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Wait. After clearing your save you accessed and outfitted the Corvette within a month?... I must be doing something wrong. How do you rank/credit grind that quickly?
*good 6 weeks to be exact.

With the release of the 3.0 reward choices the Sothis/Ceos rep grind made it possible to go from Rank None to Admiral in less than 6 in-game hours, with a similar rep grind possible in another two systems I can't remember the names of for the Imp Ranks (which took only about 4 hours to reach King). That also gained me around 60-70 million credits in the process. The rest of the ~200 million budget (using discounts of course!) I already had from my 35k Ly nebula tour I had done two weeks prior, plus some other delivery missions and a bit of bounty hunting. Including the exploration tour, took approx. a good 150 in-game hours until I was in the corvette as I never anticipated unlocking one originally. If I had gone straight for the corvette from the start of that save, then <40h for sure (do the rank grind, then the road to riches for example). Unfortunately grinding the ranks isn't that quick anymore AFAIK.

Mind you, that's "grinding" the game to unlock content based on my previous ~900 hours of game play experience on my prior CMDR save, as well as having a lot of time on my hands.