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Thread: Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

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    EDSM routinely knows about < 1% of the system traffic that is shown in game (EDSM displays traffic in a system so you can compare). So < 1% of players are uploading data.

    And < 100% of players who are uploading have that plugin.

    So tell me again how a plugin that measures kills from < 1% of players is ever going to give good data - it's only purpose is to display top 10 CMDRs for the lolz AFAIK.

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    Originally Posted by Factabulous View Post (Source)
    Seems HR 784 and Argestes targets, Interceptors in Argestes

    This week we had loss in UGP 145 win in Agastani.
    Is it just interceptors in Argestes? Iíd like to test a new anti-interceptor build on my AXaconda, but itíll probably be terrible against scouts.

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    In Argestes NHSS 3-8

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    Historically, in the bubble if you find interceptors they're still accompanied by a few (4) scouts.

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