PC and Mac - 3.0.5 Beyond - Known Issues

Hey Cmdrs,

Below is a list of commonly reported issues we're aware of and currently looking into.

Please check over this list before submitting a new report and add to the existing report rather than creating a new bug, as it could save you time that I'm sure you would rather spend in game.

• May cause Crash if accessing galaxy map immediately after stating the game - [Link]
• Research limpet may return with nothing - [Link]
• Guardian FSD Booster module is currently not available - [Link]
• May get server error when applying an experimental effect on inaccessible grade - [Link]
• Destroying NPCs power plant has no effect - [Link]
• Two ships may spawn on the same landing pad at the same time - [Link]
• Progress bar to unlock some engineers may not update visibly until re-entering the game - [Link]
• NPC may have no FSD cooldown after being interdicted - [Link]
• Refinery may say it’s full when it isn’t, causing limpets to go idle - [Link]
• "Align with Ship Trajectory" displayed delaying jump when correctly lined up with target - [Link]
• Inactive hired crew can be lost in destruction of ship - [Link]
• The Dolphin may heat up very quickly when flying near a planet surface - [Link]

Missions, Station Services and Community Goals
• Massacre pirates - correct faction pirates not displaying "mission target" - [Link]
• Advanced discovery scanner may not reveal the location of assassination mission target - [Link]
• Planetary Surface scan missions may complete in incorrect order - [Link]
• Mission board selection jumping to top of the list when you scroll to the bottom of the list - [Link]
• Mission symbol may not be removed from surface stations after handing in mission - [Link]

- Before submitting graphical issues, please make sure your graphics card driver is up to date. Please include screenshots of the issue in your report.
• Powerplay statistic may display inaccurate standing value percentage - [Link]
• May not be able to use Navigation Panel after returning from SRV - [Link]
• Numbers in module panel don't update during Auto field maintenance unit / AFMU repairs - [Link]
• Galaxy and System map interface not correctly displaying on ultra-wide screens - [Link]

• Game may not correctly switch to the Oculus Rift headphones when starting in VR - [Link]
• Draw distance in VR on planets cause textures to pop in at edge of view - [Link]
• Commodities Market UI is not curved like the rest of the UI in VR mode - [Link]

• May hear unexpected "Frameshift drive operating beyond safety limits" alert - [Link]
• May hear crackles and stuttering when leaving station - [Link]

• Scratchy audio when in Multi-crew session and the helm selects self-destruct function
• Station orientation may be out of sync with non-helm Multi-crew player
• Hologram damage feedback doesn’t show between all Multi-crew members

Have a graphical issue?
- Is your graphics card driver up to date? You can check the latest drivers on: [Nvidia] or [AMD]
- Does your machine meet the minimum required specifications? Check here: [Min Specs]
- Can you please include a screenshot of the issue in your report. Pressing F10 in game takes a screenshot. Please upload your image using [Imgur] or [Google Drive]

Have a networking issue?
- Please include your verbose Netlog in your bug report:

In order to tell Elite Dangerous to create a Netlog file you will need to perform the following steps:

If you are currently playing the game please select Save and Exit to exit to the main menu.
This will allow you to access the Network section of the Options menu.
- Open the Network options menu.
- Set the option labelled Logging to On.
- Play Elite Dangerous once more until you encounter the problem you wish to learn more about.

PC Netlogs location (default): C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Frontier_Developments\Products\elite-dangerous-64\Logs
Mac Netlogs location (default): Macintosh HD\Users\Username\Library\Application Support\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous\Logs