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Thread: SRV - Multiple Issues - All Information Panels/Cargo Scoop/Headlook Mode Toggle.

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    SRV - Multiple Issues - All Information Panels/Cargo Scoop/Headlook Mode Toggle.


    All of the time (100%)

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    2 PM

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    None / N/A

    Orrere 2B


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    First thing I noticed after the most recent patch, was after landing at this planet and deploying into my SRV to gather some materials, my headlook mode toggle was not working correctly, when I press the key, it no longer toggles, and must remain held to function, even after binding it to a separate key, and switching the headlook toggle to hold, and back again after.
    Next, because I landed fairly close to the crashed ship, when I got stuck on the back of the ship above the thrusters with my SRV, in a glitchy spot, I noticed after I sent my ship back into orbit due to being to close and I couldn't boost out of the stuck spot unless I did so, all of my panels stopped responding to hotkey presses, even after changing the hot keys, the only way I can access my panels at all, is by holding the headlook key even though it's on toggle mode, and look at each panel to bring them up. It took a bit of time to figure out, seeing as I usually use headlook mode without the panels being brought up, as I like to be able to target materials while looking around and turning, enjoying the view, etc... I could also access my panels for some reason, with voice attack commands, but any other attempts with the hotkeys failed to get a response, even after rebinding to multiple different keys in order to try to trouble shoot.
    One final issue I have noticed so far, is that my Cargo Scoop automatically retracts the moment I let go of the hotkey for it, and I can't stop that from happening either.
    I am still able to do what I need to do with the SRV, so that's good, but this is extremely inconvenient and I would really appreciate if this could get looked into as soon as possible. Thank You! o7

    Steps to Reproduce
    Land at Orrere 2B near the crashed ship (Anaconda) and drive outside of the turret stowing range, come back, getting somewhat stuck on the anaconda to the point you can't drive, and you can't use your thruster or turrets. Completely stuck, send your ship to space, try to get out of being stuck with thrusters successfully, notice all panels stopped functioning properly from hotkey inputs. Headlook Mode doesn't function properly on toggle mode, thus having to hold the key to function.
    Press the Cargo Scoop hotkey and it automatically retracts immediately after the button is released.

    Additional files?

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    Just an update here, I went to the Guardian Site in HD 63154 yesterday to prepare for the re-release of the Guardian FSD booster, so I can have an even better jump range, and the bugs I had with the SRV, are all still there! Don't know what to do other than try reinstalling the game, but I don't know what good that would do if it's a server side issue.

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    Hey OzzyLonghair,

    Thanks for your report - Can you please validate your game files and see if the issue persists. To do this from the launcher just select Options -> Verify game files. If you are doing this via Steam, please navigate to Elite in your Steam library, right click -> properties -> Local Files -> Verify integrity of game files.

    If this issue persists after this, please do let me know!

    Fly safe o7

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    Hey QA-Jack,

    I appreciate your response, my late response is due to the fact I took a break from Elite Dangerous for awhile, and only recently came back to it.
    I followed your instructions and validated/verified the game files through the launcher of the game after login, and then proceeded to check and see if my SRV was still bugged or not.
    I found it to be as bugged as it was before, the same issues persisted through the verification process.
    So, I have included my net log file after adding the 3 strings of text to enable more in depth net logging details, along with this response, in the hopes that these issues can be solved, and I can enjoy my SRV experience once again.

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    Do be aware that if things are working in the ship, and not working in the SRV, is because under control binds there are several things that can allow separate binds of the same type of action but is separated between ship and SRV

    Have you made sure that the SRV binds are matching the ship ones?