time. Then a human player's activity can be negated with an opposing action against an X number of NPCS that have been spawned to represent their activity. This can be highly effective in BGS manipulation. And this can be done across modes.
    Can you show us the Cobra source code that clearly shows this isn't already happening, and that your efforts to stir up Civil Unrest in some system are not being thwarted by the counter-actions of NPC's already? Bet you can't.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    That's just one example where the answer doesn't mean fdev has to force all the scared players who dont want to go against dedicated PvP'ers to pvp.

    There are plenty of other areas that dont have anything to do with combat that break immersion unnecessarily, like in how mysteries are handled in the game, how you socialize with other players, how you log important info in the game, how you deal with the utter boredom of traveling in the game.
    Wait, how you socialize? Really? As far as I can tell, you have three methods available to you - your actions, your text and your voice. You can act aggressive, passive, friendly, hostile, indifferent. You can send someone a message via chat, or you can send a voice comms request. But bare in mind, not everyone is going to speak your language, and not everyone is going to want to play-act their character. That's the chance you take with a public game. You might talk like a pilot, someone else might talk like a pirate, and I might talk like some guy sitting in front of his PC playing a game. Your level of mental involvement is no one else's responsibility but your own.

    Originally Posted by Darth Ender View Post (Source)
    This post tries to trivialize the concern over how the game fails to provide the escape that many players in this genre feel is a high priority. Unfortunately, if you didn't want that to be a very high priority, you shouldn't be playing these kinds of games that are favored by these kinds of players.
    Ever hear the saying: "You cannot MAKE anyone happy?" Or perhaps "You cannot help someone who does not want help?"

    They're both true. It's not Frontier's job to provide anyone with an escape from their reality. It is their job to provide a stable, working game environment. Some will find it more entertaining, more engaging, more immersive than others. Some people are simply able to "detach" themselves from the world around them, others remain deeply rooted in the real world. Both are perfectly acceptable. I'm not here to "trivialize" anyone's personal problems. I am here to poke some fun at the way people try to communicate them and how hard they buck against the possibility that they might not be The de-facto authority on All Things, especially Linguistics.

    But thanks for playing.

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    I think the term comes from another use of the term "emergence" in systems theory to denote a system arising based on the interaction of lower-order systems. The higher-order system is not predictable based on the properties of the lower-order components.

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    Originally Posted by Robin of Spiritwood View Post (Source)
    META is an acronym for Most Effective Tactic Available.
    It's not the Greek prefix. Hence cometh the confusion. People using the acronym don't capitalize, and spell it interchangeably with the prefix.

    Best tactics should be " the META", not the metagame.
    That's a backronym.

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    Im stayin outta this one...I misuse grammar all the time without even realizing Im doin it...sure ye know what I mean most the time anyway.

    Me wee girl hates it, shes like you OP, gets OCD triggered when she reads anything I rant about on here...its funny watching the ticks in her face when she comes across words like 'yer' but to her credit, she has learned to just ignore it cos she knows its not intentional.

    Thats the way the world works...its even incorporated into languages with borrowed words here and there, and lets not dwell of the yanks changing what they wanted to change and still calling it english. Worlds a weird place...if yer normal, yer never gonna be happy and chilled but if yer in the top 1% of intellectuals who think its an issue, then I suppose its an issue.

    So how do we fix it and set the world to rights? Ye dont cos ye will burn out trying so ye live and let live...way more chilled now ^

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