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Thread: Glowing Green Giants - The Definitive List

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    Glowing Green Giants - The Definitive List

    Most gas giants, even those which are classified as "life-bearing", are not particularly rare - about one system in ten seems to have a life-bearing one, with either "water-based life" or "ammonia-based life". They're so common that Universal Cartographics do not pay any premium for them at all, either life-bearing or the lifeless Class I or III gas giants. But there is a special subvariety of gas giant that is particularly rare, and interesting: they glow green. Bright green. Radioactive, fluorescent green, bright enough to be seen from space. They are the Glowing Green Giants (GGGs).

    One can speculate about the cause. As this fluorescent green colouration was initially observed only on life-bearing worlds, the presence of life was thought to be a causal factor. But since the vast majority of life-bearing worlds are not fluorescent green in colour, it could not have been merely the presence of microscopic airborne lifeforms that was the causal factor. Following those initial discoveries, additional GGGs that were lifeless put paid to the biogenetic theory of the origin of the green glow. Unfortunately, the numbers of such worlds that have been fully documented is still staggeringly low: only seven of them have been reported on publicly-available sources to date, plus one whose location is unfortunately lost to us. Further examples will be required for any statistically significant study as to the collective origins of this peculiar phenomenon.

    Up to now, information regarding GGGs is fairly decentralized. On this forum, there's usually a thread posted when someone makes a discovery of one - and people post there and discuss them, but the thread then sinks down into oblivion until the next one is found. This information has not, until now, been collated all in one place; this is the main purpose for my creating this thread. The examples of known GGGs are outlined below. If any Commander is aware of any GGG that is not on this list, please feel free to post links and details of such findings in this thread. Thanks to the two discoverers who have already done so, for GGG 7 and GGG 8.

    My primary motive in creating this thread is to prompt any CMDRs who may have found such a planet, to report it. Many of the current finds are on or near the Colonia Road; there must be dozens more of them out there in the bulk of the galaxy. After a flurry of discoveries in 2016, we hadn't spotted reports of any new ones since, though it has been good to see that this has changed in the six months since I first posted this thread. I will endeavour to keep this front post updated if and when new reports come in. Likewise, any errors or additional notes I should make, please feel free to comment and add. I am numbering them in order of discovery; this should help keep the list fairly easy to maintain.

    GGG 1
    System: Blua Hypa HT-F D12-1226
    Orbiting star type: F0 VB
    Planet ID: 12
    Planet type: water-based life
    Mass: 5.4 E-ms
    Temperature: 158 K
    Rings: yes
    Moons: 3
    Co-ordinates: -7010.28 / -184.62 / 12817.62
    Distance from Sol: 14610 LY
    Earliest report on Forum: 14th May 3302. Link.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: Blua Hypa Glowing Green Giant

    This world was apparently first reported over on Reddit, where news of it made quite a splash. As far as I can tell, it was the first one for which a name was reported, so it gets pride of place as number 1 on my list. This thread in the xbox forum contains many good pics of the planet, viewed from the closest landable moon, as well as more examples of the "greenlight" colour wash on a ship in close orbit around the planet. At only 5 Earth-masses, it is the smallest of the reported GGGs so far.

    GGG 2
    System: Bleia Dryiae HF-W b35-1
    Orbiting star type: M6 VA
    Planet ID: 2
    Planet type: water-based life
    Mass: 763 E-ms
    Temperature: 177 K
    Rings: no
    Moons: 4
    Co-ordinates: -836.40 / -112.56 / 4826.15
    Distance from Sol: 4899 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR ERYN LIAMSON
    Earliest report on Forum: 26th July 3302. Link.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: Bleia Dryiae Glowing Green Giant

    For those seeking the greenest of the green, this world is the easy winner. It's nearly solid green, especially when viewed from the poles, and the high axial tilt means a polar view gets plenty of sunlight.

    GGG 3
    System: Col 285 Sector VU-M c8-1
    Orbiting star type: K6 VA
    Planet ID: 4
    Planet type: ammonia-based life
    Mass: 230 E-ms
    Temperature: 133 K
    Rings: no
    Moons: 3
    Co-ordinates: 138.34375 / 264.71875 / -22.6875
    Distance from Sol: 299 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR HARTMETALL
    Earliest report on Forum: 15th December 3302 Link.
    Tourist Beacon ID: Radioactive Green
    EDSM POI Label: Radioactive Green

    The main difference between this world and the other three in the top four, is that this one is ammonia-based life. If it were not for this world, we might have assumed that GGGs can only be water-based life. So it is not a property of water-based life alone. This world is also the closest GGG to Sol, being just outside the Bubble, and the only one with a known Tourist Beacon.

    GGG 4
    System: Eol Prou KW-L c8-32
    Orbiting star type: K8 VA
    Planet ID: 4
    Planet type: water-based life
    Mass: 389 E-ms
    Temperature: 158 K
    Rings: yes
    Moons: 3 (+ 1 moonlet)
    Co-ordinates: -9581.68 / -932.21 / 19788.59
    Distance from Sol: 22006 LY (very close to Colonia)
    Discovered by: CMDR LJH888
    Earliest report on Forum: 8th February 3303 Link.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: Land of Giant Crystals / Glow Bug Giant

    This world's main attraction is its proximity to the Colonia region - only two jumps away from Jaques in a typical explorer ship. Unfortunately, the amount of green visible is rather low, compared to some of the other examples.

    GGG 5
    System: Unknown
    Orbiting star type: Unknown
    Planet ID: Unknown
    Planet type: Unknown
    Mass: Unknown
    Temperature: Unknown
    Rings: yes
    Moons: Unknown
    Co-ordinates: Unknown; "Somewhere near the Perseus Crags"
    Distance from Sol: Unknown
    Discovered by: CMDR KELLY ELDRIDGE
    Earliest report on Forum: 16th October 3301. Link.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none known.
    EDSM POI Label: none.

    I call this world "Supermoose's Lost Planet". As you can see from the thread linked to above, Supermoose found it, and reported it on the forum... but had forgotten where it was. It was apparently the first ever GGG sighting. But no-one else has since found a GGG with this very distinctive candy-cane beige-and-green striped belt pattern. If you ever find it, please report it here!

    GGG 6
    System: Floasly TE-X d2-25
    Orbiting star type: (A9 VAB), F3 VB
    Planet ID: B 1
    Planet type: Class III
    Mass: 2053 E-ms
    Temperature: 610 K
    Rings: no
    Moons: 1
    Co-ordinates: -17387.15625 / -219.5 / 14558
    Distance from Sol: 22678 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR JIMBOT70
    Earliest report on Forum: 27th October 3304. See post #7 in this very thread.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none known.
    EDSM POI Label: Floasly Glowing Green Giant

    And this world is the first to be added thanks to this list. And it blows our theory about the worlds needing to be "life bearing" right out of the water, because this one's a lifeless Class III. At 37,000 Ls from the jump-in point, it's also the "most remote", the only one yet found orbiting a secondary star.

    GGG 7
    System: Eafoff LN-Q d6-0
    Orbiting star type: neutron star
    Planet ID: 1
    Planet type: Class I
    Mass: 114 E-ms
    Temperature: 129 K
    Rings: yes
    Moons: none
    Co-ordinates: 8729 / 1209 / -5599
    Distance from Sol: 10440 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR EllieVader
    Earliest report on Forum: 16th August 3304, post #64 of page 5 of this very forum thread.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: none

    A lot of "firsts" for GGG7: it's the first Class I GGG and thus the first to combine fluoro green with mauve and beige. It's also the first found orbiting a neutron star. At 129 K, it's the coldest GGG yet found. It's also got the smallest percentage of its surface coloured green of any of the GGGs, with just a few small green storms on the equator. But, it's still clearly "glowing" green, and thus clearly qualifying for the list. However, it's position 10,000 LYs out along the Perseus Arm, in the region known as the Perseus Transit, means that it is less likely to be visited than the ones that are closer to the Colonia Road, but it's certainly a worthwhile scenic detour for the galactic circumnavigators.

    GGG 8
    System: Dryooe Prou FF-Z d696
    Orbiting star type: A8 VI
    Planet ID: 5
    Planet type: water-based life
    Mass: 4.35 E-ms
    Temperature: 177 K
    Rings: yes
    Moons: 3
    Co-ordinates: -9378 / -861 / 20787
    Distance from Sol: 22821 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR AKUREI
    Earliest report on Forum: 20th August 3304, post #67 of page 5 of this very forum thread.
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: none

    Here is another example of what has become the "commonest" kind of GGG: water-based life, with a deep brownish-red counterpoint colour to the bright green. And at 4.35 Earth-masses, we have a new record-holder for the smallest GGG found so far. As the discoverer noted, it is only 1000 LYs on the far side of Colonia, so for anyone doing the run from Colonia to either Beagle Point or Semotus Beacon, this is a natural scenic stop on the way and, for those with SRVs, the three landable moons could well offer some great views.

    GGG 9
    System: Eimbaith LW-W e1-290
    Orbiting star type: Neutron star
    Planet ID: 7
    Planet type: water giant
    Mass: 23.6 E-ms
    Temperature: 158 K
    Rings: yes
    Moons: none
    Co-ordinates: -1421 / 1618 / 30063
    Distance from Sol: 30140 LY
    Discovered by: CMDR TAEN
    Earliest report on Forum: 30th October 3304 (this thread, post #80).
    Tourist Beacon ID: none
    EDSM POI Label: none

    A lot of "records" broken with this one: first GGG water giant (a relatively rare planet class in itself); first to be found orbiting a neutron star; furthest GGG yet found from Sol, being roughly enroute from Sag A to Beagle Point.

    Now, for some planets that aren't GGGs, but systems deserving an honourable mention. Thanks to Odengard for compiling and verifying the GMGs - keep an eye on their pink and green expedition thread for screenshots of those. WARNING: GMGs have been "fixed" as of the 3.3 Beta 2 and will likely no longer be visible once 3.3 goes live.

    GMG 1: Theau Pri FB-W e2-25 - the first reported Glowing Magenta Giant, and the first one confirmed to be persistent into the current version of the game; several GMGs were reported discovered in version 3.0.3, which subsequently vanished in 3.0.4. GMG 1 is recorded on EDSM as the "Pink Marshmallow" POI.

    GMG 2: Egnaix XJ-Z e30 - This one is magenta and blue, rather than magenta and white. Recorded in EDSM as "Heliotropeia Monoceratos". Very psychedelic.

    GMG 3: Iwhaind AA-A g1771 - This one is also magenta-and-blue, thought he higher levels of magenta make the blue look distinctly purplish. EDSM POI entry is named "Niteo Gigans".

    GMG 4: Dryoea Flyuae AA-A g392 - Another magenta and purple, not yet in EDSM. Perhaps the most striking views of any GMG, as it is in very close proximity to a binary neutron star pair.

    GMG 5: Clooku QS-S d4-145 - pink and grey - almost entirely pink. EDSM POI "Roseum Somnium".

    GMG 6: Xeehia GT-G d11-8 - almost solid pink, with white clouds, much like No.1.

    Blia Eup FG-Y g4 - not a classical "glowing green giant", but it is a class V giant with a striking - and apparently unique - dark green and bright yellow banding pattern.

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    This is a great idea. In an effort to see if there was anything unique to these systems that they appear in, I had to resort to google in order to find several of them to visit. Until now they haven't been tracked in a central location, not even in the GMP (not all have been logged as POIs there).

    My current "holy grail" is to find one of these, completely untagged and undiscovered. I'll remember this thread if I do find one.

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    Maybe add the pink one as well.

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    Originally Posted by Orvidius View Post (Source)
    This is a great idea. In an effort to see if there was anything unique to these systems that they appear in, I had to resort to google in order to find several of them to visit. Until now they haven't been tracked in a central location, not even in the GMP (not all have been logged as POIs there).

    My current "holy grail" is to find one of these, completely untagged and undiscovered. I'll remember this thread if I do find one.
    This is also my "holy grail" or "white whale" if you will. With every update and change, I keep wondering if and when these will change. Also, I have concerns that these may have been a bug of some sort early on, and they were ninja hand crafted grandfathered by the devs, and that no more will be found.

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    Awesome thread. Will add the missing GGGs in the next map update for EDSM

    EDIT: Well... not GGG5 apparently... as its location has been lost. A pity!

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    Originally Posted by Qohen Leth View Post (Source)
    Maybe add the pink one as well.
    There's a pink one?

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    There is this one too :
    Which is quite impressive as it's a class III gas giant.

    Originally Posted by Jackie Silver View Post (Source)
    There's a pink one?
    Look here :

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    I have been keeping my eyes peeled looking for GGG's ever since that first one was found so many years ago, and to date I've not discovered a single one! Even today I still look at every single system map just hoping to see a GGG there to greet me.

    My hope lingers on...

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    Wow. Never heard of this. Thanks for the thread.

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    Oh wow. I've seen some pinkish ones out there, but never a glowing magenta planet like that.

    EDIT: Here are some of the screenshots I've grabbed at the GGGs:

    Blua Hypa HT-F d12-1226 (GGG1)


    Bleia Dryiae HF-W b35-1 (GGG2)

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    yesterday i have found a pink one too.

    i will post the system later.

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    Oh kay. Now I have another thing I must be on the hunt for for sure...those pink ones are pretty incredible.

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    I have a strange interest in this thread. I do not know why....

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    This thread is welcome.
    It has been several months since the DSN is looking for GGGs. We last traveled the Perseus Arm without success. It seems to me that, like GGGs, roses are persistent too.

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    I am intrigued. I first believed that the GGGs were only a graphical glitch, but FD have left them unpatched for so long I was wondering if there was something hidden there after all... and now there are pink ones?

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