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Thread: Evochron Legacy: Is it worth it?

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    Without wanting to turn this into a Evochron vs ED flame war, I would just like to add that Evochron also has:

    - Completely Seamless transitions between space and planets, and different flight models for planetary flight, where pressure, gravity, etc all affect flight much more noticeable (including atmospheric re-entry). Also, when flying on planets, you can't just "hover", you will fall down if flying at less than the necessary speed to keep airborne.

    - A much better cockpit/hud with much more visible information while still feeling much less cluttered than ED's (although I like ED's side panels).

    - The actual flying a spaceship part is much more involving than ED. On the other side of things, I really hate that you never really "dock" / land on stations or cities, you just fly into a squarey area where the ship is frozen in place and station / base menus pop up.

    - It fixed long ago things like "artificial ligthing at the dark side of panets to make gameplay easier/possible". It has no artificial lighting, period. Dark side of planets are dark. But can toggle night vision on for a green tinted vision mode.

    Originally Posted by dreamer1986 View Post (Source)
    So many positive thoughts about the game, awesome . I don't know if I can wait for a sale now, I might get it sooner
    Download the demo from their website.

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    Originally Posted by dreamer1986 View Post (Source)
    So many positive thoughts about the game, awesome . I don't know if I can wait for a sale now, I might get it sooner
    be prepared...the game requires a steep learning curve.

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    Originally Posted by dreamer1986 View Post (Source)
    So many positive thoughts about the game, awesome . I don't know if I can wait for a sale now, I might get it sooner
    You could try the '2 hour steam refund' window, but if the demo allows you a better window I'd suggest going there. Maybe wait for the Steam Easter Sale.

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    You made me too curious and started playing the demo from the Dev Site. I started with the training and its overwhelming how many options there are, I am really impressed with the HUD. The graphics aren't that bad, I somewhat like them, considering it looks much better than how all the games looked when I started gaming 15+ years ago

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    One of the good things about the Evochron games is that they are what they say they are. The question is it worth it?, in this case is not complicated by having to work out if the game really is pushing itself to be something other than what it is for some rea$on, as so many games these days do.
    The demo provides a bit of hands-on and the description of how the gameplay pans out in the long run is to be trusted.

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    Don't compare Evochron to ED...

    You should not compare Evocron to ED, you should compare it to Star Citizen. See what one guy and and few volunteers can do as opposed to Chris Roberts, hundreds of employees, 4 or is it 5 studios, and $178 million and counting... Jpegs vs an actual playable game. His fourth no less.

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    I also like it because there is a single player and the ability to play it 'off-line'. Something that seems to be getting forgotten in games.

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    I played and very much enjoyed it before Elite came out and I assume a lot has been done since then. One thing I never really liked were the surface installations with no collision detection (you could literally "fly through"). Is this still the case?

    He's (at least was) using some sort of altered game specialized Basic (forgot the name) as development tool. It always was quite obvious that this would have its limits. Absolutely stunning though what he (Vice) squeezed out from it.

    Also, when I started playing this game it was still in some sort of beta state and collision detection at space stations was very sharp: a small mistake, a tiny scratch and your ship went boom! I liked that very much but this part went the way all multiplayer games go over time and was vastly trivialized. From then on space stations felt like harmless soft-rubber buildings. I found this very disappointing. PVE dog fighting scripts lacked variation (again: at this time, must be about 5 years ago) and the game was (is?) P2P like ED but not brokered by a central server, just the classic P2P approach. So while some people argue whether ED is a true MMO this one is clearly not. It's just a singleplayer game with same very basic multiplayer functionality.

    This was widely a one-man show by a man called Vice (IIRC) while at some point he stated to also have had assistance. He's an awesome guy, very helpful, friendly and - competent, especially when it comes to bug fixing. I'll never forget how we were tracking down a really nasty bug of the sort of "sometimes occurs somewhere". Extremely tricky to nail down but he did it!

    I'll always have fond memories for this game...

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    Originally Posted by picommander View Post (Source)
    From what I've seen on the Steam page a lot of improvements were added in by Vice in the last few years, a couple major ones every year and the latest improving graphics in January this year.

    It seems like the developer put in a lot of time and effort into making this into a great space game, and I can see that from the demo.

    The only aspect that puzzles me is the fact that so few people play it... On steam charts I see 12 peak player in the last 30 days. If its such a good game, that a lot of people praise, why don't more people play it?

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    Originally Posted by dreamer1986 View Post (Source)
    The only aspect that puzzles me is the fact that so few people play it... On steam charts I see 12 peak player in the last 30 days. If its such a good game, that a lot of people praise, why don't more people play it?
    Because it's no MMO?
    But in all love and so unfair a direct comparison would be, objectively it can't really match up to ED.
    All depends on your personal preferences of course. It certainly has it's own appeal in certain aspects.
    I would expect it magnitudes more bug free than ED will ever be.

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    Thanks for bringing this game up again, I had forgotten that I had actually bought it... Just now started it, two days ago. I played Evochron Mercenary somewhat few years ago, but this is something else! I have now played EL twelve hours and starting to get familiar with mechanics, it is fantastic game and has ton's of stuff I wish ED had... Not going to replace ED in a long run (for me that is), but definitely puts things in perspective and makes you think why some basic stuff, like more varied missions and some basic hud elements (velocity vector) for faoff flying are so hard to make in ED... And EL is so similar to Elite that you just can't play it without making direct comparisons.

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    Originally Posted by dreamer1986 View Post (Source)
    Actually, from what I've read, the developer is working on improving the graphics right now. In the latest patch he added improved textures, new very high graphics settings, new shaders. While this is great, I'm more interested in the gameplay aspect, if its fun, I don't really care if its slower paced, or not very "pretty".
    This is the space sim I played for over two years before ED. I would recommend it especially considering the push to improve graphics and other stuff. This ^^ is good news and will crank mine up today to get the latest update.

    Its not ED. Its universe is much more limited. But it has other things that make it a great game and you'll see my past comments and comparisons throughout this forum.

    I much prefer the flight model. Its not pure Newtonian by any means but they did not nerf Newtonian to the degree ED has.
    You can't see your crew (or yourself for that matter) but you can hire crew that makes your ship perform better in some respects or adds capabilities to your ship. Crews are only available for commercial ships; pure combat ships only have a pilot (no crew).
    It has seamless planet landings but the structures are a bit primitive graphically. (maybe part of the upgrades)
    You can build some impressive installation on planet and in space (I spent quite a while last year building big stations - somewhat tedious and takes practice placing modules)
    You can craft weapons. You can ship weapons and sell them.
    You can customize ships by adding different equipment modules and you can change the ships proportions to get different looks (kind of unique imho)
    It has jump gates that, once mastered, can allow you to move across the EvoVerse fairly quickly
    There are many other aspects of Evochron that make it a great space sim imho but it would take a w.o.t. to describe.

    There are always bad with good.
    The lack of players if you want to play PvP.
    The small size of the Evochron universe compared to ED is somewhat of an issue if you are into exploration
    Outdated graphics (sounds like they are working on this)

    I'm going to launch it off and may have other comments later.
    I recommend you Try the free trial.

    GL HF

    Edit: I launched EL after I wrote this. I already had the latest update from late last year. I went to the forums and read about the future changes. I thought there was an update based on what I read here but not yet. Patience is a virtue they say so I'll just keep engineering stuff in ED for now. Have a nice day

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    Thanks for the great summary! Looks like I'm not up to date anymore with Evochron, building structures e.g. is new to me. I don't want to play it right now (still too addicted by EDH) but it's on my radar again.

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    Thank you for the summary as well, Hank. So the graphics patch isn't released yet, but he plans to do it in the near future? Good to know.

    Edit: But I see on the front page in Steam on the 8th of January this year this: "Version 1.0788 includes the following improvements:

    - Civilian ship textures updated for more vivid coloring.
    - Asteroid normal mapping updated for improved detail and light response.
    - Shaders adjusted to reduce upper contrast levels under bright light conditions.
    - 'Very High' option added for Effects Detail to expand available/selectable range.
    - 'Very High' option added for Terrain Detail to provide optional higher texture detail for planets.
    - 'Very High' texture detail mode added to provide double detail level above 'High' for certain objects...."

    So at least a part of the graphics patch is released, but maybe there is more coming.

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    I played evo:mercenary years ago and enjoyed it.
    Recently tried legacy, and had trouble getting into it. I think my biggest issue was the flight model. I've grown too accustomed to the ED flight model. Evo:legacy feels like steering a bus filled with water, just way too much over oversteering. The thrusters feel too quick and powerful for me.
    Plus I've never been one to play multiple similar games at the same time. I'll just pick the one i like better and stick with that. Which in this case is currently ED.

    Though it is crazy impressive that one developer was able to build this.

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