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Thread: Update 3.0.5

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    Originally Posted by MikkDC View Post (Source)
    I think this is indeed going to be the case. On the 'Refunded Focus Crystals' Message anyone who got the FSD Booster when it came out received, it stated that the next update would be 3.1.
    Sigh...... Looks like I won't be changing my signature anytime soon.

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    Fix the randomness

    I sure wish they would fix the randomness of the missions i fly a cutter and i used ro be able to get nice missions in eotienses all the time, well as of lately like this past month april 16 2018, the missions have been completly random and they are heavy in massacre missions with unrealistic requisites to accomplish them like to deliver 5000k something worth of good for a mill or to. While i understand tgese are considered wing it would be optimum to eitger up the reward per mish ir to lower the number of goods needed to be delivered. This exampme is just one in which the missuons board has went heywire.

    Please excuse the typos i got fat fingers and a little keyboard!

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