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Thread: ED Recon: an EDMC plugin for traders and bounty hunters in Elite: dangerous

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    I'm looking for folks who could help with translating EDR's messages in other languages.
    Reply to this thread or send me a private message if you are interested.

    Note: I'm taking care of French and already got help for German.

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    This is great! I'm signing up for this.

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    Download: see latest release.
    New features:
    - Internationalization of the code: French 100% done, German partially done. Chime on this issue if you want to help with any language.
    - Show Power Allegiance from Inara in Intel
    - Support for Wanted Cmdr pledged to an enemy power (LegalStatus = "WantedEnemy")
    - Support for recon data involving SLF

    Bug fixes:
    - Fixed crash with stale legal records
    - Fixed server rejecting query for cmdr with a hash in their name

    Known issue:
    - EDR's UI in EDMC 3.0.2 has a weird layout but is fixed in EDMC 3.0.3.

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    I am sent the info to get a login for more testing.. so that I can have access to the other commands.. unless this is not available yet? Can you please confirm.

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    Hi Braxhunter,

    I did receive your request and was trying to reach you out.
    I only had your cmdr name so I was waiting for us to be online at the same time but it didn't happen.
    I'll send you a pm.

    Update about EDR:
    - the next version will feature realtime alerts for outlaws / wanted commanders. Getting close!
    - after that the plan is to start looking into proper support for Powerplay PvP.

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    v0.7.7 is out
    New feature: realtime alerts for sighted outlaws.

    Other improvements: includes the latest version of EDMCOverlay which is much snappier! Thanks to Ian Norton.

    Download it now!

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