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Thread: Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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    Originally Posted by Tgk72 View Post (Source)
    I've got a new focused wishlist I need to put out there

    1. New place-able Decorative items with footprint rules similar to pylons with the added bonus of being able to be placed on paths, in order of importance personal importance:
    -Stand-alone randomized trees and bushes in different styles with a cycle button; tall palms, short palms, tall trees, short trees, shrubs etc.
    -Flower/shrub/tree gardens ranging from small, medium, and large in varying styles and shapes with a cycle button. The stand-alone randomized trees/shrubs wont collide with these, allowing you to add plants/trees if desired.
    -Water Fountains, skeleton statues, metal/stone dino statues of varying species, JOHN HAMMOND COLLOSSUS, (Half joking with that one)
    -Info podiums, benches, trashbins and lightposts of varying styles along with an assortment of different canopies in varying sizes that can be snapped onto paddocks with their own small viewing range. (The best looking parks ive seen use paths-based viewing areas. Let us make them act mechanically like it).
    -Lunch tables, that actually have visitors eating at them when placed near food structures, snack/gift stands, tour booths and matching staffing. (Hopefully alongside a new education/entertainment visitor need for various viewing areas/paddocks.)
    -Decorative Archways of varying styles with matching fences that can be placed in a similar fashion as paddock gates. One of these will be a chainlink style fence with matching security gate that only allows science and security personal pass so we can block off backstage areas.

    2. New elevated platforms and walkways that work similarly to monorails with the same rules as pathways which raise to a height just above the tallest paddock fence allowing us to make walkways over paddocks/rough terrain/buildings
    -New versions of the visitor structures such as the gift shop and restaurant that can be snapped to the sides of these so visitors can have a meal over their favorite dinos.
    -A version of this structure that can build underground walkways instead along with viewing domes that can be placed along these tunnels similar to JPOG.
    -A host of decorations that can be build specifically on these walkways.
    -Deep water brush that tall dinos will simply wade through whenever that small dinos only swim across if angry with boardwalk paths alongside kayak tours so we can have those just like in Jurassic world.

    3. A host of alternative models of varying styles/footprints for certain visitor buildings, in order of importance.
    -Viewing structures
    -Viewing towers
    -Fast food buildings

    4. Quality of life
    -Toggle-able DAY/NIGHT CYCLE for all islands!
    -Destroy-able Rangers if the dino has low comfort and/or outside of their exhibit, and always for highly aggressive/dangerous dinos like the indominus or Indo before feedings, encouraging tranqilizing some dinos for feedings, Don't see how they get a free pass from a rampaging dino but the visitors don't. Plus it could give a greater reason to need to buy more jeeps in case one gets chomped by a rampaging rex while fixing fences and the power goes out..)
    -The ability to Tranq from Jeeps if you take control. Maybe make it an upgrade.
    -More lenient pathway collision for buildings plus toggle-able snapping so it will quit snapping to the nearest pathway endpoint within 20 feet.
    -LARGER ISLANDS! I promise my pc can more than handle it.
    -Visitor rescue for both jeeps and the ACU. This would be AMAZING for those times when panicking visitors run through that breach in the paddock and then it gets fixed permanently locking them inside the enclosure.
    -Visitors spawning ONLY from the entrance then leaving the same way.
    -Significantly greater lawsuit penalties. I only want to survive a great tragedy if I have extremely deep pockets. Also have injury penalties for your park rating stick around for a far longer period of time and have greater effect. No way ANY park should be able to bounce back to 5 stars and full attendance shortly after a 100+ guest massacre just took place. The well established Six Flags almost went out of business after only ONE woman lost both her legs in a freak ride failure, and still hasn't recovered it's old attendance numbers after all these years. How do we get by with over a dozen deaths for a measly few million?
    I like the extension you could snap on the side of a building for people to see dinos when they eat at restaurant for example. An upgrade, like a patio. I had made beautiful plans to have my resto surrounded by an enclosure on both sides and back before I got the game, just to realize that the windows are just at the front of building..
    I would also like to have underpasses, tunnels I guess, so people can cross an enclosure from underneath and limited to a certain distance, just like the electric cable or fences. Then you can add the gopher hole viewing glass domes along the underground path.

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    My wishlist:
    Pretty please add this and we will love and adore you Devs!
    -First person in chopper and jeep.
    -Guest mode in first person.
    -Sleeping Dinos
    -Some Decorations for the park like statues, fountains, benches, and trashcans.
    -Maintenance like Janitors
    -More attractions like a Jeep Safari Ride, Jungle Cruise type ride, Mosasaurus Feeding Show, Pterosaur Aviary, Dino Chairlift, and a Hot Air Balloon Ride.
    -Interactive Guests like in Planet Coaster or JPOG where we can see there wants and needs for the park and what dinos they want to see.

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    Jpog history

    please add to sandbox mode the possibility of dinosaurs is eating grass from the ground, without these terrible feeder. Sorry for my wrong. I am from Russia

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    In the JP/JW franchise, the two hybrids, Indominus and Indoraptor, are built to be weapons. And yet, they seem to be very easily handled by the ACU unit in the game. I would suggest making both of them invisible in the map vision of the islands, the Indominus extremely difficult to tranquilize and the Indoraptor impossible, since it showed some degree of bulletproof in FK.