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Thread: Missing Resource Extraction site (Hazardous)

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    Hey Cmdrs,

    Just wanting to clear a few things up - When this was reported during the Beta I stated the following here:

    Originally Posted by QA-Jack View Post (Source)
    Hey havoc235!

    Thanks for your reports - Unfortunately the Beta environment and the Live environment are not 100% identical in terms of the background sim. The Resource Extraction Sites are generated according to the population of the system, economy and security (Haz Res only show in low sec systems), so these are dependant on the BGS. We can certainly expect Haz Res sites to change into Res Sites, having them move entirely is more of a stretch but not out of the question.

    When the update goes to the Live servers, you should see the Haz Res restored.

    Hope this helps clarify the issue! Stay safe out there Cmdr!
    As I stated - these are generated according to various BGS factors and them moving is "more of a stretch but not out of the question.". I have chased this up with the devs and I'm afraid they will not be reverted to how they were Pre 3.0 - this is due to various reasons. This also echo's our Support teams response:

    Thanks for your message regarding this problem. I'm sorry this has happened.

    The placement of low and high resource extraction sites is controlled by an algorithm. This bit of code has been changed slightly in the last update and as a result, some sites may have moved.

    Unfortunately, it will not be possible to restore individual resource sites to their former position. However, there should still be sites around that are similar to the place you used before.

    I am sorry that I cannot be of greater assistance in this matter
    Apologies for any frustration caused by this!

    Fly safe Cmdrs! o7

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    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the site in question was a Haz Res (not low or high) and there isn't one nearby anymore. Our player group actually did a CG on Jan 18th for the express purpose of putting an Asteroid Base next to that specific Haz Res that I mentioned in my OP. It kind of defeats the purpose of having placed our Simbad Refuge base in that location. Can we discuss the possibility of getting our asteroid base, "Simbad's Refuge" moved? Also, BGS factors haven't changed in terms of the stats that commanders can see related to the system. Obviously things have changed from the dev team's perspective, but it's pretty discouraging to rally the community around our CG, only to have our goal made irrelevant by this specific algorithm that was changed. Apologies if this is not the place to discuss, and if it isn't, is there another team that handles this sort of issue? Thank you!

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    Well, that is unfortunate to hear.

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    TZ Arietis haz res gone next to Snyder Enterprise


    All of the time (100%)

    Time of occurrence

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A

    Tz Arietis


    Ship Type

    Commander Name
    Hole in Head

    There used to be a haz res near Snyder Enterprise in TZ Arietis. Now there's just a high and low res.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Go look at the res sites near Snyder Enterprise in TZ Arietis

    Additional files?

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    Oh well, why not destroying plans of players... Since beta I have some favoured stations and hunting ground, now they are gone.
    I really can't be bothered with looking where HAZ RES are near stations. So please.

    Does anybody know HAZ RES near a station, so I don't have to fly 20 minutes to HAZ RES and station and back? Would be great and I'm sure, many commanders would like to know too. Thank you.

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    Originally Posted by SledgeFox View Post (Source)
    Does anybody know HAZ RES near a station, so I don't have to fly 20 minutes to HAZ RES and station and back? Would be great and I'm sure, many commanders would like to know too. Thank you.
    Some of the HAZ RES listed here have the distance to the nearest station in the comments:

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    Oh my dear commanders, apologies for any frustration caused by

    What a slap in the face. No surprises really.

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    Could I get FDEV confirmation that the same algorithm changes that have shuffled HAZRES locations has also impacted compromised navigation beacons? I've noticed a number of sudden changes to CNB locations since the first server downtime following the 3.0 update, with no apparent change in the BGS that would account for all of them.

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    Thank you so much for your time MAIN SEQUENCE! Greatly appreciated! Rep added.

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    Originally Posted by Cyda View Post (Source)
    The HAZ RES sites in Iota Hydri have gone too. I've had this as a home system for years, so I hope these come back. I don't want to move!
    Same here. Been in Iota as a home base for years and prefer bounty hunting. Bring back out Haz sites!

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