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Thread: Your wishlist (SUGGESTIONS) for Jurassic World Evolution

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    Raptors should look like this

    not naked chickens

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    Originally Posted by Elios0 View Post (Source)

    Raptors should look like this

    not naked chickens
    Make it an option/skin, i myself prefer naked chickens.

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    Originally Posted by Elios0 View Post (Source)

    Raptors should look like this

    not naked chickens
    Well they develop the dinosaurs in the same way that films do. And the raptors are really good, obviously are not realistic as paleontology discoveries.
    In my opinion the priority of the game right Now should be a real sandbox mode with a little bigger island to create our own jurassic park

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    Originally Posted by Chaple View Post (Source)
    First off. I love the game... but it is lacking in some areas. The complexity of Planet Coaster is what I was looking forward to while engineering new dinosaur attractions. Hope we get some of the wish list items everyone is talking about accomplished. My wife and I have been waiting for this game for over a decade. We always wondered why Operation Genesis didn't have a sequel we absolutely loved it. Anyway were extremely happy you did.

    Here is a list of things (wish-list) we noticed that we were kinda expecting to see but didn't.

    • Day night cycle!
    • More guest models, with individual guest stats and wants like in planet coaster
    • First person camera
    • Security patrols and security cameras
    • Path decorations, park decorations, building decorations.
    • Jurassic Park assets - buildings, main gate, vehicles
    • Impossible Creatures PC Game style genetics to make your own new dinosaurs! Add spines; add teeth, add armor plates and so on.
    • Aquatic/flying reptiles
    • Dinosaurs able to attack rangers
    • Random Island generator
    • Map maker tool.
    • More geo decorations, rocks, plants, waterfalls.
    • Better herd Formation and Evasion behaviors.
    • Electric car ride.
    • Electric fences that don’t sit in water, they need to be built a bit up or the whole pond turns into a death trap. It really bugs me for some reason to have 10000 volts sitting in water.
    • Lysine contingency in case the dinosaurs cant be contained.
    • Ability to create your own buildings like planet coaster. That was the best part of the game in my opinion.
    • Dinosaur breeding.

    Loving the game- but we have nearly beat the game in one sitting. Please add more to the game.

    ___ ADD ____

    • Advertising
    • Better rotation controls cant seem to line things up very easily, control and mouse swivel was really nice.
    • Game speed controls
    • Herbivores graze off plants if the plant is from their biome (Desert, Alpine, Grassland)
    • Umbrellas and covered areas where guests take shelter (as requested from the park announcer) for rainy times.
    • Ability to hold ranger trucks on stand by pause auto return home.
    • Clicking on another building should select that building even if a building is already selected. essentially removing the need to use escape to select another building.
    • Rangers need to have the ability to pick up stray guests from the park and relocate them

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    These are just some of the things that I can think of, off the top of my head right now.

    • Maintenance - Maintenance to the park in the form of litter pickers, etc. Having a team of staff members that keep the park tidier would be an interesting factor on the rating of the park. Making sure that the park is tidy, etc.
    • High Speed Rangers - In the movies, we often saw Owen going around on a Bike. Being able to have Rangers that respond to incidents faster would be interesting. Making it so that these Rangers cost more would be a great decision.
    • Decor - Bins, Signs, Statues. These would all be great for the game, being able to really make one park look different to someone else's through the use of decoration, Statues could even be accolades for Achievements. For example, achievement "Now you're John Hammond" could unlock a statue of him, or even of just the Amber featured on his Cane. Possibilites are there!
    • Alternate Skins for Stores - Being able to change the look of the Fast Food Stores, or other buildings would be interesting to make sure that the park looks just a little bit different in other parts of the Park.
    • Entertainment - This has been mentioned a lot, but really having options for different types of entertainment would be great, River Rides, Safari Rides, Hot Air Balloons, and when it comes to it Submarine rides!

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    This i sms dream game so I'll support it at 100%

    Things I would like in the game

    1. hybrids, aquatic and flying dinosaurs
    2. more buildings and tools to create (hills, cave , waterfalls, bridges, etc. )
    3. more dynamique combat (dinosaurs stops fighting when both are low health)
    4. list to be continued

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    A couple of must haves that would be simple to fix

    The first thing I feel the game really needs is the ability to pause time while I look around. This helps me plan out what needs to be done and create a vision for where I'd like to take it. For me and others I'm sure more than half of a game like this is spent visualizing what to build next. Yes this game is about building dinosaurs and that's great but I'm also creating something. I'm creating a vision just like what John Hammond had in the first Jurassic Park, and that's hard to do if I can't stop and think about it without being bombarded by people asking me to take contracts or refill food dispensers or a thousand other things that need to be managed.

    The next thing I think is really important is Key Bindings. While they're are some they're aren't any for the actual management part of the game which I find to be odd that isn't already included. What I mean is that if I want to pull up a certain window or snap to a certain building I should be able to press a key to just pull it up and yes I realize I can do that with some of them like if I press R it pulls up the ranger station but I can't change that key binding either. The map for instance is bound to M but if I wanted to move it over to TAB because I think that's better suited for myself, then at the moment I have no way to go about doing that.

    I've also noticed that this game seems pre determined to try and hide as much information from me as it can, as this is a park management game I have to say I don't like that at all. I should have information like how many people are in my park displayed on my screen at all times at the very least I should be able to find the information I want like that and pin it to my screen.

    I also feel like I should probably know the needs and the thresholds of those needs of a dinosaur before I release it into the wild so I can properly build an enclosure to meet those needs for it. At the moment the only way to be able to do that is to click on an existing dinosaur. Similarly I can't see simple information for a dinosaur in the incubation chamber until I've reached 50 percent of it's genome, I understand not being able to see it's stats and genome modifications until then but the information tab is blocked to and that just contains simple information that should just be known to me. Such as what era it's from, how large it is, and what it eats. That information isn't exactly secret I could google it and find out, the fact that my paleontologist can't tell me that information until we can make one tells me they should probably all be fired. That information could go a long way into helping me make a decision on where to dig with my dig teams. If I don't understand what it is that I'm making until I've made it that's not helpful.

    One minor complaint I have is that I can't seem to raise or lower park admission.... maybe that's in the game and I just haven't discovered this yet. I'm only on the first island about to change over to the second but if I can do this it's not readily apparent.

    The last thing is a little larger than the others and that's I'd like to just be able to load up a blank island like Isla Nublar is in this game but where I have to research everything from scratch and I don't have unlimited funds. It doesn't have to be on Nublar it could just be a random blank island. The contract and division system is an interesting concept but the fact that it's all tied to the research I can get and it applies across all of the islands makes it feel more like the game is playing itself for me. Also it's fun being able to play with unlimited funds but it's also fun to tackle the challenge of managing my money on a complete blank slate.

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    Functionality with Mobile Jurassic World Alive?

    What if you could capture dinosaurs in the mobile app (different developer but still) and have those add genome to your Evolution park? That would be great!

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    This games frustrating in how good it looks.

    Dino Activist here

    Please unlock more of the island. This games gorgeous, i love looking at the water, beaches, mountains, cliffs... but it's all off-limits!

    Let the dinos be free! Let them roam the beaches, let them play in the ocean, let us build huge enclosures around mountains so we can take fantastic pictures if a T-rex is ever able to make it to the top!

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    Modification list in Jurassic World Evolution(you should fix this)

    ● Dinosaur size

    Ceratosaurus are too big. Ceratosaurus body length is 6m~8m.

    It is the same as everyonen's assertion. compared to the Tyrannosaurus rex, Giganotosaurus model is too small.

    The same opinion as above.

    Camarasaurus are too heavy. The biggest species of Camarasaurus Supremus are 23m, 47t.
    But the common known species of Camarasaurus Lentus are 15m, 13t.

    Brachiosaurus are too small. Brachiosaurus are 26m, not 18.8m and height is 13m, not 8m.
    Theirs weight is 50~55t. I don't like this part. Brachiosaurus in Jurassic park univers is over 21m at least.

    Also Tyrannosaurus rex, Spinosaurus are too heavy. They are not 18t, 20t. They are 7~9t.

    ● Action of the fighting situation
    The fighting action is all the same. You should modify this in various ways.

    ● Reflecting ecological habits
    Hunting motion is artificial.
    we need a motion in which herbivores are actively escaping from carnivore(As well as visitors).
    And then pack hunting is necessary(Raptors, Deinonychus, Allosaurus to be added).

    ● Diversification of amusement facilities
    We need more amusement facilities besides the monorail and Gyosphere. For example canoe course.

    ● The diversity of visitiors

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    here is a list of improvement that can fix some issue and can change what bothering me in the game right now. It could be very nice to add some more game mechanic too. here some suggestion :

    For the island / decoration / Area

    - Be able to make our own island without tight restriction. All those island are too small..:/ make them bigger or add a free build island!!!
    - Day & night time lapse.
    - There is no need to have all these building at the start of an island.. just give more money at start and that's gonna be fine to place them by ourself!
    - Add dinosaur statue, sign like this one could be nice.
    - Having better tool to flattened the ground and better ground placement for building.
    - Floor lamp for the night, flower or herbal pots, plant variety (We can use fossil to found the prehistoric one)
    - Restrict area for visitor.. they don't need to see all my power plant.. really..
    - Service road for staff and vehicle. It's kinda weird to drive the jeep between visitor.
    - Add some skin for building like theme from jurassic park.
    - Changing skin of roads.. the cheap road could be a dirt road and high end one could have small decoration in the middle for making way.

    For the ranger, veterinarian, maintenance

    - A big issue we can't do patrol with those ranger & ACU helicopter and we can't place them on a waiting spot or event put them on standby in a specific location.
    - Ranger / ACU helicopter have always to return to their station after any kind of work. Sometime i want to give an other task in the area and they are already gone back to station...
    - Ranger are pretty dull, We cannot assign them daily task. they don't have work any kind of routine or work schedule like : checking fence, replenish food dispenser, patrolling or keeping an eye on dinosaur or event checking any building.
    - Add some security daily observation or call for check some enclosure triggered alarm.
    - No live/real ammunition available in case of major break or animal major breakdown. Not a need but having the option would be nice.
    - No veterinarian???? The ranger have to do all work.. we can add a vet clinic where small dinosaur can be taken and treated and for the larger one they can treat and release on site. The facility can be used also as a visitor attraction and one last thing.. WHERE IS MY GOD DAWM AMBULANCE!
    - Once again… Why the ranger have to repair the fence.. we could have maintenance unit for that like these one :
    - Rework how to repair fence or building.. with a single click.. it seem too easy for me. Maybe just send a maintenance unit to fix the problem with a repair time needed instead of click auto-flash-repair.
    - There is no bathroom? really???
    - There is no cleaning gestion on the site or in the enclosure.
    - There is no alarm to warn visitor and force them to go into bunker or building to find shelter.
    - Instead of using a dart gun everytime, We can use net gun :

    Random event

    - There is no major escape, stampede after the break or major attack.
    - Mission like lost survivor on the island or rescue a customer stuck in the enclosure.
    - Rescue panicked survivor in the park during alarm phase.
    - Attack during maintenant or repair time.
    - Vehicle or attraction stuck need to be unjammed.
    - With dinosaur social conflict / fight between species it can lead to small or major injury we need to treat.
    - Visitor medical emergency / first aid
    - The assurance guy / inspector who can give you fine if the park have major issue (security / sanitary / power) and if the fine is too pricy… we can give him to the t-rex.
    - Dinosaur testing fence and start triggering a security patrol event.
    - Robbery in laboratory, ranger have to stop the spy / burglar to preserve research or DNA

    Dinosaur mechanic / behavior

    - Theses dinosaurs is too docile, it's too easy to tame them or approach them.
    - There is no territorial space behavior between species and when we put herbivorous vs carnivorous it always turn into a bloodbath.
    - Carnivorous don't attack ranger or cause them damage or event eat them.
    - Dinosaur don't need to sleep or rest.. Maybe they should.
    - Add some social conflict / fight behaviour between some specific species.
    - No hatching by themselves? maybe not a need, but it could be nice.

    - Visitor are pretty empty from inside they have no purpose.
    - We want to know their need individually! Food / happiness / security / health / desire / how they like the park.
    - Visitor should clear the road when we use the horn of the jeep or when they see the jeep.
    - We can have different class of visitor like (family / the casual visitor / scientific community / VIP / security group or agency / visitor who need adrenalin or thrilling emotion / the troublesome)

    - Veterinarian clinic with parking for 1 or 2 response vehicle.
    - Medical facility for the visitor.
    - Maintenance building with 1 or 2 construction truck and can receiver janitor.
    - A museum where we can expose the fossil we don't need and can be used as a collector for the player and an attraction.
    - Bathroom
    - High end restaurant / hotel / shop
    - Convention center for scientific event or visitor.
    - Guided trail expedition (this one i am literally dreaming) :
    - Hot-dog stand.

    - Adjust the price of entry.
    - Work Sheet for all department (Ranger / ACU / Maintenance / cleaning / attraction)
    - Money is a bit easy to make after a certain time, maybe a balancing is needed after few hours. I was able to make 300k per minute and i only ad 1500 visitor the same day.
    - More goods to sell to customer.

    - Where is the expedition with rail vehicle???
    - No mascot? Come on every kid love mascot!

    One last wish...
    - Having that skin as a ranger truck.. really take my money NOW!

    The game is good.. but it need some work to be a master piece.

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    Since a great deal of my wishes seems to have been covered by others, I'm just going to say that I REALLY would like much more management aspects and increased difficulty in regards to finances. Perhaps more things that generate expenses like emplees, maintenance, janitorial, bathrooms, etc. It's just way to easy to generate cash! I literally built 5 enclosures, 22 Dino's including a cerotosaurus and 2 dracos and completed all 3 missions from the divisions BEFORE opening the park on Matanceros as a challenge to myself. It was fun and challenging but totally possible and isnt really right for it. The real shame was that I couldn't even open the park in order to actually feel like a manager.

    I could have went further but eventually support feeder expenses paid just from contracts would get too extreme to afford. But which once I opened the gates my profit immediately went from the negative to 200k+ a month! It was an absolute sandbox-lite from that point onward. If you can't tell I'm a management vet and have enounter 0 challenge so far that wasn't artificially forced. If in order to actually have a real management experience I have to keep the park closed then it's clear it's WAY too easy.

    Please fix this, or at least put in a hard mode (Hammond Mode)

    Also just ONE more thing...
    Make a career mode for Isla Nublar PLEASE. I got this game to fulfil my dream of being John Hammond and building a dinopark from scratch on the island where it all began. The satisfaction of that is non existent if money isn't a concern on the only island where that's actually possible.

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    Originally Posted by Elios0 View Post (Source)

    Raptors should look like this

    not naked chickens
    This! At least as an optional skin, please.

    From the videos I've seen so far, I also agree with everyone who requests more guest management and decorative elements. I expected this game to be Zoo Tycoon with better graphics. But even the old games seem to have a lot more options regarding attractions and decorations and that's really a shame.

    However, my number one wish would be for the game to actually BE AVAILABLE on the PlayStation store. I'm in Region 3 and I can't buy it. It's noon on the 14th. Two and a half days after release, still so sign of the game.

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    A Tall Order Worth Considering

    Now that I'm finally playing the game, I want to first say, Thank you to the devs for making the most amazing and beautiful game I only dreamed of having when I was 3 (back in 1996).

    Here's a list of things I would LOVE to see in the game:

    The Park Drive
    This is like the #1 thing I was hoping to see in the game (complete with the iconic Land Rovers). Would it be effective for bazillions of guests? Probably not but, those hamster balls just don't have the same charm as those clashing red and lime green tracked Land Rovers ♥
    There could even be the option to have the cars stop at different pens with rest areas and picnic areas too (and the restroom...).

    Jurassic Park Building Variants and Staff Amenities
    The designs for guest and operations buildings can get old pretty fast. I would love to see the old Visitor Center and buildings like the hotel get full "vintage" treatment based on how they appeared in concept art for the novel and the movie. I know there's Safari Lodge concept art out there somewhere. Site B building variants would be cool too (without all the raptors and overgrowth of course).
    Living quarters for staff would be an interesting addition as well.

    Jungle River Cruise
    Of course, the elusive Jungle River Cruise from the book and the cutting room floor of the first movie. Who wouldn't want to sail along a river with ancient giants ♥

    I know its a bit of a joke but, maybe include the hut variant as a level 1 type of thing and high occupancy restroom facilities as an unlockable building (like the large/small power stations).

    Unlocking Extinct Flora
    Sure, the simplified mechanics of plopping vague jungle trees and water into paddocks is all fine and dandy but, it would be awesome if you could recreate long extinct plant life to make dinosaurs feel more "at-home". I know the idea was explored in Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs but, I would love to see it appear in Evolution as an added bonus on top of the generic trees and plants. That way, there could 'okay' dinosaurs with the generic stuff and then 'happy' dinosaurs with foliage from their respective periods.

    Prequel Missions
    Having spent the entire day playing the game on Mantaceros, I'm already under the impression that the entire game is set post-Jurassic World so the game probably still has plenty of surprises for me but, in the off-chance that this idea isn't already in the game, I'll pitch these ideas I had for post-Nublar content.

    While this game does offer the ability to create our dream dinosaur park on all 5 of the islands, what if there was a New Game+ situation where players could make THE Dream Park?

    Scenario A: Site B
    The year is 1989. You take on the role of an unnamed InGen associate that was appointed to aid John Hammond in making his dinosaur park a reality.
    Your mission is to set up operations on the island of Isla Sorna complete with Living Quarters for the works (a possible add-on feature), Research Centers, Creation Labs, Expedition Centers, and holding pens for all the animals that will be shipped to the main island (Isla Nublar).

    You will have to excavate fossils based on records of real-world dig sites from 1993 and earlier dates.
    You could stick to the known InGen list of dinosaurs or you could go to town by breeding whatever the heck you dig up.

    This scenario will probably be a bit unorthodox when compared to the vanilla game mechanics since you'll probably have to rely on contracts and sell-able minerals for extra income due to the absence of guests.

    Speaking of contracts, instead of the associates featured in the game, you would get the following...

    - John Hammond in place of Cabot Finch. While no one can truly replace the late, great, Richard Attenborough, he could be voiced by either his brother (David Attenborough) or someone that convincingly sounds like John Hammond.

    - John Arnold in the Head of Security role (with Samuel Jackson reprising his role if you guys can afford him)

    - Robert Muldoon playing the help tips role similar to what Owen does in the vanilla game.

    - Ed Regis for Head of Entertainment (that guy with the hat that drove the jeep in the first half of JP). He could probably be voiced by anyone since he didn't have any dialogue in the film.

    - Young Henry Wu as Head of Science (voiced by a young person obviously).

    - Dennis Nedry (voiced by Wayne Knight) would take Wu's place as the antagonizing character. Instead of being bitter all the time (like Wu was) he could be smug and full of himself like he was in the original movie. Granted, any sabotage that occurs will probably be him but, he'll predictably accuse other people and get away with it (because we already know what happens).

    Scenario B: Isla Nublar
    After finishing Scenario A, the player would be moved to the main island where they would be tasked by John Hammond to build his park.
    There would be a series of missions and contracts that involve building the locations from the original park as well as locations that were either in the film or the novel (which is where the other wish list request comes into play).

    The player would have to follow through with all of these tasks while also staying on their toes to overcome chaotic events like tropical storms, corporate rivals, unruly dinosaurs (like the Big One), and maintaining plenty of counter-measures to prevent the events of the first film from happening (the incident).

    Scenario C and D: San Diego and Orlando
    These scenarios are hit-or-miss as they could imply that the off-site locations would become realities after the success of the Jurassic Park.
    Ergo, an alternate time line.

    Scenario E: The Legacy Continues
    The time of the game skips back to near present-day.
    John Hammond has sadly passed away and he left the park in the ownership of the player instead of his nephew, Peter Ludlow (who is still alive in this timeline).

    The player is tasked with upgrading the original park (the game would load the player's original park layout and assets) with modernized features from the base game in conjunction to the classic Jurassic Park features (i.e. no Visitor Center ruins).
    The divisions would then feature a mix of new and old with older John Arnold still as head of Security, Henry Wu (not as an antagonist) as the head of Science, and Isaac Clement as the head of Entertainment.

    The player would even be able to research new content and even breed the JP3 Spinosaurus and the Indominus Rex as risky contracts from Wu (even if they do go against Hammond's vision).

    By this point, I would probably have to say, thanks for reading through all of this lol
    I'm sure this last part of the list is a pretty tall order but, it would make for an amazing DLC/Expansion pack for the game.
    Heck, I wouldn't even be mad if I had to pay for these scenarios as DLC because it would probably be the greatest piece of fan-service the JP community could ever get ♥
    If you guys can't do these scenarios, at least the smaller stuff before it would be fine ♥

    Again, thank you Frontier for the amazing game and thanks even more if you guys took the time to read through all of rambling lol

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    [QUOTE=Brett C;6594362]Hi folks,

    Have noticed there are numerous threads regarding wishlists and what you'd like to see in the game. So without further cluttering the forums, please place all of your ideas and wish lists as a reply to this thread here. You're welcome to post to this thread as much as you'd like.

    Please give us the ability to disable infinite cash in the sandbox mode. It's extremely immersion breaking and it really doesn't feel right to, basically, be forced to cheat! It would be amazing if we could set our starting cash and go on from there.