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Thread: Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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      • Everything unlocked from the beginning, including infinite funds/money.
      • To be able to play without the need of finishing the whole campaign/career first.

      • Giganotosaurus could grow up to 14 meters long.
      • Spinosaurus could grow up to 18 meters long.

      • Or at least a way to prevent them from happening!

      • Pteranodon, Dimorphodon and more.
      • Mosasaurus, Plesiosaurus and more.

      • Cows (as seen in Jurassic Park movie)
      • Pigs (as seen in Jurassic World movie)
      • White sharks (and other creatures) for aquatic animals (as seen in Jurassic World)

      • Jurassic is not Jurassic without the aforementioned requirements.

      • Screenshots are kinda ugly when they have text inside them. This would be very simple to implement also; much older games have this feature.

      • Possibility to abort/cancel incubation.
      • Possibility to choose to automatically release when incubation process is finished.
      • Possibility to disable the chasing camera when a new creature releases, giving the player the opportunity to choose what to do with the viewing angles.

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    one more thing

    It would be really usefull if Rangers could catch guests that wandered into the paddock and escort them out to safety

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    Please when the jwfk dlc comes up,please give a update on every dinosaur new animation so every dinosaur have something unique, make all herbivore 100% comfort when they with other herbivore + add herding ,and scale up giganotosaur + spinosaur, add more variety of every building so its not bland , PLEASE REMOVE MAKE THE SANDBOX NOT ISLA NUBLAR MAKE IT LIKE PLANET COASTER OR WE CAN MAKE OUR OWN ISLAND LIKE JPOG cause we want to make the best park ever AND WHEN IN THE SANDBOX MAKE EVERYTHING UNLOCKED ,and make the small dlc more cheaper (im from Indonesia so its a lil bit more expensive), make more attraction Like the air balloon or a cable car, PLEASE MAKE EVERY DIFFERENT DINOSAUR HAVE UNIQUE KILL & FIGHT ANIMATION (MAYBE LIKE IF INDOMINUS ATTACK SOMETING OR KILL SOMETHING MAKE IT THE INDOMINUS USE HIS HAND JUST LIKE IN THE MOVIE OR IF A RAPTOR IN A PACK THEY CAN KILL A BIGGER DINOSAUR BY TEAMWORKING MAKE IT 2-3 RAPTOR) , AND DONT MAKE EVERY HADROSAUR (PARASAUR.MAIASAUR,AND OTHER GET KILLED EASYLY BY A DILOPHOSAUR OR VELOCIRAPTOR LIKE YOU DIT ONE BITE DEAD MAKE THE ANIMATION THE PARASAUR HAVE SELF DEFENSE MECHANISM) that's all, by the way love the game bought it when the pre order start, im hoping some of the above get implemented on the game

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    Cambios fáciles e importantes en el juego

    Hola, esto se lo voy a poner en español para poder expresarme mejor y así dejarles la idea más clara.

    1- En todos los videojuegos que ha desarrollado esta compañía ha habido un "Modo Creativo" o también llamado "cajón de arena" en el cual tu podías construir tu propio parque desde cero, para esto es importante que deis un mapa de mayor tamaño que los del modo historia.

    2- Gráficamente el juego está perfecto, no necesita que lo toquen, las animaciones de los dinosaurios son increibles.

    3- Dejen que la comunidad colabore con el juego, esto les ayudará a ustedes a saber que camino coger mejor, es importante implementar en el juego el workshop de STEAM.

    4- En los hoteles del parque, no aparece la capacidad que tienen en números, esto estaría bien, al igual que la posibilidad de que al principio el hotel sea más pequeño y con alguna mejora aumente su capacidad (esto debería de afectar también a la estética)

    5- La gestión económica del parque es muy básica, esto sí requiere un gran trabajo por su parte. Para que sea más jugable para gente inexperta, estaría bien un botón en el menú de opciones para habilitar un modo avanzado de gestión económica, si se marca, aumenta la dificultad, si se desmarca, se queda como está actualmente. Eso sería fantástico!

    6- el control del coche y del helicóptero es extremadamente lineal (arcade) podría trabajarse un poco más este aspecto.

    7- Reconozco que este juego es para niños y por lo tanto no puede haber excesiva violencia, pero en la pestaña de gráficos, podría ponerse una pestaña que dejara seleccionar entre las opciones "sin sangre", "un poco de sangre" y "realista". Creanme, está tontería que pueden poner y que seguiría permitiendo jugar a los más pequeños, les haría ganar un gran número de fans de edad algo más avanzada.

    Por ahora no les voy a poner más campos en los que trabajar, he de decir que están haciendo un gran trabajo, aún que a mí parecer es un juego inacabado creo que tiene mucho potencial.

    Firmado: Novalio.

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    Improvement proposal and bug

    Good morning,

    I'm an old fat face from jurassic park genesis.

    Here is a list of bugs and additions I propose:

    Being able to honk the horn with the car
    Can crush visitors
    Choose the price of the entrance to the park
    be able to crush dinosaurs
    Dinosaurs can attack the car
    When dinosaurs eat, see the animals shred or cut in half (to make it even more realistic)
    Being able to manually activate the distribution of sheep (carnivore feed)
    Add animals to feed carnivores
    If a fight takes place between two dinosaurs whether it is herbivore or carnivore the chance of winning is different depending on the health conditions of the dinosaur and other details to take into account (such as the number for example: several herbivore against 1 carnivore. Or when a dinosaur dies, the pack gets scared etc...)
    To be able to see the moods of each visitor, their budget, what they say at each ride or building: example too expensive, I am afraid, happy etc.... (like roller coaster tycoon)
    Bug: When a visitor enters a building, visitors walk through the front door, the door should open and visitors should be seen sitting in the tables.
    Being able to kill dinosaurs with the gun (car or helicopter)
    Having Mal and Female Dinosaurs Then Being Able To Make It Breed
    Add more attraction to entertain visitors
    Have a Construction game mod (choose your starting money, customize the island etc...)
    When a dinosaur leaves the enclosure make a voice that announces this new dinosaur in the park as jurassic park genesis
    Improve visitor interaction in the park
    Add natural disasters (tsunami, volcano, tornado, earthquake etc.)
    Add a morale for dinosaurs (happy, mediocre, angry etc...) and have repercussions according to the morals of the dinosaur
    A carnivore that is in an enclo with several herbivore make it more logical, a carnivore can kill all the herbivore and not every minute (obviously the herbivore must be able to defend itself or be chased by the carnivore)

    You would have had to inspire roller coaster tycoon and jurassic park genesis to make this game.

    If I ever have anything else to add I will update my post

    If you want more details on certain points do not hesitate to tell me

    En français:


    Je suis un ancien gros face de jurassic park genesis

    Voici une liste de bug et d’ajout à faire que je propose:

    Pouvoir klaxonner avec la voiture
    Pouvez écraser les visiteurs
    Choisir le prix de l’entré du parc
    pouvoir écraser les dinosaures
    Les dinosaures peuvent attaquer la voiture
    Quand les dinosaures mange, voir les animaux ce déchiqueter voir couper en deux (pour rendre encore plus réaliste)
    Pouvoir activer manuellement la distribution des moutons (nourriture des carnivore)
    Ajouter des animaux pour nourrir les carnivore
    Si un combat à lieu entre deux dinosaure que ça soit herbivore ou carnivore la chance de gagner est différente suivant les conditions de santé du dinosaure et autres détail à prendre en compte (comme le nombre par exemple: plusieurs herbivore contre 1 carnivore. Ou alors quand un dinosaure meurt, la meute prendre peur etc…)
    Pouvoir voir les humeurs de chaque visiteurs, leur budget, ce qu’il dise à chaque sortie d'attraction ou bâtiment: exemple trop cher, j’ai peur, joyeux etc... (comme roller coaster tycoon)
    Bug: Quand un visiteur rentre dans un bâtiment, les visiteurs traverse la porte d’entré, il faudrait faire en sorte que la porte s’ouvre et qu’on voit les visiteurs assis dans les tables
    Pouvoir tuer les dinosaures avec le fusil (voiture ou hélicoptère)
    Avoir des dinosaures Mal et femelle puis pouvoir faire en sorte qu’il se reproduise
    Ajouter plus d'attraction pour divertir les visiteurs
    Avoir un mod de jeu Construction (choisir son argent de départ, personnalisé l'île etc…)
    Quand un dinosaure sort de l’enclos faire une voix qui annonce ce nouveau dinosaure dans le parc comme jurassic park genesis
    Améliorer l'interaction avec les visiteurs dans le parc
    Ajouter des catastrophes naturel (tsunami, volcan, tornade, tremblement de terre etc..)
    Ajouter un moral pour les dinosaures (joyeux, médiocre, en colère etc…) et avoir des répercussion suivant le morale du dinosaure
    Un carnivore qui est dans un enclo avec plusieurs herbivore faire en sorte que sa soit plus logique, un carnivore peut tuer tout les herbivore et non chaque minute (bien évidemment les herbivore doit pouvoir se défendre ou alors se faire pourchasser par le carnivore)

    Il aurait fallu que vous inspirez de roller coaster tycoon et de jurassic park genesis pour faire ce jeu.

    Si jamais j’ai d’autre chose à ajouter je mettrais à jour mon post

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    Please just add a sandbox mode without unlimited funds..., Nothing is built and where you have to earn funds... and possibly unlock everything from start

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    More Herd Behavior!

    I'v played through to the third Island and got the first two to 5 Stars. One thing i've noticed, which kind of made it a little bit unrealistic in my opinion was that, when you mix herds together (And generally if you have many of one kind in a single enclosure), they don't tend to show much herd behavior other than communicating with each other every now and then. I would LOVE to see species keeping to species. If you have a group of Para's and Trikes in the same enclosure for example, the Trikes should stay with each other and so should the Paras. Because as of right now, everyone is spread out everywhere in the enclosure and it just seems strange to me. Of course they're supposed to stay and graze and create more gap to each other and stuff, but generally walk around more as a herd, where the oldest might be the leader until too old and the next one takes over, fights amongst their own kind would be kinda cool too. Hierarchy amongst one and the same species! Would make things more realistic in my opinion.

    Additionally i would LOVE those fences getting changed up. Seems rather stupid to me that a Dilo or Struth should be able to break the Tier 2 Electric fence (Only Fence that is better is the Concrete fence, which takes tons of time to unlock). The un-electrified Tier 1 fence - Ok i can live with that. But that big Steel Electric fence? Nah.... Those steel bars are thicker than the Struth's face.

    And last but not least, make water be placeable even if the ground isn't 5KM in the air! I had serious trouble placing water today because i had to lower the ground pretty far and the water did just not work. I think it shouldn't matter how high or low the ground is!

    I don't know how much of my whishlist is possible to do in this game, i'm not a dev and neither do i know ANYTHING about programming etc, but i hope that it would be possible! Awesome g game so far! Been playing from early morning to late evening every day since it came out! Love it!

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    Not a big fan of locking the sandbox island behind other content; would have liked to have to access to this from the get go. Also, it would be nice to have an option to do sandbox as a total reset of everything (fossils, research, etc) and have the three division heads there too. Perhaps make a menu where you can choose what you want the sandbox mode to have and not have so it satisfies everyone. Also, down the line would be nice to do sandbox on other islands or custom islands made by the dev team or the community

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    Mine would be to be able to set up schedules properly so that the rangers automatically refill feeders when they are almost empty & repair fences when they get broken , or treat the dinosaurs wghen they get ill

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    Rides // Attractions

    I think modifying your monorail system would be awesome.

    I think there's a missed opportunity with a 'tour builder' of some sort. You already have the basics of the monorail. Using that system, if we could build tracks on the ground for cars to follow (i.e. the Ford Explorers from JP) we could have a continuous people mover, or a VIP experience to charge cash for.Even if this came with a huge building footprint, or could only be linked to a hotel, it would be worth it. It would allow for the opportunity to make a 'reserve' style park, and have guests out in the wild.

    Which leads me to guest rescue. Currently, if a guest somehow manages to find themselves inside the fence line, there's nothing we can do. We could literally have a ranger jeep right beside them, or a helicopter overhead... and there's nothing that can be done. We can't even easily direct the guest out. We just have to wait for a death and move on. If we can't save guests, we need alternatives. Ranger jeeps / ACU helicopters could possibly us a method of 'distracting' dinos to get them to either chase the vehicles or flee from them. I understand the helos already cause some stir whenever they flyover, but it's often inconsistent.

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    Love the game so far! My requests:

    - JP-style skull icons for each dino species instead of the "class" icons for the map view.
    - Ability to hide that HUD bar when you are in the Jeep

    - Classic Explorer ride "skin" for the Gyrosphere
    - Classic Visitor Center "skin" for the Innovation Center

    - Toy themed skins (paid DLC): Kenner JP Series 1 & 2, TLW Series 1 & 2, Chaos Effect, CamoXTreme, etc

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    After playing the game way too much over the past couple days I have found there is one thing that would remove tedium and two things that would improve quality/easy of gameplay for me.

    1) An upgrade module for the ranger station that would auto send out an idle ranger to refill any feeder below 50%.
    You could make it cost double to refill the feeders, use up power, and be a later game tech unlock so it doesn't remove that management aspect the early game but removes the tedium of late game when there are a tone of feeders and all sending out the refill ranger teams does is a waste your time you would rather spend on managing your digs, dinos, and gests.

    Quality/easy of game play (I may just need to git gud to overcome these obstacles)
    2) Dino Zanx.
    Would be nice if I could go temp trank/boost mood dinos for storms when I know the high comfort ones are going to pitch a fit no matter what other than just dealing with the inevitable break out. (maybe shorten the lifespan of dino used on or drop the park rating to balance)

    3) Dino Heard from helicopters like in Jurassic Park OP genesis.
    (actually, I haven't tried just flying straight at them will try that when I get home tonight)

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    I have only 2 things that is totally doable in very short times and would help a lot.

    For Gods sake please make the Sandbox Map Bigger!! Your Game ru s so good i mean even the xbox one x is hitting native 4k? Thats surely not a perfomance problem is it?

    And PLEASE remove unlimited funds in Sandbox mode or at least give the option to it...i want to earn the money (of course after further balancing since making money is well you dont need anything to do)......

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    Umbrellas. Come on even JPOG have them

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    My wish list, love the game.

    Love the game a few ideas.
    Loving it so far. Things I would like to see.

    1. More people in my viewing buildings

    2. Being able to see people in my buildings on top, on balconies, and so on.

    3. Benches and path lighting.

    4, Garbage bins and cleaning staff.

    5. Seasons and day night cycle

    6. A small tram/bus for lazy peeps (love the monorail but need more transport.

    7. Different skins for buildings so when you build two they don't look identical.

    8. Guests that wear the clothes I am selling

    9. I know this is probably DLC ideas but DINO fish and DINO Aviary.