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Thread: The Galactic Intelligence Agency (Federal Covert Security)

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    Haha blatant ... you bet it failed!

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    /me feels outnumbered and outgunned...

    sideways slanty face

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    ==== GIA Communication ====

    Intercepted communications in I Bootis have revealed pirate activity and movement plans to us.

    There will be a confirmed Relentless pirate presence in I Bootis, at the Nav Beacon near I Bootis A today between 8pm and 1pm GMT. GIA operatives have been dispatched to the system.

    All GIA Operatives, please report to HQ and assemble at Chango Dock to mount operations to disrupt this pirate threat.

    ==== End Communication ====

    I will be at Chango Docks around 8pm, be great if anyone on the side of good can join me! I will have Skype available for external comm's.

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    Lots of juicy bounties on us! Aiming to be on later so can try to collect them

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    I've got 50.000 Cr on my head now, and counting!

    ...And I hope you've got no hard feelings, another GIA agent in the Sidewinder, I was shooting at everything that moved! I didn't even realise that you were a player, just after the explosion.

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    They've been fairly warned about the nav bacon

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    It was really great to have you around, guys! Thank you for your participation! We are looking forward to play with (or against) you in the future too, not only on events

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    Yep thanks to all involved was a good scrap despite the latest builds efforts to ruin matchmaking

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    Just to say thanks to all the guys that had a go at defending the federation against the Relentless attacks this weekend.

    Special mentions go out to :

    Commander Smith (nice one!)
    Commander Smith (sorry to have dragged you into this SNAFU!)
    and of course Commander Smith (don't worry we'll get them!)

    It was quite ineffective against the pirates this time, but space is big (insert well known phrase here), and Commander Smith clones are plentiful still so let's hope we'll get some good time in the near future too! Was good fun!

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    Good fights, good times. Got to do that again

    Kudos to Commander Smith for his valiant and heroic efforts - although Commander Smith, on the other hand, did not cover himself in glory.

    I'm off to slip some grog into the cloning vats...

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    Greetings to the Galactic Intelligence Agency from the Winged Cobra Tribe.

    It was great to fight the pirates side by side.

    Next time we will beat them, together!

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    Originally Posted by Koen View Post (Source)
    Greetings to the Galactic Intelligence Agency from the Winged Cobra Tribe.

    It was great to fight the pirates side by side.

    Next time we will beat them, together!
    Sure you will

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    Nice roleplaying, Cmdr Blatant! I wonder how many covert agents are out there, watching us... safe havens don't feel so safe anymore.

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    The scurvey dog fremen!

    You should be worried! In a major breach of security I'm going to leak the role call to you, here it is :

    Commander Smith (codename Blatant)
    Commander Smith
    Commander Smith
    Commander Smithe (he's from Europe)
    Commander Smithy (like iron working)
    Commander Smith
    Commander Smith

    This just in, future GIA meetings will have their entertainment provided by the ancient musical cover group "The Commander Smiths", with such hits as "Freeport, here we come" and "The Charming Thargoid".

    PS> To the GIA guys, we're all going down cloaning tanks again tonight, if you fancy coming down and drowning a copy or 2 please feel free!

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    Bad news I'm afraid, The turmoil in the federation has cut deep, and the 'powers that be' have fixed the loopholes where the vast majority of GIA funding is sourced!

    I'm sure you've noticed the cut backs, they've recalled my beloved Cobra and I'm stuck in a standard issue Sidey, they've even frozen my expenses account! I'm sure you've noticed this too.

    It seems we need to bankroll our own expenses and insurance while the gremlins work on new funding streams and the political upheaval (net code issues) settle down.

    So, this weekend I shall be having a little GIA fund raiser in PvE group mode. I'm sure we all need to assemble some cash and upgrades in these hard times so if any of the GIA (or otherwise) want's to join in and share the adventure, hunt some bounties, explore, look for 'targets of opportunity' or exchange money making methods, feel free to drop me a PM and join my group.