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    Anyone who knows when their amazing site will update to 3.0?

    To you who made it: I love you!

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    i see some beta or something with new engineering system but i cant find it anymore. You have left panel and drag and drop modules into ship. Someone know what it was?

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    There seem to be at least 4 versions currently around: coriolis, beta.coriolis, coriolis.edcd and beta.coriolis.edcd. Gets confising if, at one time or another, you had opened all of them in your browser, and then you realize that the builds you designed in one of them aren't available in any of the others...

  4. #4 seems to be the latest one, dating from 1st of March. This one has the size 6 slot on the Chieftain, at least.

    The reason why you can't see your builds in other webapps very likely is that the builds are stored in the browser's LocalStorage, and that's bound to the URL.


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    Originally Posted by TheLawful View Post (Source) seems to be the latest one, dating from 1st of March. This one has the size 6 slot on the Chieftain, at least.
    That's the one I'm currently using now because of the Chieftain, however a number of the Effects aren't all updated for the modules and seems they might be still the old Experimental Effects.

    I was actually just about to post what is the current one, but saw this post was already done. I'm not a fan of EDShipyard, but I do like the newest layout a lot more, but still would rather use Coriolis if I can as all my ships are still under that format and exported already and I don't want to manually update the entire fleet all over again using EDShipyard.

    I did read something that Coriolis wasn't being maintained anymore according to ( However this was posted back in Jan and the link is to the older version not the new Beta one with the Chieftain in it.

    So yes it's very confusing what is going on with Coriolis right now and what's the best option. Too bad EDShipyard doesn't allow importing the old export file from Coriolis at all (unless they do and I missed seeing that?).​..

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    Looks like it is being maintained byt the EDCD community?

    From the About section:
    This is a clone of the Coriolis project, whose original author is currently unable to maintain it. This clone is maintained by the EDCD community.

    Does anyone have problems with the rebuy being off?

    My rebuy for my AspX is 680,900cr with ins at 96% but both edshipyard and coriolis say it should be 874,376cr amd I can't fpr the life of me figure out why?