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Thread: Here is a map of the Guardian site at HD 63154, B3a (updated)

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    Originally Posted by JetsonRING View Post (Source)
    I do not remember but according to a post I just read, HD 63154, b3a gives module blueprint and a guardian site at Col 173 Sector QU-O d6-25 gives weapon blueprints. The wreckage components are obtained from the Guardian sentinels you shoot down though it is RNG which sentinel materials you get from any given sentinel.
    Ive had highest drop of wreckage components at HD 63154 in comparison to other places.

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    Great thanks. I know there is a web page. I forget Cannon or Inara but it lists every Guardian structure and ruin and states whether or not active. Anyhow, I'm in my favourite place for picking up wreckage components and tech components right now and it's not going too bad. I am going for fixed size 3 guardian shard cannons. I went for turreted before, only to find they don't fire in turreted mode further than 500m away. I wish the Guardians had put that in the weapons instruction manual (English version).

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    Finding a landing site is not easy

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