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Thread: Here is a map of the Guardian site at HD 63154, B3a (updated)

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    Great thanks. I know there is a web page. I forget Cannon or Inara but it lists every Guardian structure and ruin and states whether or not active. Anyhow, I'm in my favourite place for picking up wreckage components and tech components right now and it's not going too bad. I am going for fixed size 3 guardian shard cannons. I went for turreted before, only to find they don't fire in turreted mode further than 500m away. I wish the Guardians had put that in the weapons instruction manual (English version).

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    Finding a landing site is not easy

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    Thanks heaps for the map. It's saved me probably a few extra hours of not getting lost. I found a parking spot that doesn't make your turret stow, which is handy.
    One question though, where would on find an Orb to scan the obelisks that require them?

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    [QUOTE=JetsonRING;6480190]I created this map of the Guardian site at HD 63154, B3a thinking it might be useful. Please note that as of 03/05/2018 it is as complete as I am going to try and make it unless CMDRs provide feedback and corrections.

    Thanks for the map, I sure could use some help from you pros. I only know about this location because I ran across the "Tutorial: Unlocking the Guardian FSD Booster" by CMDR Exigeous on YouTube. Sure, I want more jump range!

    So I've spent at least 3 hrs at the site, I've collected these Guardian mats:

    Power cells 60
    Power conduit 42
    Weapon parts 6
    Tech components 18
    Wreckage components 15

    As well as having 2 relics in my SRV hold, and I've got a bunch of caskets, urns and other stuff laying around the site. I've killed a bunch of sentinels. I've had to refill my SRV tank twice! So obviously I've covered the area pretty well. But I'll be damned if I can find the structure that lights up and raises the 2 towers, like in the vid.

    I've tried to get my bearings from the map but, well, I'm really bad at maps anyway, and can't seem to make sense of it. I am now sitting by a small metal structure that has 3 panels, and the middle one pulses w/blue light.

    Did I have to get a mission from someone before I came here to get the FSD blueprint? Can anyone help me get to the glory zone? It took me 22 jumps from my home base to get here, I really don't want to give up. Take pity on a hapless explorer.

    (on a side note: how in the world did anyone figure out where this planet is and what they needed to do to get the blueprint in the first place? Is there an in-game explanation or info area to learn this stuff? If I hadn't run across the YouTube vid I never would have known about it)

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