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Thread: Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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    Ability to build in map mode and better UI when it comes to Terrain.

    Mass deletion of objects to completely reboot a park.

    Less power stations needed, I don't remember seeing 20 power stations in the movies just to keep a few shops and an enclosure going.

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    Increasing size of Isla Nublar's Sandbox area

    One of the things I would like to see eventually is increasing Isla Nublar's sandbox area to maybe cover the entire Island, to allow you to create the Ultimate Jurassic World Park.

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    Jurassic Park Operation Genesis (JPOG) DLC

    Ok, I enjoyed playing this game, and it had a really good atmosphere that fit Jurassic World. However, if someone wanted to recreate Jurassic Park, it wouldn't look right, because Jurassic World has a kind of "blue/ cold" atmosphere, while Jurassic Park has a very warm atmosphere. In my opinion, a complete re-modeling and texturing of every single building and attraction would be too much work for your team, so a logical conclusion is to put JPOG in JWE.

    I think that in order to basically re-create JPOG in JWE is to simplify the management aspects to a little higher than JPOG (I think that powerlines should be changed completely so their not visible). Second, you need to change the atmosphere to be more like JPOG, then revamp the Isla Nublar map (darker trees, grass, less water pools, and more rivers). Okay, now that the atmosphere and stuff is out of the way, I'm going to talk about the most important parts.

    NUMBER ONE PRIORITY: The JPOG dinosaurs that aren't in JWE. These include: Acrocanthosaurus, Albertosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus, DRYOSAURUS, HOMALOCEPHALE, and Ouranosaurus (I put the 2 small dinosaurs in bold because their small, and we NEED small dinosaurs)

    NUMBER TWO PRIORITY: The JPOG buildings and attractions. I'm not going to list these, you could find a wiki article with all of them listed.

    Please take my recommendation into consideration. Thank you, and have a nice day!

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    Ok so here it goes. I've been played the game for the last couple of days and I love it! Simply love it!

    Anyhow, my suggestions (some will probably have been named several times)
    1) More Sandbox maps, or a separate sandbox mode. I love to build the park of my dreams, without restrictions. Now it's just one island.
    2) More dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures! I'd love to see Macrauchenia, Compsognathus (so you can build smaller pens), Herrerasaurus, and Othnielia (in the same fasion as Compy's), Scutosaurus, Andrewsarchus, Anteosaurus, Microceratus, amongst others
    3) Aquatic prehistoric creatures like Mosasaurus, Liopleurodon, Elasmosaurus and Ichthyosaurus
    4) Being able to build an aviary, and not that it's one dynamic building like the original Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs had, but being able to build one like we can with other exhibits, containing Pteranodon, and others like it, maybe even a Quetzalcoatlus
    5) Being able to make swampy regions, with for example Ichthyostega, Beelzebufo, and Koolasuchus
    6) Smaller food/drink stands, cotton candy, or ice cream, or something like that.
    7) Small dino themed attractions like a carousel (counting for the same as an arcade hall)
    8) Being able to cancel hatching an egg, please for the love of god give the employee a big hammer and smash the egg, sometimes I press to quickly and queue a predator in my herbivore pen, really annoying not being able to cancel that
    9) rooftop paths for guests, something like the Treetop Gazers attraction in Jurassic World
    10) This is a longshot but being able to make something like the Cretaceous Cruise, where guests take small boats or a cano and drive via the river through the exhibit, exiting at the other end.
    11) Guests being able to watch dinosaurs from a partially underground watching spot. So it'll be partially inside the exhibit, where people walk around with their view being on ground level, and their bodies underground. Don't know a better way to describe it
    12) Child guest models, I mean, why wouldn't children wanna see this? All guests seem to be adults now.

    This is all I can come up with as of now, probably will edit my message when I know something more. Hope you guys read the messages and at least consider some of them. Thanks in advance!

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    I think I saw someone mention this earlier, but some sort of super hotel would be awesome. Make it count as 2 hotels and have it's own built in monorail station. It could also serve as an emergency shelter. It makes sense, really. As I posted earlier, I would also like to see our hotels bring in income. Thank you for a wonderful game. I 5-starred Sorna, but still have a lot to do.

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    New dino

    Boa noite...

    Me chamo Enedi, em breve estarei comprando o jogo, e estou aqui para realizar um pedido a equipe de desenvolvedores do jogo, e sei que será uma grande honra se meu pedido for atendido, da mesma forma que acredito que poderá ser ainda maior o sucesso do jogo por ter mais itens adicionados ao mesmo, sendo assim quero pedir aos desenvolvedores do Jurassic World Evolution, um novo dinossauro ao game, o Oxalaia Quilombensis, desde já agradeço a vossa atenção e aguardo retorno.

    att Enedi A. Soares

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    I apologize if I'm spamming this at this point. I posted this over on the JWE subreddit, and people said I should cross-post it here on the forums. So I did. And then people told me to post it on this wishlist thread as well, so I am. And just so this doesn't clog up this thread, if someone wants to reply to the size chart, please click the link and head on over to the thread and comment there. Please leave this wishlist thread going for other people's unrelated suggestions.

    So here goes.

    Size Changes Proposal (Also, Size Chart of Every Dinosaur in Game)

    Whooooboy. Prepare for a long read. Devs at Frontier, this one's for you guys.

    As we all know, the community isn't particularly satisfied with the sizing of some of the dinosaurs in game. The Trex/Giganoto/Spino debacle is a stand out example, but they are not the only problems. In fact, many animals in game are either oversized or undersized compared to their overall on-screen appearances or (if they lack screen appearances) the fossil record.

    People even consistently ask the question "where's all the small dinosaurs?". The answer? Well, they're in the game. They're just oversized.

    But, why does size matter?

    Well, size is another factor in animal diversity. Sure, the animals may look different, but if they're all similar in size, then that basically makes them clones of one another with different models rather than completely unique animals. Dinosaurs that may physically look similar to other dinosaurs suddenly have their own little niche to fill in the park if they have their own unique size. Some dinosaurs are even well known simply for their size alone; it's important to get it right.

    As such, about a week ago, I started a little photoshop project looking to correct the sizing issue; I sought to make a size chart.

    Now, couple things about the chart:

    1. The faded images represent what size the particular animal is at the present time. The non-faded images represent the proposed change.
    2. The primary basis of the new sizes are a combination of A) Screen Accuracy, B) Scientific Accuracy, and C) Visual Aesthetic. Usually in that order.
    3. Unless stated otherwise, I primarily judged animals not by their length or the height of their heads, but the height of their hip. There are a few exceptions of course, but the hip height was the primary measurement used.
    4. Some of the animal images are not perfectly at a side angle; it's very hard to accumulate images of these dinosaurs that are accurate to the game while being in stagnate poses. As such, some tails and heads may seem shorter/longer than usual; a major reason as to why I focused on hip height rather than length or head height.
    5. I may be slightly off on some of the old sizes on a select few examples. I certainly tried my best to get every one perfect, but then again, this is over 40 animals we're talking about here. I'm bound to flub one up somewhere. Comment below and I'll fix it. Nonetheless, the important size in the proposal is the new size.

    That all being said, here is the size chart I came up with (last updated July 12th):

    And here is the explanation from animal to animal (so I don't eat up a huge page with such long explanations):

    (Apologies for using google drive; the files are so big, it's the only sharing method I could manage.)

    And I'll wrap up with one more proposal regarding size:

    A Size Gene
    Much like other modifying genes in the game, a size gene would modify the creature being made, only this time increasing or decreasing an animal's size by a certain few percentage stages (-15%, -10%, -5%, +5%, +10%, +15%). That way, if people want a bigger Tyrannosaur than the standard size, they can have it. If people want a smaller Spinosaurus than the standard size (can't imagine why; but whatever), they can have it. Plus, it would add even more variety to the game to help these creatures truly feel real.

    Nonetheless, that all being said, I hope the folks over at Frontier take this into consideration and I hope you guys here on the forum enjoy it as well.

    Have a nice day.

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    New dino...

    Boa noite...

    Me chamo Enedi, em breve estarei comprando o jogo, e estou aqui para realizar um pedido a equipe de desenvolvedores do jogo, e sei que será uma grande honra se meu pedido for atendido, da mesma forma que acredito que poderá ser ainda maior o sucesso do jogo por ter mais itens adicionados ao mesmo, sendo assim quero pedir aos desenvolvedores do Jurassic World Evolution, um novo dinossauro ao game, o Oxalaia Quilombensis, um espinossaurideo de tamanho equiparável ao T-Rex que viveu na América do Sul no período cretáceo, também seria interessante a possibilidade de utilizar os Rangers sem o jipe, desde já agradeço a vossa atenção e aguardo retorno.

    att Enedi A. Soares

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    Playable dinosaurs

    Hello Frontier Developments. I know that you have been working on your game , and I have an idea that may seem different but , please hear me out. I may have a friendly and serious suggestion that may help you to make Jurassic World : Evolution more profitable for you. That suggestion is to make the dinosaurs playable. The reason for this is because most of the games in which you can play as dinosaurs are both on PC and not from the Jurassic franchise. And I am aware of the fact that the game is available for both console and PC , there are many console and PC gamers who would like to play as a dinosaur , and especially the dinosaurs from Jurassic Park / World. It would add more character and playability to the game than it has already. I know that you are taking a lot of demands on at once but , I sincerely think that this idea is something that people would very much enjoy. Please, take this into consideration. I also wanted to thank you for making my childhood dream of playing a Jurassic Park / World game a reality , it really means a lot to me. Whether you choose to build upon this idea or not is entirely your choice , and I will respect it regardless. Thank you for your time and keep up the good work.

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    -bug fix
    -fix the animation
    -let us view from viewing gallery and tower
    -remove the terrain constraint for easy mode (yes add difficulty)
    -remove twister for easy mode
    -add herding mechanic
    -add pack hunting mechanic
    -add breeding and all dinos social need minimum is 2
    i give you a year to add this (except for bug fix which is 2 year) or i want refund

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    Originally Posted by madha View Post (Source)
    -bug fix
    -fix the animation
    -let us view from viewing gallery and tower
    -remove the terrain constraint for easy mode (yes add difficulty)
    -remove twister for easy mode
    -add herding mechanic
    -add pack hunting mechanic
    -add breeding and all dinos social need minimum is 2
    i give you a year to add this (except for bug fix which is 2 year) or i want refund
    also add
    -island builder
    -pure genome DLC what it does is when you put this genome in the modify genome your dino will be realistic/feathered and small raptor
    -add more dinos
    -add hibridize spinosaurus and normal spinosaurus (hibridised one is stronger like in JP3)
    -add quilled raptor (diffirent dinos)
    -add aquatic
    -add aviary

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    Day Night Cycle

    I know it has been said before, but it hasn't been said lately. My number one request is Some sort of Day/Night cycle

    Day/Night cycle (reposted for skimming)

    I know that the fixed times for each island are supposed to add variaty. I admit they do, but they lose their charm short afterward. I find that I can't stand either island. Not because of the storms (I love the storm mechanic acctually. It adds some fun randomness to the game), but because I can't see or enjoy my dinosaurs. Let me explain

    First, I think you (Frontier) put a lot of emphasis in making beautiful dinosaurs with lots of fun and exciting skin options. You succeeded; however, on Isla Pena and Isla Muerta your dinosaurs skin colors are either not visible or they bleed into the hue and again become not visible. The different skin color rewards that are unlocked on these islands are strangely useless on the islands themselves because I can't see the subtle color variations. These two islands I wanted to leave the fastest because I couldn't enjoy the one thing I wanted to enjoy most in this game. That is the wonderful dinosaurs you've created.

    That said, I love the daylight islands. I can see all the skin colors, tones, and hues. I can see them even if the dinosaur is in the shade. I love it! Regardless, I think adding a day/night cycle to these islands would really enhance the wonder these dinosaurs cause. I can see them in the sun with their vivid yellow's, green's, and blue's. I can see them in the sunset when everything becomes a different shade of orange and yellow. I can see them in the night when their colors become soft shades of blue. Nothing seems better to me then the ability to enjoy the dinosaurs you've created.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    day/night cycle
    (OR option to choose time of day when island is five stared. That'd work too)

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    Hi everyone, here is my wishlist:

    -I would really like a new game mode, like Isla Nublar but with budget, contracts, expeditions and researches without need to play the campaign. That would really be create my own park.

    -I need a report of dinosaurs, how many I have, how many of each kind and wich are the genes for each of them.

    -A day/night cicle.


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    Aquatic Reptiles/Prehistoric Creatures

    I'm kind of new here, but I just purchased Jurassic World: Evolution, and I'd just like to know if there would be aquatic dinosaurs. Aquatic dinosaurs are typically my favorite prehistoric creatures and I would just like to know if, in the future, they could add a DLC featuring aquatic reptiles and prehistoric creatures to the game. Thank you.

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    1. Difficulty / Too much money

    - After a short time you can hardly save yourself from money and that makes any management really unnecessary.
    - The park continues to run normally even after forced disasters.

    - Fast fix, if no deeper management is integrated:
    Reduce revenue and or increase costs.
    - or add a new difficulty level

    2. Sandbox / replayability

    - Access to sandbox mode only via Stroy
    - Sandbox island a bit too small
    - hardly any options
    - no possibility of setting for limited money or progression.
    - In addition to the very straightforward story, replayability is even more limited.

    - Add free game mode in the menu, which has its own savegames,
    - presets can be made before the game starts (ON / OFF of all important parameters - this wishlist thread is full of them),
    - Progression is not straightforward and does not depend on islands,
    - Random or other starter dinosaurs if desired,
    - all islands can be available,
    -Nublar enlarge or add other areas (if there is a limitation by the Hardware)

    3. Customization / Decoration

    - Parkbuilder game without the possibility to put decoration objects,
    - Parks can hardly be individualized,
    - Replayability reduced.

    - Adding additional items (not necessarily to the satisfaction of guests) such as benches, lanterns, flowers, shrubs, trees (individually settable), statues, railings, bridges, hedges, trash cans, fountains, banners, skeletons, gate arches with inscription etc.

    4. Terraintool park and enclosure

    -There is only green as far as the eye can see
    -The park suffers from monotony and the enclosures mostly look the same for the most part. You can not spend much time with the enclosures because of the missing tools, even if you like.
    - replayability limited.

    -The existing Terraintools such as trees and bushes with sand, pebbles, earth, stone, tall grass, as well as other tree and bush species / variations expand.
    Add objects such as rocks, shelters, tree stumps, etc.

    5. Attractions

    Preliminary remark: Yes, the dinosaurs are also attractions, but also in the movies, there were more attractions that have led to a better interaction with the dinosaurs, at least brought the guests even closer to this.
    - Full price parkbuilder who has a single attraction and otherwise only viewing platforms (2)

    Canoeing - You take the same technique as the gyrosphere and change the look; The gyro sphere becomes a boat / canoe, the inlet is changed and the path you set becomes water.
    - The aforementioned one applies also for the jeep tour
    - Helicopter sightseeing flight (ACU redesign and route setting)
    - hot air balloon flight

    6. Infrastructure

    - All buildings and paths must be connected to the park entrance.
    - No area can be created that is not accessible to guests.
    - Immersion is reduced.
    - Paths do not go through gates.

    Solution: Simple!
    - Add either a “management-building” (does not need to be connected to the park entrance) to which the buildings must be connected,
    - or add paths that can only be used by staff (guests do not enter them) or specify in general that the operation building must not be connected to the path connected to the park entrance.
    -Paths through gates

    7. Guests

    -They are produced in freshly set buildings.
    - They do not carry or use any items they buy in the shops.
    - they do not have umbrellas
    - You can not see their mood and they give no feedback

    -The guests should only enter the park through the park entrance. There is the monorail to transport them through the park.
    - When they leave the shops, the items they have purchased should also be visible.
    T-shirts, umbrellas, shopping bags, balloons, food, drinks etc.
    - mood and feedback of guests - Example:
    Love carnivores, especially the T-Rex.
    Is hungry
    Satisfaction: Moderate
    Opinion about the park:
    I like it here, but here are just a few carnivores.

    Example 2: Nearby foodbooth and T-Rex in the park

    Love carnivores, especially the T-Rex
    Must go to the toilet (wait, they do not exist)
    Satisfaction: High / very satisfied
    Opinion about the park:
    I love it here, they even have a T-Rex!

    8. Management

    - There is no management
    - The tasks we have besides building are Ranger Sim tasks.
    But we are not rangers or employees, we are the park manager.
    A little sarcastic example:
    If I understand correctly, we have the job of Claire. I dont think that a ranger is knocking on her door: Miss Dearing? Yes? One of the feed ... wait 3 of the feeder ... wait 5 feeders are empty, should we refill them? Ah, and the 26 dinosaurs we created two hours ago are all dead ... right now ..., should we take care of them too? No, let them starve and rot! I do it myself when I find the time, dont stress you! No, of course you should take care of it, that's what I hired you for !!!!
    - Price adjustments of the shops are unnecessary, because you always have endless money in this game anyway.
    - The ticket prices can not be set, but even here it would not work
    -The financial system is completely immature.
    - There are no advertising campaigns to increase visitor numbers.
    - Etc.

    - First, the financial system needs to be revised.
    Reduce revenue and increase costs as a quick fix.
    Thus, the prices in the shops play a role
    - Ticket prices must be adjustable
    - Start advertising campaigns to target audiences and have their desired attraction in the park.
    - Set an area for rangers / jeeps to fill feeders , heal dinos and remove corps in this area.
    -There should be staff, such as janitors, entertainers, dino experts, rangers (who check the park security in their area on foot), who are all managed.
    -Jeeps should be destructible, so you might incur costs for new staff and jeeps.

    9. Dinosaur behavior

    - Dinosaurs look like animatronics and have a very limited range of behavior.
    - they move through each other
    - Carnivores destroy everything on their way.

    - Dinosaurs have to rest and sleep
    - Improved herd behavior
    - Interactions between dinosaurs so among different species
    - Packhunting for the Raptors and Deinonychus
    - Herbivores defend themselves together
    - Battle for the territory (not until death)
    - Fight for the place of the alpha animal (not until death)
    - Carnivores get a hunting bar
    - Needs with relation to the enclosure should therefore depend on this and not a radius around the dino