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Thread: Jurassic World Evolution - Gameplay Demo

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    This looks surprisingly awesome.

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    Thank you for at least replying to me. I already knew the answer was no. But I'm still super excited for this game anyway. Its still gonna make its way to my house

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    It looks very good indeed. The Gameplay Demo has done its job, I just pre-ordered and TBH I cannot remember the last time I pre-ordered a game (not counting ED Kickstarter) .

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    I just noticed something very impressive in this gameplay footage... The vegetation has a very natural animation, which is rare in the industry IMO. So I say well done there!
    Also, the lighting change (is it an icreased IBL?) during the rain is also very natural.

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    Excellent thank you!

    Originally Posted by ronanqg View Post (Source)
    A few suggestions before release:

    1. Please remove the herbivore feeder. It does not feel realistic to feed herbivores when there is vegetation all around. It would be awesome to see them eat vegetation like they drink water.
    2. Underground power lines if you want to be more realistic and similar to the movie.
    3. Please add lethal weapons to the helicopter.
    4. There is a huge delay in dinosaur animations and interactions
    5. Day and night cycle would add so much to this game
    6. Roads and vegetation are mixing up
    7. Dinosaur breaking the fence animation needs work.

    That's all. Thanks! Great game overall

    or fill out an application.

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    Originally Posted by PiggyPiggyPig View Post (Source)
    I thought space was the final Frontier. Looks great though.
    lol nice connection

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    You guys need to make this for the Nintendo Switch

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