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Thread: Crash Crash

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    I've worked with Dell, Frontier upport, and Oculus support but nothing has changed. ED crashes roughly every five minutes. Dell support carried out a complete fresh reinstall of Windows and all required drivers but the problem still persists. Every possible diagnostic test has been run and passed. Time to admit defeat and move on to something else.

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    send back occ and get a vive pro maybe, dear oh dear!
    and there was me thinking the rift was supported.................................................

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    Hey Green,

    Please do get in touch with us via Ticket if you haven't already: as we'll be happy to provide further assistance if we can.

    If you've already created a ticket, please do get back to us and we'll do our best to help!

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    Game keeps crashing. Mostly when im in a station.
    Started a fiew days ago.
    Got HTC vive, but not using it when it happens.
    Today i so far had 4 crashes.

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    Hi Microwar,

    I'm sorry to hear you also appear to be having an issue utilising VR on Elite Dangerous,
    If you are also still having an issue I would strongly suggest sending us a support ticket here: as we are always happy to help and will hopefully get you a swift solution.

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    Not using the VR when the crashes happens.
    Only software i have running is steam and voice attack.

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    Green_Grass- I noticed in your new DxDiag that Win 10 has some older, legacy low-level chipset drivers in play which I've had some problems on more modern systems with these.

    For yuks, try the chipset drivers on Dell's support site. URL:

    The direct link to the chipset drivers is:

    If you can run this, reboot (even if it doesn't tell you so) and re-run DxDiag, we might have a few more things to try.

    EDIT- Also, there is a new BIOS marked "Urgent" so ensure you have this too. Be careful if not though as an unstable system flashing a new BIOS can render it inoperable, so use caution if your BIOS is older and you wish to attempt to flash the new BIOS.

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