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Thread: Sirius Inc has been attacked by thargoids, which were lured to Irandan by AEGIS

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    Sirius Inc has been attacked by thargoids, which were lured to Irandan by AEGIS

    This is an emergency broadcast.
    Glazkov Terminal, a tourism station owned and operated by Sirius Inc, has been unexpectedly attacked by thargoids. Most station services will be offline while rescue operations take place. The Pilots Federation has already deployed an Emergency Rescue Megaship.
    This attack came just 48 hours after Aegis sent the Acropolis megaship to Irandan, along with an Eagle Eye. Aegis has used this Eagle Eye to lure thargoids to the system.
    This is the third attack we suffer from the thargoids (the other 2 being 42 n Persei and Hyades Sector AB-W B2-2), and in these cases our stations contained Aegis labs (which we couldn't hack into before the attack).
    To Sirius Inc, this is just further proof that Aegis is not a friend of humanity. They claim to be studying the thargoids and that may well be true, but they are so twisted in their mindset that they don't mind luring thargoids to attack civilian stations. Who knows where they'll hit next?
    Therefore, Sirius Inc, and with us the whole power of Galcop, declares Aegis enemies of humanity, and will shun anyone who has friendly deeds with them. We can't ignore the traitors of humanity and their actions.
    End of transmission

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    AEGIS using some sort of method to mark systems? Yeah, that's my working theory as well.

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    AEGIS has their own agenda in mind; any aid humanity gains from their endeavors is just coincidental. War is good for business, and AEGIS is in the business of selling you the weapons you must use to kill the enemies they are antagonizing into your home system.

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    Is this another 'happened when the servers were offline' type story? #boring

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    Like Cerberus from the mass effect storyline...seems to be an awful lotta similarities here...just sayin ^

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    Well on the bright side, nobody can complain about a lack of high profit A-B-A trucking routes this week.

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    Is this an actual thing or just the OP's own personal RP?

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    Originally Posted by akaliel View Post (Source)
    Is this an actual thing or just the OP's own personal RP?
    Thargoid Thursday - another station got hit in exactly the same way as the previous ones with exactly the same voice over guy on the PA system.

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    Serves Sirius right, their head guy Marco should be executed for pre-mat broker war crimes against my fellow CMDRs.

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    Originally Posted by akaliel View Post (Source)
    Is this an actual thing or just the OP's own personal RP?
    Thargoid attacks had previously only been on Aegis labs in stations, they wiped out all the labs (hence why we haven't had any further attacks) A station owned by Sirius corp has now been attacked, strange thing is Aegis predicted the attack.

    All just part of the background story and general fluff, it is blatantly obvious that Aegis are dodgy. They pay good money tho...

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    Isnt sirius inc a beneficiary from war? I was buying it until i saw his pink hat. Some kinda ruse.

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    Stop spreading false information based on a bug that got fixed with 3.0.

    Black Flight ships are not connected to Aegis. That they got shown as Aegis before 3.0 was a bug.

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    If it was Aegis’ fault, then their assets in the system would’ve been attacked as well. Were they?

    If not, then I’d say this is evidence that the Thargoids are anti-humanity, not anti-Aegis, but I’m sure the tinfoil nutjobs will find some way to put a spin on it.

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    Knowing that Thargoid attacks happen every Thursday, and that two or three stations that were fully operational before the weekly update will be replaced with a stock "Thargoid Devastated" version after is really, really lazy and a missed opportunity for some depth of gameplay.

    There's no chance to repel the attack, with a blast sent to every player in the game in every mode saying "THARGOID ATTACK IN PROGRESS - SYSTEM XYZ, BLAHBLAH STATION," allowing everyone who receives the message to jump in system to try and save the day, with an epic battle in the space surrounding a station. Even if that's impractical, there's no setup even for a day long event, whereby responding CMDRs could rack up combat bonds in NHSS, and if the number of Bugs exterminated reaches a certain level the attack is thwarted.

    It can't even be done outside of the maintenance window on Thursdays. The targeted systems are designated before the update, the update is applied, and when the servers come back online the attack is done. The assets are swapped out, and it's the same rescue scenario that's been playing out the same way ever since the first station attack months ago.

    Like many other aspects of Elite: Dangerous, it could be so much more...

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    Is there plenty of junk floating about in that station?

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