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Thread: Can't use navigation panel after returning from SRV

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    Same here

    I'm getting this too. Always when transferring from the SRV to the ship.
    Exiting to the main menu and then Resuming the game fixes it.

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    I'm experiencing this every time i.e. 100%, after I've been roaming a planet in my SRV for resources, recall my ship, board and leave planet surface. Am unable to get anything out of Navigation Panel at all. Only solution I've got is to save, close game completely, then reload and then I get everything operational again. Rather annoying way to get game to function correctly.

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    Too much patience required

    I've found that if I wait until I'm back in open space (i.e. after all of the planetary approach data has disappeared from the HUD) before trying to open the Nav panel, it usually works properly. As always, your kilometerage may vary. Luck all.

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    I can verify this bug still exists too.

    Every time I use the SRV, boarding the ship then makes the nav panel completely unresponsive. I will do some further tests, but I thinkI it is related to having recalled the ship. I don't remember it happening when I have just driven back to the ship without breaching the 2km auto take off limit, or dismissing it manually.

    Although it is still possible to access the system and galaxy map via key bindings, it is a real problem if you need to request docking from a contact, as it just isn't possible!

    The only fix I have found is to exit to the menu and restart the game.

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    I am also encountering this and have been for quite some time.

    It doesn't matter if it's solo, group or open. No crew no wings, just landing to collect some materials. I do instantly dismiss ship, putz around for an hour or so, then recall... upon boarding, the left panel does not work.

    The one thing I think might be a pattern that I noticed the last time- I scanned a data point on a crashed satellite while putzing around shooting rocks. I believe this was also the case the time before that it happened.

    Perhaps when it populates the Transaction tab x3 with data rewards, this is what is breaking the side panel?

    A quick exit to main menu & return fixes it for me... so it's a low priority fix for me.

    Hope this helps!

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    Originally Posted by QA-Mitch View Post (Source)
    Hey nutbar,

    Thanks for the report.

    We've been unable to reproduce this issue on our end.

    If this happens again can you please try to get a video to assist in this investigation.
    I have also had this same issue. It's not only missions its during exploration. Spend some time doing resource collection, take out a couple of criminal skimmers, collect canisters and when I head back to ship and panel can not be interacted with. I have to save and exit them come back in to get its use again.

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    I have established that this happens if I

    1: Deploy the SRV
    2: Drive more than the 2km auto-dismiss limit, and the ship takes off.
    3: Recall the ship and board.

    Manually dismissing the ship prior to reaching the 2km limit does not produce the frozen nav panel.

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    I have been on an exploration trip the last two weeks or so and getting this glitch every time after I land. I land on a planet deploy SRV and on my way out dismiss ship. I search around for materials etc and I use my contacts panel in the SRV at times to either add to ignore list or to choose a specific material. On returning to the ship I find the left hand panel which was working fine in the SRV is now frozen. I cannot access the Galaxy/System maps or use the cursor. I can go between Nav- Contacts and the other header but get no response when clicking on them. Like others have said a solution is to exit to home screen and reload game. I am also getting the intermittent loss of the targeting arrows while collecting materials.

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    Frequently lose ability to navigate ship left menu pane after using SRV


    Most of the time (75%)

    Time of occurrence
    09:00 UCT

    Date of occurrence

    None / N/A



    Ship Type
    Federal Corvette

    Commander Name
    Backer #-12412

    I'm using a hat switch and buttons on my CH Fighterstick to navigate menus. After using the SRV then boarding my ship I soon lose the ability to navigate the left menu pane. I can still access the menu, but I cannot select anything to change tabs. I have to quit to main menu and then reenter the game to use my menus again.

    This bug bears a strong resemblance to the old "invisible button" to nowhere issue that used to happen with starport menus that was fixed back in ~2.4.

    Steps to Reproduce
    Bind menu navigation controls to a controller/joystick, use SRV for a while, utilizing all menus, then recall and board your ship. After boarding, or shortly after take off, see if you can still navigate the left menu pane.

    Additional files?

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    navigation bug


    All of the time (100%)

    Time of occurrence
    12.00 bst

    Date of occurrence



    Ship Type
    federal corvette

    when landing on a planet to use the srv and then returning to the ship it causes the left screen onboard the ship to freeze making you unable to request docking or access the galaxy map. this can be fixed by exiting to the menu and going back in.

    Steps to Reproduce
    1 land on planet
    2 get in the srv
    3 return to the ship
    4 issue occurs

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    There's another long thread about this somewhere in these bug reports.

    As a matter of interest, did you target materials using the left panel when in your SRV?

    If so, the issue does not occur if you return the left panel from Contacts to Navigation before you board your ship. It's a work around.

    I couldn't find the amalgamated thread to which I have contributed, but I was surprised to find an identical bug report going back to 2015 !

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    Yes, I frequently target materials with the left pane.

    Thanks for the workaround suggestion and the link.

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    Originally Posted by Spaceman Si View Post (Source)
    I have established that this happens if I

    1: Deploy the SRV
    2: Drive more than the 2km auto-dismiss limit, and the ship takes off.
    3: Recall the ship and board.

    Manually dismissing the ship prior to reaching the 2km limit does not produce the frozen nav panel.
    That is exactly what I did right now as this error occurred to me as well. I can confirm this happening.

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    Cannot use Navigation panel at all when landed


    Unsure if this is the correct thread but its a bug (appears to be one anyway) with the navigation screen (X + down arrow).
    Just bought a shiny new SRV and have tried on 3+ planets to take it out for a spin. When I go to deploy I cannot see all of the navigation screen - what is in fact happening when I look around in the cabin is the screen resolution in most screens have decreased considerably - front view appears to be ok but all the consoles decrease to have their resolution decreased so that the fonts are much larger and field of view is decreased considerably. When trying to deploy the SRV I can only see down as far as where you highlight the SRV - no buttons.
    When I am in flight, resolution is fine and when I look down at the navigation screen I can see the entire screen, "my" feet etc.
    It would appear when landed my screen resolution is automatically decreased. I have ensured that the field of view settings are at the highest in the options area - they weren't initially and thought that was causing the issue but no change.

    Whats interesting is I don't see anyone else in the forums being effected by this to the degree I am.


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    So...the thread below this is mine which I sent in yesterday...same issue. Whats saddens me the most is the date it was first reported...currently Im stuck on the planet and cant get onto my ship without self destructing the srv. The day started out fine, but the moment I touched down, the camera view went weird and I couldnt deploy srv at all.

    Left it fer half the day and logged in and all seemed fine...did anothe two missions, then on the third, guess what...Im stuck again and yet again the game is nigh on unplayable.

    Another day in elite...