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Thread: Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

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    Eagle eye messages change on Thargsday, IIRC!

    Originally Posted by Oaktree View Post (Source)
    No, you get the 100k as a bonus when you help clear the first wave of scouts. Not before. It is usually credited before the interceptors come in.
    Good to know, I wondered myself.

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    Originally Posted by TheOriginalB View Post (Source)
    Very interesting! If you check the Galaxy map, what is the system state for that system? (I'm many time zones behind you and can't check right now.)
    EE3 has HIP 21167
    EE4 has kekenk

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    Originally Posted by Hossi View Post (Source)
    EE3 has HIP 21167
    EE4 has kekenk
    Nice spot!

    Edit: What we've seen before is systems get tagged by EE, then on the next afternoon (around 15:00 game-time) they go infested. Or they may just go. or they may not bother (like on Thursday).

    I wonder if a tweet I sent earlier has had a response then

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    Okay, I'm once through them all
    EE1 has Kekenk
    EE2 has Muracing
    EE3 has HIP 21167
    EE4 has Kekenk
    EE5 has Muracing
    EE6 has HIP 21167

    Gonna look if anything is going on there

    Edit: NHSS confirmed in all three systems

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    Targets this week :

    Incursions (AX CZ)
    HIP 2843
    HR 1172

    Infestation (NHSS)
    HIP 21167

    Numbers of NHSS seem very low so far.

    Eagle Eye:
    EE1 has Kekenk
    EE2 has Muracing
    EE3 has HIP 21167
    EE4 has Kekenk
    EE5 has Muracing
    EE6 has HIP 21167

    Found by Hossi this week

    Warning: Try and not be in the Infested / Incursion systems on Thargsday for the server restart - CMDRs have reported CtD issues otherwise.

    * Thargoids first Infest a system, if the Infection is not fought then they begin an Incursion, and we lose stations until the incursion is repelled.
    * Infested and Infested systems can be seen in the Galmap left panel. Sometimes the system also switches allegiance to the Thargoids (not always). It's worth checking a system is still Infested / Incursed before travel, as they change through the week.
    * There is a galmap filter to help find Incursion systems (there is no filter for Infested)
    * Incursion systems : fight in the AX CZ until they are no longer listed in Galnet
    * Infested Systems : are saved by kills in the target systems- each kill counts the same, so a Scout is as useful as an Interceptor. Bonds do not matter.
    * NHSS will be found in systems within 20 Ly of target, the systems are not being targeted for attack - you can kill Thargoids from them, but it won't help save any systems.
    * You can also find NHSS all over the Pleiades - within about 166 Ly of Merope, but it won't help save any systems.
    * And you can get (bugged) missions from the Aegis megaships to kill Thargoids, but they also don't count to save systems unless the destination system for the mission is also a target this week.
    * Infested Targets are found via a weekly search for nhss in possible target systems near the aegis ships and by decoding the aegis Eagle Eye system
    * Incursion targets are found by looking in the 2nd Galnet post, and also by looking at systems that were previously infested.
    * Decoding Eagle Eye is now simpler - use this decoder and type in the phonetic letters called out by the eagle eye unregistered comms beacons - this gives the target system

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    Hello fellow hunters

    Personally i dont think the thargoid invasion is living up to expectations...
    As weeks roll into months.... just how long is it going to take FD to have a proper working invasion ?
    The really sad part is, As you start to see more pieces to the puzzle fit together.... The realization of lack luster and how repetitive this all going to be, if it every works at all.... that's life....

    HR 1172 doesn't have a station for an incursion.... yet has a defence ship "Inquisitor"... Far to assume they missed there target and more likely another nearby system is the actual target....
    MURACING has a Station.... has a small thargoid system present scan1 5,5,5,5,3 ..... scan2 4,5,5,3

    MADRUS today is still active with a small thargoid system present scan1) 6,6,6 .... scan2) 4

    keep in mind; Due to the random nature of thargiod spawns.....
    And the new game play that has increased spawn times from 30sec - 1 min to 20 min (This is Ridiculous & way to long by the way) that there are even periods of "no spawns" or 2 together, equal to the new spawn time length.... regardless of the system your hunting in....
    Only with very large spawn count you will only notice a reduction in number....

    Hears hoping they learn how to play the game.... Cheers Stu