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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Release Date

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    Anyone working on hidden messages in that video .... such as the jingly musical sound at the end ?

    Edit - ok I listened to it through surround sound headphones ... it's too short to be anything meaningful ... was an artefact of my laptop speakers lol.

    The sound for this video clip is brilliant - put headphones on and turn up the volume .... and prepare to be blasted ! Great piece by the sound team (as usual).

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    Can't WAIT!

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    I keep checking the calendar

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    I feel a CMDR reset coming on... (For me)

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    ....and to think, some people were predicting late March.....or even *JUNE* (even though the latter is Q2). Personally, I'd have liked them to hold off an extra week......just to be extra sure all bugs & re-balances were complete.....but I can live with end of February .

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    Excellent! But now I have to find a way to continue living with beige planets for another week. It's a testament to the game that even though I said I would be putting down ED until 3.0 went live, I have been playing 2.4 the last few days because I was going into withdrawals.

    Frontier did it. It took them ~three years but they eventually made the best space game I ever played. This gray pixel, one who got his first space wings with Atari 2600 games like "Star Raiders," is thoroughly impressed.

    Originally Posted by MickyG1982 View Post (Source)
    I feel a CMDR reset coming on... (For me)
    Me, too! Been a tradition for me to start fresh with each new "season." So many changes come with each new season that I want to experience them with a fresh character.

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    They got that massive list of pending bugs fixed that soon? That's impressive. Oh, who am I kidding, they're gonna release most of the bugs to live like they always do. Hopefully I'm wrong.

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    Very disappointing. I was hoping for a few more weeks. That only gives me time to make another 4 billion before the nerf.

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    Originally Posted by Newsh7725 View Post (Source)
    Could it be?? Is that the Krait in the background?
    I was looking in the foreground .. new ruins or new stuff to do at existing ones perhaps? Looks cool!

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    I read the announcement several times and can't find any mention of engineering changes.

    Is it just missing from the announcement because it's not considered an important change? A simple mistake when putting the text together? Or has that part of 3.0 update actually been scrapped?

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    Originally Posted by IndigoWyrd View Post (Source)
    "Go Beyond drunk, you're home."
    Lead guts, steel livers, and brass kidneys confirmed for 3.0!

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    Originally Posted by Trickylion View Post (Source)
    oh no,more change, lets go back to 1.0
    change is too much stress
    But that would be a change into the unknown for many of us, better to change back to the early days of 2.1 when the NPCs ruled, they could protect us from the new enemies.

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    Originally Posted by rp198419 View Post (Source)
    Fair comment. But I would like to hear that from FD themselves, though I do appreciate your point.
    FDev seem to like to release major stuff on Tuesdays.

    Personally as someone who is not a shareholder in Frontier Developments and not in any way entitled to know how they run their internal processes I try to control my normal human nosiness.

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