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Thread: Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One 3.0

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    Originally Posted by ErichZann View Post (Source)
    - module storage increase?
    - Type 9 additional cargo slot?
    - Type 9 weight reduction?
    - Focused PAs heat reduction?

    These Things!!!

    Will please could you let us know if they will be part of the update?

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    Awesome stuff. Can't wait.

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    I'm ready with my brand new Asp Explorer!

    Thank you!

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    Today's the day!

    Now two of my top questions are...

    1. Will HIP 22460 be unlocked again? Or Col 70, even?
    2. Will the Chieftain get a size 6 slot or was it all just rumours?


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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)

    • Raised the position of the fuel scoop message as it was appearing too low


    I remember reporting this in my younger days, way back before my hair turned gray.

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    "Some Railgun Experimental Effects under the new system now all have a 40% heat reduction applied (applies to Feedback Cascade, Super Penetrator, Plasma slug)"

    Once again I would like to repeat my thanks for this.


    ...any update about Plasma?

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    Originally Posted by Lordxenu View Post (Source)
    These Things!!!

    Will please could you let us know if they will be part of the update?

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    Woot! Mega-patch-note-tastic!

    Thanks Will (and The Team)!!

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    Size of update download? Is this some kind of secret? Notice it’s never posted until dragged out by people here.
    And I’ll hope the T9 fixes just didn’t make the notes

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    I can't wait to play with our new toy!

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    You guys are heroes. Thank you for an amazing game

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    Whilst the appearance of the upgrade slightly earlier than expected is somewhat welcome, not to mention the shiny things coming with it ...
    having had the expectation of playing tonight for a couple of hours before upgrade started ...

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    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Greetings Commanders,

    The galaxy servers are currently down to allow us to update to 3.0 Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter One.

    A couple of thoughts for suggestions for later updates that occurred to be reading these:

    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    [LIST][*]Players can sell hot ships from the shipyard for a markdown
    can we buy them for that marked down price? I would like to be able to buy preconfigured ships at the ship yard for a predetermined price, like a 2nd hand pre-owned ship market on station.

    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    • Factions will no longer send you to scan their own Data Points for a Planetary Scan mission
    How about a mission to scan from another faction data point and deliver to own faction data point then return to station for additional payment?

    sorry, didn't think of these until now!

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    Rebalancing pass over station repair targets has reduced them to about 10% of their 2.4 values
    Originally Posted by Paige Harvey View Post (Source)
    They will stay in a state of disrepair until they're finally repaired, no matter how long this takes! So if you want your favourite station back up and running, get hauling!

    Not many people wish to "get hauling", eh Paige?