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Thread: Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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    I know it is difficult to create new animations for the matches, but it is true that they are quite repetitive at times, so some more could improve the game.

    also in the map, we are very limited when it comes to building our park, the island is too small for the 48 species (and more future ones). would be interesting also the option of changing the type of floor, (sand, swamp, deeper water) and also terraforming the habitats as waterfalls, fast rivers.

    in the immersion of the game it would be a good idea to add the so requested cycle day / night. also the behavior of dinosaurs (raptors and herbivores in herds) or even control our visitors.

    And finally, I know this is a very difficult thing, but I still put it. Marine and flying reptiles, as well as amphibians like sarcosuchus or diplocaulus, and why not? dimetrodon and herrerasuarus.

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    Collection of Improvements

    Greetz to everyone!

    Hell yeah! - I readed so much in this forum and in combination with my personal experiences with the game, I like to create this answer. I really enjoy the part of brainstorming and I will take my time to create this, so all I please you, is to take your time, to read it carefully - I can promise, that I needed more time to create this, as you will need to read this.


    1) Map/Mission Editor

    2) Sandbox with all relevant gameplaysettings (jobs/missions [working] etc.)

    3) Terraintool: Sand, Gravel and Stone textures, Grass (different types)

    4) "Family" Visitors with kids and everything else, includeing animations of the normally behavior of children and adults - they don't react on the surrounding and attractions - currently they walk around like Zombies...

    5) Equipment: playgrounds, benches, trash cans, lamps, stones/rocks, rollercoasters (more attractions), trees/palms (different types - they are also food for the herbivore), hedges, weeds/herbs, different paving stones, fountains, (mobile food stands with adjustable routes) hotdogs stand, balloon stand, kebab stand, softdrink stand. (short - more things to make the surrounding really looks like a real amusement park with focus on Jurassic Park movies - even the app for smartdevices offers more than the game on Pc - and I guess "what??")

    6) More animations (f.e. not every dino is diurnal, there're today some findings, that there were also nocturnal dinos - please do your research - then some of the dinos could search for a thicket to sleep while it's night, but others sleep while it's day-time)

    7) Social Behavior (I saw some Brachiosaurus in a round like "singing" that's good, but they are also migratory species; Deinonychus and also the Velociraptor are hunting in a "group"... etc.)

    8) More Dinosaurs (especially Ichthyosaurs as well as Pterosaurs)

    9) Adjustable Dinosaur-Colors against Color-Sets

    That's a lot, but compressed counted and while you readed between the lines...



    1) Upgrades: Automation of Food-Refill/Healing of Rangers
    As an Upgradeoption, I wish that these two option would be included. The options can be researched in the labs, upto 3-stages, which decrease costs for this (5/10/15%), because it is a large step, it should be expansive against "doin it yourself" or the option to "set an order".

    1b) Food
    Currently you can imagine, that a Brachiosaurus needs the large plant-food and the Ankylosaurus f.e. will need the small plant-food, but where can I read it out? - Wouldn't it be better to offer different plants like bunches, hedges, palms and trees they are in need of? Additional to that idea, it would be cool if there's weed growing which makes their sick (west indian lilac f.e. out of the movie Jurassic Park) and you have to send out the rangers to get rid of it?
    Carnivore should be feeded with other Dinos // didn't tryed the effect yet - only do this for a lil raryty-boost, but for this there should be cheap Dinosaur availlable against this food-ports // and again it's difficult to figure out what they need.

    2) Animations/Social Behavior:
    Diplodocus is a group/herd animal and likes to be together around other species - (Diplo was sometimes taken down by a couple Raptors (who are imagined as a very agressive species, like every "hunter" was - their aggressiveness raises twice as fast as their hunger raises f.e.) - that's why I would like to see this ingame.
    There're moments you see some dino away from his group, with significant bad constitution, because he walked away from his group (why?!
    ) - there should be more and better AI for the animal behavior and behaviors for the movement pattern of the animals.
    Against to be forced to check it out which species work great together, I would like to have a table with their social-aspects to each other.
    Further there can live every carnivore with herbivores together, if the carnivore is saturated - even if he kills another dino - there should be a very high decreased delay, until he's hungry again and the dead Dino, should turn into a food-source until only rests are remaining, which have to be taken away by copters.
    Imagining how long a Brachiosaurus would be able to spend food to the carnivores - that's great!^^
    At least, the Dinosaurs should react on screams other Dinos - if a Rex is screaming out loud, this should turn every other Dino into discomfort, maybe because the scream meaned "Feed me! I'm Hungry!!!" or "Damn... I'm ...!" or "YEAH! I killed him!!!".

    Group #1: (low forest size) Corythosaurus + Huayangosaurus + Parasaurolophus + Tsintaosaurus
    Group #2: (middle forrest size) Apatosaurus + Maisaura + Struthiomimus + Gallimimus + Brachiosaur
    Group #3: (large forest size) Archaeornithomimus + Camarasaurus + Edmontosaurus + Mamenchisaurus + Stygimoloch
    Group #4: (low~middle forrest size) Apatosaurus + Brachiosaurus + Diplodocus + Deinonychus / Dilophosaurus / Metriacanthosaurus / Velociraptor + Allosaurus / Baryonyx / Carnotaurus / Ceratosaurus /Indominus Rex / Majungasaurus / Spinosaurus / Suchomimus / Tyrannosaurus Rex ( / is OR)

    2a) Realism
    Depending on the story of Jurassic Park - "Nature finds always it's way to stay alife!" - all Dinosaurs are females right, but because of the frog-gene, they are sometimes able to turn their gender into male and start to prpagate, right? - Where is this in the game? - This would be "Free Income!" if we would be able to sell those Dinos = So Cool!^^
    Animations for that?^^ ... I don't mean like it's an animal-, but still growing little Dinos - beside a cool way to indicate their age, is by grwoing.

    2b) Age?
    Every Dino got it's lifespan, but I would be happy if I could activate an indicator for that - against to take a look into the stats of every Dino.

    3) Park Management / Visitors:
    Where can I see how many ppl are in the park? - I got missions, where I have to hold a couple of visitors for a while, but I can't find the stats about them? Is there a caps limit? - I don't even see how many ppl are in my Hotel(s) f.e. 500/1.500?

    4) Dinosaur-Evolution
    We got genes to combine with our Dinosaurs, but wouldn't it be great to "Combine also Dinosaurs" to create totally new species??

    5) Incedents
    Stampede, Fire, Visitors/Kids broke into the enclosure

    6) Missions
    Kill a specific ammount of visitors with XYZ-Dinosaur ()

    7) Exploration/Research
    Always open exploration and research map - missions still offered to search for DNA-Samples, but it's impossible to do so, if you got everything explored.

    8) No Income Limit
    There's a cap for max-inc? - Why?

    At least will follow a short video released on YT - will provide the linking below - hopw I can recap and reproduce some bugs as well.... will also post this in Bugs-Report.

    Thank you, for your attention - wait for my video-update.

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    think it would be cool if we can pick what skin with different looks from the movies like Brachiosaurus, velociraptor, stegosaurus, parasaolophus and others or even do different designs like the regular JWE Mamenchisaurus and add a skin design that looks like the lost world Mamenchisaurus for we can pick which one we want for our park I think that would be a cool edition to the game 😄

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    Stop changing the camera angle when attempting to build something.
    i.e you can rotate the camera to be overhead, but when you then choose to build a fence, the camera will rotate so its on more of an angle, instead of top down. At this point, you can no longer rotate it to top down either. Cancel out of the build... and you can.

    This is a suggestion alongside that of stopping the irritating auto 'zoom' when selecting something.
    Too much automated camera movement, everywhere and with everything you do.