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Thread: [Girlfriend Trouble] Whoops!

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    Originally Posted by Stigbob View Post (Source)
    Mrs Stigbob appreciates me gaming as it stops me sitting on the sofa incessantly complaining about the shallow and brainless things she likes to watch on TV, the only programs we ever agree on have David Attenborough presenting them.

    Many years ago she did have a moan about me gaming, but stopped after I pointed out I play games much less than she watches telly.

    Are you sure games are actually the problem or could it be an "I'm in charge" thing ?.
    my wife never complains, and i know I need to divide the attention, sometimes she even tells me to go play my little games, because i'm annoying
    However we can't tell you what to do, you're in command here, you know what it will be like, the question is more if you can live with it, whatever you decide?

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    Originally Posted by Lysander lysan View Post (Source)
    sometimes she even tells me to go play my little games, because i'm annoying
    You are a cunning

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    Originally Posted by Patrick_68000 View Post (Source)
    You are a cunning

    LOL well it’s not on purpose.

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    Originally Posted by Lysander lysan View Post (Source)
    LOL well it’s not on purpose.
    And in more a liar !

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    Really, if shes that manipulative kick her to the kerb. Were you to put such ultimatums to her it would count as domestic abuse, so why should you put up with her abusing you.

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    My cousin doesn't do ultimatums. Some years back a married couple who were his friends divorced. He remained friends with them both, and remained neutral. Then she gave him the ultimatum that he could only be friends with one of them. His response was along the lines of "Well, it was nice knowing you".

    Some years later she has re-joined the fold of his friends (although the friendship can never be how it was in the past), and she actually respects him for his attitude.

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    Originally Posted by CMDR_Cosmicspacehead View Post (Source)
    That makes sense.
    When both my girlfriend and I wasn't too well, I slept on the sofa, and she slept in bed, so our constant coughing didn't keep eachother awake.

    We both actually slept better than normal, and carried on for a while after we got better.
    She also likes the house much warmer than I do, so sleeping downstairs where it's cooler is nice...

    It also didn't help that our new sofa is more comfortable than the really old bed, so I wanted to stay down there for that too.

    Also, I didn't play games at all today (my day off alone).
    I spent most of it editing my third video. Then recovering my third video after Lightworks broke it.
    It was very productive... Sort of!
    Well, as they say, proof is in the pudding. Show us this pudding of yours. Both of you in a selfie is acceptable, we're gentlemen and just care for you both.

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    Mrs Rob appreciates my time spent on my Flight Sim as she says I could land the plane if we were to get into trouble when going on holiday. Nothing to do with my encouragement of this theory - Elite is like an advanced Flight Sim (I say).

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    If you are hiding 1000 hours of your hobby, it isn't a healthy relationship. And that point is true regardless of "side".

    I don't think she is fair in demanding you give up gaming, but I don't you are being fair when making promises and hiding your quite substantial gaming behind her back either.

    I'd say either you two should talk it out and get some compromise going, or you should probably not be together. That doesn't mean that either of you are a bad person, but not all people are healthy for each-other even if they are decent people.

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    Sounds like you have both made poor choices, OP

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