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Thread: Update 3.0.3

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    Update 3.0.3

    Hello everyone,

    We are taking the galaxy servers down now for the 3.0.3 update which will bring improvements and correct various issues on all platforms. We do not have an estimated time when the servers will be back online but we'll communicate here and on our social media channels when they are. See the changelog below.

    Not only are we bringing numerous fixes to bugs and crashes, but also an improvement to gameplay mechanics, as detailed below by lead designer, Sandro Sammarco.

    In regard to Power Bounties, this is a short-term solution to allow us to continue to work on further fixes without hindering the PowerPlay experience. We'll have more information for you as soon as possible.

    Once again, thank you all for your continued positive and constructive feedback. Your bug reports and support allows us to continually improve Elite Dangerous.

    Outfitting of ‘Hot’ Ships

    We’re changing the crime system when it comes to ‘hot’ ships.

    The reason for this is that the system of cleaning ‘hot’ modules in storage was creating an unfair punishment, where commanders were removing modules from ‘hot’ ships that only had small bounties on them and then discovered that the cost for cleaning ‘hot’ modules was dramatically more expensive!

    From 3.0.3 you will no longer be able to access outfitting at any port whilst in a ‘hot’ ship, thus you will not be able to make any load-out changes. You’re required to first clean the ship by paying off fines and bounties issued against it. Outfitting services will then be restored.

    It’s worth noting that we will automatically clean ‘hot’ modules in storage when we deploy this update.

    We feel this change simplifies the rules even more and prevents players from paying unnecessary amounts of credits.

    Power Bounties

    Power bounties are supposed to be an incentive for consensual PvP during PowerPlay activities. They are meant to provide credits to players claiming them, whilst not punishing players they are issued against (such as no anonymous access protocols, no detention centre respawning and no increased transfer costs). They’re also meant to last until claimed or you leave the power. Basically, when you get one, it’s just some extra money stuck on your head that opposing power players can claim when they kill you.

    Unfortunately, Power Bounties seem to be triggering some of the punishments that normal bounties do, and are not always being removed when you leave a Power. As an interim fix, we are allowing Interstellar Factors to clear Power Bounties, while we investigate the issues.

    We’re also aware of an issue with the Top 5 Bounty Boards and are looking into it!



    • Fixed glitching effect triggering incorrectly on COVAS
    • Fixed an issue where interstellar bounty audio lines would play incorrectly on subsequent bounties

    Background Sim

    • Fix blackmarket availability from stations that changed ownership when their controlling faction retreated from their starsystem

    Controls & Control Devices

    • Fixed a bug that mapped the headlook motion control yaw axis to the pitch axis for DualShock4 on PS4
    • Fixed some double-bound buttons for the T Flight HOTAS One and 4


    • Fixed an issue where players were unable to pay off a fine they had received in their SRV after transferring back to their ship
    • Fixed ATR response not resetting upon ship destruction
    • The Kill Warrant Scanner grants a license to kill for any faction bounty linked to the current jurisdiction’s superpower
    • Outfitting is now locked for players in Hot Ships, even in jurisdictions where they are not directly wanted. All currently stored modules will be cleaned
    • A player’s own Power Bounties no longer cause their legal status to appear as 'Wanted' or increase their local bounty in their own cockpit
    • Attacking Wanted ships (player or NPC) is now legal even if the player does not know they are Wanted
    • Fixed an issue where Superpower bounties would be displayed with incorrect values
    • Fixed an issue where players were not forced to pay certain fines/bounties when respawning at a Detention Centre
    • All bounties detected with the Kill Warrant Scanner are claimed when the ship is destroyed
    • Superpower bounties are issued once a ship has bounties in 5 or more factions affiliated with a superpower
    • Destroyed ships will be recovered by the faction controlling the jurisdiction, or the faction controlling the port they were last docked at where possible
    • Factions that recover destroyed ships will check for criminal debts and deport the player to the nearest detention centre to pay them
    • NPCs have a chance to be affiliated with factions from nearby systems, and a smaller chance to be from further afield
    • Wanted NPCs may have secondary bounties issued by factions from other systems


    • Adjusted the text layout in the Convert Modified Module UI to prevent it from being cut off
    • Fixed an issue where the Guardian Power Plant could be Engineered

    Galaxy Map/System Map

    • Fixed the Galaxy Map filter configuration selection not persisting on subsequent re-openings of the Galaxy Map
    • Fixed an issue where the System Map displayed unpopulated systems with a security level of Low instead of Anarchy
    • Fixed Influence levels in the System Map not totalling 100

    Holo-Me Creator

    • Fixed some pilot helmets not matching the suit colour you are using


    • Fixed some of the Guardian Sites having a different layout since the 3.0 update
    • Fixed a pylon that could not be scanned at a Guardian Site
    • Fixed an issue where some Guardian Codices only displayed when in a group


    • Balance pass on wing delivery and collect missions
    • Skimmers only spawn when you are in an SRV
    • While in a ship, approaching Settlements where Skimmers are spawned will trigger the crime of trespass
    • Fixed assassination missions showing players the target mission system prematurely
    • Adjusted reputation reward numbers to balance Superpower progression speed
    • Fixed some missions offering the requested cargo as a reward after handing it over
    • Collect missions will no longer give out rewards which are wanted by collect missions from the same station
    • Changes made to make Massacre Missions spawn more reliably
    • Superpower Rank-up Missions have been moved to the Follow On Missions section to make them easier to find
    • Fixed an issue where factions could send players on Spec Ops missions to their own systems
    • Players can no longer delete Wing Mission Reward messages until the reward has been claimed
    • Increased the payouts for bulk passenger Missions
    • Smuggling and altruism missions will now correctly display the rewarded amount of influence and reputation
    • Fixed an issue that could cause Ram Tah missions to expire too early


    • Fixed a softlock that could occur when attempting to use the Multi-Crew tab in the Comms Panel after leaving a wing

    Player Journal

    • Fixed the TechnologyBroker event mixing up Commodities and Materials
    • Server synchronised time is now used for Journal timestamps
    • Fixed the Status.json flag for lights when in the SRV
    • All economy types are now listed in cases where a station has several
    • More information is included about Wing Cargo Delivery missions
    • Fixed the ‘fuel scooping’ flag in status.json
    • Fixed the ‘low fuel’ flag in status.json when in an SRV


    • PowerPlay bounties can be paid off at Interstellar Factors

    Ships & SRV

    General Ship Fixes and Improvements

    • Fixed an issue whereby you could not retract your ship’s landing gear after dying in an SRV
    • Fixed an issue where players were sometimes unable to rebuy their ship after disconnecting when dying
    • Improved the field of fire on a Large Turreted Weapons when equipped to the Large Hardpoint

    Alliance Chieftain

    • Fixed Chieftain cockpit hit region being oversized


    • Fixed an issue whereby re-logging when driving an SRV could lead to issues boarding your ship


    • Fixed a symmetry issue with the Pulse Paintjob

    Stability Fixes

    • Fixed a UI crash in the missions screen that could occur when using various filters
    • Fixed a crash that could occur when transitioning between locations
    • Fixed a crash that could occur during a Multi-Crew session if the player’s ship is destroyed
    • Fixed a crash that could occur in systems with no factions

    User Interface

    • Updated the Interstellar Factors’ name in the System Map to preserve consistency
    • Re-instated the decimal place on the stats page and the system map and changed the value format accordingly
    • The Materials Ignore List automatically ignores any materials which the player does not have the capacity to collect
    • Fixed mining fragments not displaying the material percentage when selected
    • Fixed total earnings in commander stats when selling pages of exploration data


    • Fixed Sidewinder hull panels rendering incorrectly when viewed from inside the cockpit

    Weapons & Modules

    • Added an extra decimal point to the display of power plant heat rate to allow small changes to be seen

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    Wait wait... is that comms panel UI bug not fixed? Or just not listed?

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    Sweeet! More improvements coming :-)

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    please fix wing issues one day

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    thanks for the work will see what happens :-)

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    OOOO wow just what we want more crime and punishment how wonderful

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    On the KWS we were promised

    Originally Posted by Sandro Sammarco View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders!

    Just to make sure everyone gets this info I'm posting it here for reference.

    The Kill Warrant Scanner as of launch works by detecting the single highest non local bounty.

    In a couple of weeks an update will change functionality to the following:

    * The Kill Warrant scanner will detect every bounty from every system faction in every system.
    * It will grant a license to kill if it detects a bounty matching the same superpower as the current jurisdiction.
    * It will prevent reputation loss except against criminal faction ships.
    * NPC ships will be able to have bounties from faction in different systems (favouring nearby systems, but potentially any faction).

    We seem to be getting only

    "The Kill warrant scanner grants a license to kill for any faction bounty linked to the current jurisdiction’s superpower"

    unless the patch notes are incomplete?

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    We'd gotten affirmation that the turret bug was acknowledged and you had all you needed to fix it. Did that NOT get included in this update? Are Anaconda turrets (specifically the large ones) going to remain bugged?

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    Thanks for the update. Top stuff.

    CMDR Justinian Octavius

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    Glad you noticed the chieftains paper mache’ canopy, can you advise that the issues with the comms panel are fixed plz ??

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    Any word on the return of faction news in the stations? As in, where an expansion has gone and whatnot?
    That is a great loss for BGS players and we desperately need it back...hope it comes back soon

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    Nice work folks!


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    Whats the score with turreted weapons wonking out all over the place. Are they fixed ?

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    Does Ctrl+F and Ctrl+B work again? Asking for a friend...

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