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Thread: Frontier LIED to us!

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    Originally Posted by Maka Gucci View Post (Source)
    Steam, we get 0 Achievements for some reason.
    FDev haven't explained why, but my guess is that if they implemented achievements for Steam, Frontier would have to comb their databases to give people all their achievements retroactively, which is quite a bit of work.

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    Pre 3.0 when there were still local news articles from local system outlets in the station services panel, i was in lp 98-123 and one of the factions was in an outbreak state.
    I got a couple of biohazard missions to eliminate religious figures and the local system news referenced "alien parasites" as the cause of the outbreak. It said the victims did not seem to be adversely affected.
    I suppose being infected by them is a kind of interaction. I really miss the local system news, there was some creative stuff in there that added color, drama, and context.

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    For all we know there is a method of non-combat oriented interaction. We just haven't found it yet.

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    Originally Posted by Deekin Scalesinger View Post (Source)
    I havent interacted with a single thargoid yet... Meh.. just more combat stuff. Enough of this in the game already.
    Agree. I have no interest in "interacting" (read "scan-sample-shoot") with a thargoid as long as the only method of interaction is to shoot things at it. If there's a com-link probe or something later on, then I might be interested. Perhaps talk a thargoid into a trade agreement?

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