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Thread: Glowing Green Giants - The Definitive List

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    Originally Posted by HAL- 9000 View Post (Source)
    From the patch notes

    Is anyone in the beta near one of the luminous pink giant listed in this thread to see what changes have occured?
    As noted above by Mist0, GMGs have now been killed. And it is confirmed as a deliberate removal by FD, rather than an accidental by-product of the new lighting scheme:

    Originally Posted by Will Flanagan View Post (Source)
    Hello Commanders,

    Please find the beta patch notes for the second week of beta.


    Stellar Forge

    • Fixed some Class V gas giants being overly bright pink

    So we shall have to assume that, unless FD change their mind, this will be how all GMGs will appear once 3.3 goes live. So, if you want to see a GMG and get some screenshots before they all turn into Non-Glowing Bluish-Beige Gas Giants, get out there in the non-Beta game now while you still can!

    Logically, GGGs are "protected" from being "fixed", as they are fully in the canon now (with a Tourist Beacon at GGG3 actually called "Radioactive Green"). But as we all know, sometimes the left hand of FD doesn't know what the right hand has canonized.

    And I will edit in the newly discovered GGG9 (Taen's Planet) later tonight (Australia time).

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    Originally Posted by insane golgotha View Post (Source)
    What are the coordinates for the tubeworms on Eimbaith LW-W e1-290?
    They are on Eimbaith LW-W e1-290 1 C A at -31.15, 134.16

    Just be warned, the terrain is pretty terrible around them. I never did find a nearby landing spot. I found one other planet with Tube Worms somewhere in the vicinity. PM me if you'd like me to dig that up for you.

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    Just for the record, and particularly important for the folks at EDSM and GMP: though GMGs are going to be edited away, Ed Lewis has confirmed that GGGs are now considered "canonical" and they have no intentions to edit, delete or patch them away. Post in thread is here. Relevant quote:

    Originally Posted by Edward Lewis View Post (Source)
    ...We also fix issues where there is an obvious rendering problem, which can end up being tremendously unpleasant. The pink gas giants were in the latter category after our development pass with improvements to lighting and adaptive exposure.

    To be clear, the green luminescent gas giants have not been altered at all, and we have no plans to change them. We have embraced them, and they're explicitly called out in the system map descriptions in Chapter 4.

    The pink glow was a problem when the green ones were not, primarily due to the nature of the underlying bug. We of course do not want to intentionally remove any wonders of the galaxy.
    So, it's a good news, bad news thing. Bad news is the GMGs are going to have to go away. The good news is, GGGs (the main subject of this thread) are now a protected species and explorers like Cmdr. Taen should no longer have to worry about their GGG finds disappearing sometime in the future.

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