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Thread: Mitterand Hollow - good trip

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    Mitterand Hollow - good trip

    You just have to visit Mitterand Hollow in Epsilon Indi, very interesting, day and night in minute

    View from canyon

    and little Taxi services there

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    I made my first visit to this amazing place today. The surface of the planet looks MUCH better now and that insanely fast orbital period is just spectacular to witness from the planets surface!

    Here's a video I made of it.

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    yeah, always looks like timelapse, should add real time into video

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    I remember my visit in this system. It was like 3rd or 4th day of me playing ED, so I knew nothing about the game mechanics.

    And I spent an hour and a half trying to catch this moon.

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    Returning from my trip to Sagittarius A*, I discovered the planet GRYA HYPUE WX-N B12-20 A 1, which is, like Mitterand Hollow, quite a speedy on, albeit not as fast as the latter. Moving with a speed of approximately 132 km/s, I found him quite elusive when I tried to go into orbit and slowed down to normal speed.

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    100s of us were there during DWE

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    I've been there i even have a bad video of it. It's really cool.

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    Been there, done that. Bought the postcard:

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    And gasp i shall...

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    Gasping in 3... 2... 1...

    Gasping complete.

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    Don't forget there are geysers there offering interesting views

    Epsilon Indi Mitterand Hollow 8.8707 84.9072
    Epsilon Indi Mitterand Hollow 5.9794 70.309
    Epsilon Indi Mitterand Hollow 14.0085 152.0966

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    +1 for reminding me that Iíve never been there. But thatís sorted now.

    I spent a good few hours searching for materials and watching that planet whiz around the sky. Flying with the dark side of the planet rotating fast. Is very creepy.


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    @ Baton: Ooh, nice. I haven't been here yet, but the next time I'll need to gather materials, I'm definitely going to these. Thanks!