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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One Release Date

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    This time I'm more worried rather than hyped, but then I always love to be proven wrong!

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    For a lack of trains in space, I propose we all jump on Diamondbacks, at least those make steam engine noises. Choo-choo!

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    Originally Posted by Sir.Tj View Post (Source)
    As Brett would say... "Pass the Gin"
    I know what he goes with it.
    NO thanks!

    That said.... Huzzah for Beyond Chapter 1!

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    Originally Posted by rootsrat View Post (Source)
    Gerroff I'm not that kind of boy....

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    Yeah !

    Interresting Galnet news on the trailer

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    Originally Posted by WelshSossy View Post (Source)
    Galnet article say 'Massive' Thargoid Presence.

    Hopefully things will really start ramping up in intensity.
    If you are based in LTT 700 better get prepared !

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    ...Verity, Command Override, change course immediately. Authorization Theta Six One One Victor. Destination : Homeworld.

    "Acknowledged, CMDR. New course set. Engines engaged."

    Maximum warp!

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    And other such inanities!

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    Excellent. Can't wait.

    I hope that the planetary textures bug (black squares etc) will be fixed for release.

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    Originally Posted by picommander View Post (Source)
    This time I'm more worried rather than hyped, but then I always love to be proven wrong!
    Worried about what?

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    Cool stuff.

    And is that a Guardian tech weapon at 15 seconds?

    Anyway, Silly Ships 3 is off a week or so after launch, so all i can say is if the Thargoids are incoming, you lot better make sure there is a bubble for us to return to!

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    My original prediction was Thursday, March 1st, with the 27th as a close second. The 1st is still a possibility if they run into any delays.

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    Could it be?? Is that the Krait in the background?

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